10 Safest Countries If WW3 Breaks Out


If the end of the world comes , some countries are safer than others . We’ll show you the best places to hide in case everything goes wrong Do not forget to …


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  1. Well guess I am moving to greenland soon

  2. Michael Rowe says:

    sorry but your title is contradicting world war 3…hmm WORLD WAR everyone WILL BE EFFECTED MORON

  3. bill hanna says:

    big planes make BIG holes,big buildings dont free fall,phones dont work at 35000 ft in 911

  4. Jordan Kidd says:

    Ireland anyone?

  5. Sider8989 says:

    number 10: switzerland
    "facepalms eternally"
    mate. it's a small country with almost no army in europe.
    brazil should be #5 in my opinion. #1 should be greenland.

  6. Sider8989 says:

    i disagree. brazil has so many allies, if one country attacks us oh boy prepare for imminent rape.

  7. barry greene says:

    ahh its great to be Irish

  8. kevin jung says:

    Chile will be the first in South America to be invaded if a major WW3. There is still conflict between Peru and Chile. Peru will obviously win since the US will be busy to send Child aide.

  9. exactly. thats why i gave you a simple experiment. pray from a humble heart. if you dont feel something you cant explain fuck it. but your extraordinary evidence will only be for you. its hard to talk about God and all that to someone who refuses him because you dont have proof. i bet you believe in karma. i bet you never seen the air you breathe but its there keeping you alive. it aint that you want proof you dont want it to be a god kus you dont wanna be held responsible for shit beyond the tip of your nose.

  10. jozee72 hi says:

    what abou Australia?

  11. Burgar man34 says:

    I think Canada gots a chance ????????

  12. 120light2 says:

    I think that those small islands will get some huge tsunami because of the explosions.

  13. Harriet Bell says:

    Iceland is so beautiful.

  14. shpee gaming says:

    Dafuq what about sweden

  15. good5682 says:

    That second safe haven is barely above sea level if ww3 did break out global warming would increase there for more sea water rising and this island would vanish under water not to mention the earth quakes that would be caused from nukes going off there for cyclones and all the fun things would also destroy this place

  16. g search says:

    what about sri lanka?

  17. what we need are leaders who put honor before the desire to win.

    the problem we have here is that scumbags(99.99% of all 1st world leaders) will do anything to win, which is what brought about atomic weapons in the first place.

    What's the point of winning if you lost all dignity (or worst yet) destroyed the fucking planet.

    I think we should bring back the old european standard of having kings/leaders lead our armies and fight in the frontline of any war they start. I bet we will have nigh zero fucking wars then.

    The rich and elite cocksuckers wouldn't want to risk their lives but are more than happy enough to send us men and our children to die.

  18. The Only SAFE PLACE Is In The ARMS Of JESUS, in John 3:1-8 Jesus told Nicodemus you must be born again; Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them,Repent,and be baptized (born of the water) every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins,and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost (born of the Spirit).

  19. lmfao how can tuvalu be a safe haven?!?!?!?! if the world goes nuclear which it will an island is not the safest place due to how unstable to enviroment will be… lmfao safe from radioactivity and the initial blast but not the tidal waves….

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