10 Things Government Can Do That Would Land You in Jail



Do you still believe the government represents the people? Are you part of the majority that genuinely wants the government to do good things?

There remains a large portion of the population that believes government to be a force for good and they blindly support giving it more power even at the expense of their own liberty.

10 Things Government Can Do That Would Land You in Jail

Perhaps government should be a force for good represented by the will of the people. But, unfortunately, that is not what it is. Instead, the government does horrible things including breaking laws that regular citizens would go to jail for.

Ask yourself, why is a “representative” government allowed to do things that regular citizens are not allowed to do?

When a government declares itself above the law of the land, then the people live in a imperial dictatorship, and a tyrannical one at that.  It is the hallmark of a ruling class that lives with a separate set of rules than the rabble.

Take a look at the top ten things the government can do that would land you in jail:

Spying: You are considered a Peeping Tom if you spy on your neighbor, and if caught you’d go to jail or be sued. Citizens are also increasingly being arrested for filming police or public buildings under wiretapping charges of all things.  Meanwhile, the government is using massive resources (paid for by tax slaves) to violate the Constitution to spy on everyone and everything with impunity.

Insider Trading: Yes, you will serve jail time like Martha Stewart did for using marginally helpful insider trading information, but politicians voted themselves exempt from insider trading laws.  It must be nice to be exempt from the peasant’s laws.

Hacking: You will go to jail if you hack into someone’s cell phone or email account. The government, on the other hand, has legalized wiretapping and hacking to keep us safe. As they attempt to convince the public that nation-states and terrorists will engage in cyber attacks so that they can pass Internet control legislation, the U.S. and Israel are the only nations to publicly admit to attacking another nation with a computer virus.

Kidnapping: Kidnappers are some of the most deplorable criminals in society, yet the government engages in organized kidnapping. Corrupt family courts stripping children from their parents for things like legal medical marijuana, or attending a protest, and the NDAA authorizing indefinite detention for “suspected” terrorists and “associated forces”, proves the government are kidnapping people.  What would happen if you did the same thing?

Stealing: Do you know that if you’re suspected of drug crimes, the authorities can confiscate your property? It’s called civil forfeiture and police departments make millions from this practice. And what happens if you don’t pay your property taxes?

Extortion: Some call taxes a form of theft, which it is, but it’s more appropriate to call it extortion.  It’s no different than paying protection money to your local mafia. Over one-third of your working life belongs to the mafia.  But, hey, at least you’re a slave for only a third of the year, right?

Counterfeiting: Between the Fed continuing to bail out failed banks to the tune of $83 billion per month and the fractional reserve banking system itself, the government via the Fed can print as much money as they want with no restrictions. It’s monopoly money, literally. Counterfeiting is a serious crime for anyone not sanctioned to do it.  Even using competing currencies is against the law for regular citizens.

Molestation: Try putting your hands on anyone in the same manner as the TSA does to men, women and children on a daily basis in airports — you’d wind up in jail for quite a while. TSA-inspired VIPR teams are now roaming public transportation, while attendees at sporting events are groped before game time. New York City has drawn attention for its special brand of “stop-and-frisk” which is a nice way of saying illegally detain, interrogate, molest, and don’t go to jail for it.

Assault: Whether it is spraying protesters like bugs, acts of police brutality that populate YouTube all day long, or government-sponsored torture committed by agencies like the CIA, the government has proven more often than not to be above the law in every area of assault that would put a normal citizen in jail.

Murder: In the real world, you or I cannot carry out a premeditated murder without going to jail for life. But this is exactly what is being done with drones, as “security officials” decide on Terror Tuesdays at the White House if the bulls-eye goes on your forehead or not. When a government can murder anyone, anywhere at anytime via secret kill lists, the concept of a government of, by, and for the people has been erased and replaced by tyranny.

Anyone who believes the government is a force for good despite all of the evidence to the contrary should be considered part of the sleeping flock. That’s not to say that people who think the government “should” be a force for good are too far off.  Yet, if power has proved anything, it’s that it devours and desires more power.

We’ve now reached a point in society that Ayn Rand warned about: “We are fast approaching the stage of ultimate inversion: the stage where government is free to do as it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission.”

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  1. arizona says:

    HAVING seen heaven ,the land of darkness,and HELL,I wouldn’t work for the government if they paid me a million dollars a day,AND RISK going to hell with the other people in government by mistake,just cause I was hanging out with them,HE HAS ALREADY said not one of them will escape his wrath……..and yet all of them believe their not doing anything evil,boy will they be surprised when LUCIFER comes to get them after the LORDS judgement has found them unworthy to be in heaven……………………

  2. arizona says:

    The criminals who run the government haven’t gotten away with anything,they just think they have,THE LORD sees into the darkest places,theres no where they can hide ,where he ain’t watching,every time they do evil things,SATAN assigns them to a place where their torture will be more severe,and you ask any government offical if hes a christian,and they’ll say yes I’am,hahaha,thats decieved,blinded and doing evil thinking no one knows,WRONG,the LORDS watching and making notes…………………………..

  3. Michale Weston says:

    Damn the us govt to the bottom of Hell.

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