10 Real People Who Passed Away After UFO Interactions


best 10 strangest persons who handed right after conference serious aliens

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38 Responses

  1. Beware molesting aliens ?

  2. Eddie Bruce says:

    100 percent aliens ?

  3. I don't believe in aliens. 

  4. hilton Lly says:

    i think i said to much

  5. hilton Lly says:

    its really mind blowing if you think about it a little

  6. hilton Lly says:

    aliens they just need to take your attention away from the government but the government harnesses more power can you imagine are the nuclear bombs that will end it all you guys will think I'm crazy but you'll never know what's on the other side not to freak you up

  7. iheart info says:

    anyone have any spare parts for an anus coring machine?

  8. Max Headroom says:

    Those weather ballon explanation ….

  9. what is with the butt cravings????

  10. The UFO wave hit Brazil hard

  11. No…..


  12. Kyvan Husain says:

    This video should be called TOP 10 PEOPLE WHO GOT KILLED BY ALEINS.

  13. Why are so many of them Brazilians?

  14. it 2017 in Feb 5 I keep on seeing a disc shape close to the moon for 6 days and it still there

  15. Spider Man says:

    I have A really bad feeling about this lol referrence

  16. GP GAMING says:

    So many Brazilians?

  17. I have one Indian friend. She told that she was being touched by and green skinned alien. She didn't see it's full body only the hand. But she was rescued by her big sister.

  18. "in my father's House, there's many mansions…"
    – Jesus Christ

    And no, I'm not a christian, I'm just someone who can interpret the scriptures correctly :)

  19. Extreme101 says:

    I belive aliens exist but I guarantee they don't speak English

  20. The aliens may dont want anyone to know thiee alive so they kill people to shut them up.

  21. why would they be worse than us

  22. Janvi Sharma says:

    most of d instances r in Brazil…. coincidence?

  23. lots of SPANISH people

  24. EdmundKemp says:

    No. Mantell, according to witnesses, either said, "It's metallic and of tremendous size," or "It's above me and moving half my speed." He did not say he saw people in the thing he was flying upwards towards before falling and crashing. Wasn't in the equation. It was probably a weather or skyhook balloon he was chasing. Pilots make mistakes.

  25. Dear, Miss. Voice-Over have you ever heard of Cain and say this one with me now Aaa-Bull (Abel) they were part of that one book version by King James! Now then you are welcome first ones free! BTW Cain kills A-Bull (Abel) so he doesn't have competition and can freely fornicate his mother! TMYK ding diing diiing ding?!

  26. hiiiiii this is creepy

  27. damn brazil you scary

  28. Fate Engging says:

    Maybe they cut the ears is because they don't have ears? they remove the eyes is because they are jelouse because there eyes are big and its black??? they cut the nose because they don't have a nose… they are jelouse!!! Lmao????????

  29. 1 day one of us were walking to school…………….."OMG!aliens!"*2,anyone know why?

  30. The Flash says:

    what if aliens are humans and humans are aliens

  31. I can't believe people still don't believe in Aliens. In the U.S we have over 13 million plus Illegal Aliens.

  32. Jeff M says:

    These people 'died', not 'passed', say dead…DEAD!

  33. All of this is not real

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