[10] The Last Star (Let’s Play Battleborn w/ sick GaLm and FUBAR)


“What is Battleborn?” —————————————————————————–…


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  1. Dustone says:

    Plenty of battleborn for everyone.

  2. DarkState2 says:

    and back to normal lol

  3. Y not record some multiplayer Galm

  4. 27:40 "so I'm just gonna jumpcut straight to here…" Meanwhile almost a half hour into it. Lol, still good content in those 27 minutes

  5. EthenAK says:

    Hey defend the thing work in destiny why not in battle born GREAT IDEA

  6. Senaneone says:


  7. Night Major says:


  8. Night Major says:

    Character designs > level designs

  9. thanks for the storymode gameplay, i was thinking about getting it if the story mode was good since i wasnt a fan of the multiplayer, but 8 missions with the same enemies over and over again? nah, thanks

  10. Cake3k says:

    It's like they made this in Game Dev Tycoon, and in dev stage 2, they put dialogues to max, a bit into AI, and like nothing into level design^^

  11. Interesting thing about the enemies, the ones that do the most damage are the varelsi skulks and scaverns which are the weaker ones but they hit like fucking trucks especially against defense points

  12. skulldoxbox2 says:

    Fubar, they they told you why your fighting in the first few missions, they also explain that the big bad gut betrayed everyone to the shadow people.
    Why am I posting this on galm's videos?

  13. Seems like Rath is the way to go. Or maybe melee characters are just the most powerful?

  14. Frost says:

    So we have easy and holy fucking shit this is hard. Definitely needs an in between mode.

  15. Desgaroth says:

    wow i actually never saw the jumppads do such strange things. Then again it always looks like Galm laggs while jumping. Don't know what's this about.

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