10 Back to School Outfits Under $50! | Aspyn Ovard


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  1. m meshay says:

    I love the style of your videos, very different from other youtubers

  2. Arden Huston says:

    You should do a video of outfits just from your store

  3. Siena pocket dress calling my name literally

  4. Alexia Green says:

    yes a fall version

  5. Your clothing line is so cute! Definitely gonna buy a piece sometime soon! ?

  6. Ally Fisher says:

    i want to see a fall version!!! :))

  7. Avery says:

    aspyn seriously looks like a princess goals af

  8. Teagan Gazda says:

    I love those tennis shoes ?

  9. Avery Byrnes says:


  10. Love the mini series your doing!

  11. my favourite outfit was the last

  12. The last outfit was sooooo cute!!

  13. can you do this video with only clothes from your shore

  14. Tracy Smith says:

    She's that chick that would stay skinny even after having like ten kids

  15. Kate says:

    Fall version! These videos are so cute and helpful

  16. Raquel Jara says:

    Fall version!!!????

  17. Ebb Stutts says:

    please do a fall version of this!!!!

  18. where is Aspyn's t-shirt dress from?

  19. Melody Cross says:

    I love your eyes! I liked the extensions to but now I can your pretty eyes!

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