♡ Hands only makeup Challenge !


This hair can be found at your local beauty supply! More info about this hair http://www.sensationnel.com/sub/detail.aspx?Seq=3049 Heres a link to purchase it …


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  1. the spicy ramen challenge!
    "Most likely to" challenge too please??? xoxo

  2. LavishedLove says:

    I'm excited for the hair details!! Bomb ivy!!

  3. OK green nails I see you

  4. Kelsea Bee says:

    Ricky don't know nothing lol dudes really don't get makeup..

  5. You did a good job…… The hair is booming. I like it alot

  6. your skin before makeup is already flawless!

  7. beautiful you did a great work with just your hands. I would have mess all up lol

  8. Kim Jones says:

    Your very talented lol I need my brush …but great tutorial ??

  9. fantabulous was that the lip gloss color its my favorite from Mac . I love your tutorials they are always good.

  10. U still did good?

  11. RyLw says:

    Beautiful still

  12. love jay says:

    Loved it girl, you did good! And yes more challenges with you and Ricky and baby Ky too! GOD BLESS.

  13. MzShonte18 says:

    i absolutely love you!! you make everything look so easy and flawless

  14. Nadia Alicia says:

    your nail colour! ?yasss

  15. the best one I've seen

  16. Just2Tay says:

    Your makeup is sooooo flawless. Jeeezzz lol. Love your videos hunn.

  17. You actually didn't do that bad lol. love this video. you should do the grwm and baby challenge next

  18. Alexis G says:

    Girl, your makeup looked good

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