10 UFO 2017 Sightings Caught on Camera


From a weird square formed spacecraft with a rotating core to clusters of mysterious lights in the sky at different destinations about the planet, below are 10 UFO 2017 caught on digital camera.

Major 10 UFO Video clip:

10. Witnesses capture a weird array of colors caught in the sky of mid-west Usa.

9. A diamond shape UFO with a spinning core noticed about several towns in India

eight. A spouse and children celebrating New Years 2017 seize the lights of a UFO fleet in the sky

seven. Environmentally friendly UFO caught on tape ring hovering in the night’s sky

six. Unusual silver cloud noticed hovering on spot

5. A pair of woman seize weird mysterious lights about their motor vehicle. They debate if it is a UFO or a drone. You come to a decision.

4. A UFO is caught crossing the path of a business airliner

3. Pair of UFOs been noticed in Malaysia

2. UFO sighting Temuco, Chile

one. UFO caught on tape in Hong Kong hovering in the night sky

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  1. Wྂhྂeྂrྂeྂ aྂrྂeྂ tྂhྂeྂ dྂeྂcྂeྂpྂtྂiྂoྂnྂsྂ ;-;

  2. DeadManfly says:

    #5 is a Portal opening up, maybe a wormhole or something like that! 😀
    – but maybe not…

  3. Not Known says:

    What is with the crap music??
    (Yes I mute)

  4. l allan says:

    I am is slowly desensitizing the masses. Aliens are now a joke,were all gonna die. ha ha ha

  5. 溝辺光輝 says:


  6. I hate to break it you but almost all of the night ones and some of the day ones where there is lights flashing and multiple lights. Have been proven to be asteroids burning up in Earth's atmosphere.

  7. #6 that's a freaking cloud not UFO

  8. kid cat says:

    Planes,a helicopter,a lenticular cloud …..

  9. Spectre says:

    In regards to the rather unremarkable #6…when will people learn to tell the difference between an actual UFO and a lenticular cloud?!

  10. projet haarp ? ?

  11. Alex Ruiz says:

    I have seen number 4

  12. the 5th one! I have seen something like that. Just a feet above the tree where I was laying late at night to relax. Omygod

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