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MOMMY HACKS 11:40 SHOUT COLOR SHEETS http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000V87HDY/?tag=genvideo1731541-20 CAMERA http://go.magik.ly/ml/rcr/ …


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  1. Retta Kay says:

    I can't wait to try some of these out!! I always wondered if those Shout Color Catcher sheets work. Thanks!!

  2. what should i co wash and condition deep wave extensions with??

  3. Raven Moore says:

    When I tell you these hacks were so helpful!!!

  4. Tammy Smith says:

    this was a great video. very informative

  5. Love all of your videos!! But i'm loving your recent videos! Continue to try different types of videos …i'll still be watching

  6. mimi Lesley says:

    Awwww Ivy I loved this video! Thank you so much. You looked amazing as usual??

  7. For boob sweat, I use deodorant. Rub it where ever you sweat at, and you'll be sweat free. You can also use it in between back rolls on those really hot days.

  8. Livelovelex_ says:

    That hanger hack i needed yesterday lol my closet is stuffed. Im guna try soon!

  9. this was amazing and different

  10. Neish G says:

    First hacks that are actually helpful!!!!!!!

  11. Ish C says:

    Great tips!

  12. Omg That Perfume Hack Is So Life… Thank You So Much For That

  13. Ivy do you take orders or no………??? Ima about to pay somebody else 600 but im frightened ..I rather have you. Can you contact me please. I need a lace frontal and weave sewn on a dome cap.. I need the knots bleached , the lace tinted and tweezed or pulled out..however you do it…

  14. Kisha Beeks says:

    These were some really good ones!

  15. Bookie A says:

    Great hacks !)

  16. can you do a skin care routine video?

  17. Lol omg my boyfriend is the same way about his laundry I don't even mess with it smh Taurus men ? great video though very helpful!

  18. love jay says:

    Girl this was the most useful hacks I've seen thus far! Thanks for sharing GOD BLESS

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