✔️ WW3 Syria Turkey Israel Russia China Iran America Ukraine War World War 3 Ezekiel 38/39


WW3 Syria Turkey Israel Russia China Iran America Ukraine War World War 3 Ezekiel 38/39 Hamongog Gog Magog War World War 3 Ezekiel 38/39.


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  1. This is not the Gog & Magog war in Syria now. Not yet. But soon. First, as it was written in Isaiah 17:1 – "See, Damascus will no longer be a city but will become a heap of ruins". This is because the capitalistic Zionists want this land and the top delta of the international capitalistic oligarchic syndicate are the sponsors of the global terrorism and war at the Middle East and everywhere else. The Gog & Magog war will probably start when the Arab world will unite (get united by their Muslim and political capitalistic puppet-leaders) against Israel and end in Jerusalem – after Jerusalem falls, and when Israel will launch nukes on all Arab states. The people know nothing about what's going on (being fooled by the capitalistic media). It's global. And it has got nothing to do with the prophecies, with Russians, with Jews and with Arabs. They and the prophecies themselves are nothing but just instruments – are being used like the religious scenarios by a gang of transnational luciferian capitalists who own 65% of all the property in the World. This is done because they are implementing the New World Order scenario, because 90% of the people on the planet are mental zombies and religious morons who believe in miracles, prophecies, savers, Antichrists and Messiahs – just as they were being tought (brainwashed) by the autocratic monarchies and capitalistic elites (their masters/owners) for thousands of years during this informational zombie matrix building process (and they will be given what they want, but in a way that will bring global and total slavery (the final step of globalization) – first the Antichrist, then the Christ – both puppets (one after another) will be given to the people by the named secret group of transnational capitalists,and both will serve to one power, but the blind idiots will not see it, that they were being fooled for thousands of years and will be fooled again in a two step strategy – used all the time in politics – "own and bet on both candidates and you'll never loose – you'll just change them when the enslaved cretins will cry for some changes"), while the truth is much more scary and has got nothing to do with God and bible… It's called "Capitalism" – the ideology discovered by the Jewish boy Josef in the Ancient Egypt 3500 years ago. The ideology that made 3% of the people the owners of the other 97% without enslaving them with whips and shackles, but with the financial, law and economic instruments, that make legal exploitation of one group of people by another people, who steel their surplus value of labor, print money from nothing, sell money, create value from debts, bring into life the fusion of the capital with the political power to protect their capitalistic interests, introduce and spread all the sins among the "credulous sheeps" (drugs, cigarettes, junk food, prostitution, free sex and homosexuality ideas, religions and sects and other) to distract and divert them from studying and getting smarter (because in their vision the slaves must not have a chance get smart enough to understand what are the socialism ideas and the communist ideology about indeed, knowing nothing but capitalistic propaganda and bullshit about it instead, and, therefore, must not have a chance to unite, rise and struggle against the global slavery system, which is falsely called by the elites: "Democracy", "Liberty & Liberalism", "Human rights" and "Freedom", while indeed the slaves have no idea about what the real Freedom is) – the same the virtual world of the internet was created for (one of the major reasons – to make people not clever, but much more stupid an lost in the endless chaos of lies, stupidness of the other morons (who were given free instruments to spread their idiotic ideas ant contaminate other shallow minds with them) and disinformation, besides the global system of the total social control, tracking and shadowing). And the capitalism will be the reason why the World will die once again, as it was probably many times before… It is possibly being done every 6000 years. Those who survive in secret underground bases, together with their possible masters from the outta space, after every apocalypse – become "gods & kings named by the gods" for the new slave biorobots on the surface for the next 6000 years. And they build a new monarchy, slavery & capitalism system every time. This is what everyone should understand. But only the few can. By the way – there is an entire book of 598 pages that has all the information about this topic – can be downloaded for free from here – http://iscra.tk , but it's only in Russian language and doesn't exist in English. Maybe someone, or a group of enthusiasts will one day translate it for the Americans, British citizens and all the English language speakers of the World who also have their right to know the "real truth".

  2. CHUCK BLAZE says:

    humans are sick & getting sicker i just hope when it happens it's quickly !

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