10 Jaw-Dropping UFO Sightings Caught On Camera


From a UFO caught on the BBC Information to a traveling item dropping glowing orbs down on Earth, be part of us as we just take a glance at ten UFO sightings caught on digital camera. Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1wn5P9a

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37 Responses

  1. Michael Dust says:

    in the year 2017 all new sightings will have a 4k res or its fake

  2. 4:53 umm…maby its a drone? Orb rockets up into the sky o.O ok maby not

  3. Jeremy Hur says:

    Why cant people get any clear pictures? its 2017 people

  4. Will Perkins says:

    Number 8 is a spaceX launch.

  5. Korbin Watt says:

    7,1 and 2 scared me

  6. SANTA MUERTE says:

    is wasy to make a hox, i make em all the time..and then watch my hox make news!
    i make a light work remoretly, strap it to balloons, let the balloon go attached to a string so i can move it up and down as i triger the light..and fool houndreds of ppl..
    i most say, i do beleave theres life out there..but most of this tech has been around on earth for yrs, ancientech

  7. 7 photoshopped
    6 looking through a microscope
    5 it's the camera
    3no clue
    2 I edited it later
    1 videoing on a computer from video game

  8. 10 their neighbor is flashing a light from their window
    9 A Chinese lantern
    8 airplane Smoke

  9. Th3GamerGuy says:

    #7 is fake, its a pelican from halo.

  10. that 7th one was a U.S army cargo plane

  11. Aleos375 says:

    3:55 It looks like the Statue of Liberty without her flame/stick thingy and bopping xD
    4:50 was an attempted 9/11 recreation (just kidding pls dont get triggered)

  12. SirhcHD says:

    That was way too dramatic

  13. dirtysci says:

    2:45 Runaway Helium Lamb.

  14. 78 says:

    I live at menangle Australia. Never seen anything like that. Looks fake to me.

  15. Most are drones especially the HK protests the BBC broadcasted. A lot of tech (military or audio/visual) is 10-20 years ahead of what is commercially available on the shelf. Factor in Proj Bluebeam and yeah, the sky is one big movie screen. Enjoy the show.

  16. Son~Rize says:

    UFOs are so weird. i wish i can fly one

  17. your not the only one slip

  18. Annoying ass countdown!

  19. Deep Sleep says:

    Hello! Join to my chanel if u want to relax and meditation

  20. Adam Orick says:

    number 2 is clearly a us prototype aircraft

  21. Amelia Bee says:


  22. #6 is real, some family members of mine witness all the flying objects and they said that there were more than 50 of them, creepy

  23. mrsillywalk says:

    4.50 I saw one like that three days ago.

  24. tom spud says:

    10 blimp
    9 helichopter
    8 meteor
    7 photoshop
    6 balloons
    5 dirty lense or film grain
    4 chinese lantern
    3 photoshop
    2 absolute worst fake ever put to film
    1 balloons with a fake ufo added

    0/10 for this video

  25. In 1:28 i don't think is a UFO, its a phenomenal of the shy, i think…

  26. GAH. It's St. Louis. Not St. Louie.

  27. those ufos on mexico were sent by trump

  28. Tv60 says:

    Someone too obsessed with Halo

  29. Didn't watch this, just thought I'd say the pic is obviously a halo ship?

  30. 0:33 Window reflection. 2:55 please clean the window of that shit.

  31. Harry Worth says:


    The only Aliens that visit us are fucking Politicians, every 4 years!

  32. Del Strain says:

    Orbs could be man made to change climates? Also saucers could be Nazi tech from 1940s on wards and they like to use aliens as a smother? Whatever scenario somethings going on in our dimension thats going to reveal itself. And BTW if a saucer can come so far and fast beyond our capabilities? Then im sure they would have cloaking device also? Military budget is quarter total GP of US.

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