10 Ways America Is Preparing for World War 3


It’s not just Russia that’s building up its nuclear arsenal and training its forces for a potentially imminent all-out war. Here’re 10 ways in which America is …


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  1. Pretty factual except for women in the selective service. American military is still voluntary only and hasn't been a draft since Vietnam war. The comment was made by a 4 star general of the army about drafting women and he said it to shut up liberal yahoos.

  2. Loudmatic says:

    America wants to start a war. They have so many debts that even Greece is a joke. As always, they have to start a war in order to sell their weapons there, they do not know other ways.

  3. Bill Ryan says:

    You know what scares me more than your list of 10? Donald Trump.
    He is a lunatic regarding foreign policy (among many other things). If he becomes the president of the United States, he may trigger WWIII.

  4. In an overly politically correct wrong direction the armed forces is going

  5. at 2:07 i dont think i want to join miltary anymore

  6. Muhammed Li says:

    Why do US and Russia both have thousands of nuclear weapons when even 100 would wreck each other and neighbouring countries?

  7. Fide Fide says:

    the endings of your videos…. no… just no….

  8. I REALLY hope that if the time actually comes people won't be stupid enough to actually declare war. WW3 will be the last war it will end the human race, war is so freaking stupid and politics are freaking stupid.

  9. i bet this video and the previous one were both made under the american flag

  10. Mr. Ravioli says:

    Wait, where the fuck would Canada stand in WW3? They're allies with the US but they're building ties with China as well.

  11. James Cooper says:

    i think its funny people are so set out for ww3. not gonna happen.

  12. Number 1: Getting butthurt over what Donald Trump said 9 years ago.

  13. superfnaf99 says:

    How Pitcairn Island is preparing for WWIII

  14. There isn't going to be another world war -_- we have too much to lose and nothing to gain

  15. NATO ISAF says:

    Russia is a threat to humanity as a whole and needs to be dealt with before they do anything too drastic.

  16. WW3 looks inevitable.

  17. cyka blyat the us would easily be wiped by a stronger china russia military. ill have vodka ready for the russian liberators. the us government deserves to
    collapse for having 2 clowns are presidential candidates. rush b comrades

  18. Meanwhile Canada is being chill af

  19. Joel Morris says:

    Yes, just elect Hillary and we'll be in a full-out nuclear war.

  20. no no says:

    were not baltick states

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