10 Ways Russia is Preparing For World War 3


With the fragile international situation at the moment, it seems fairly likely that World War 3 could occur in the next few years, or even months. So here are 10 …


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  1. do Britain? or england or maybe Europe come on i want to feel safe and not scared of the Russians

  2. basic204 says:

    Vault techski ?:P

  3. And WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones if anyone is left after WW3.

  4. Ethan Brown says:

    Yall can keep on hating on the US but when shit goes down you will be our bitch bruh

  5. Shawn Weil says:

    stupid ass monkeys!! you give them the slightest intelligence and they create weapons and words to justify their ignorant monkey actions fucking imbeciles just want power

  6. Megatom says:

    Scare rhetoric? Maybe a Cold War first?

  7. DanChoiThon says:

    oh how ironic…… compare this video to the next one: " 10 ways America is preparing for ww3" and see for yourselves how much bullshit and propaganda this channel is spreading…. " western propaganda" really lives up for its name.

  8. Morgan Naing says:

    What if Donald Trump is just pretending to be a douche so that Russia can't "use" or abuse him with all the future propaganda. So, Donald wants to let Hillary win so badly. lol what an idea I have

  9. Kredo Dyn says:

    1:57 "enemy radar systemmmms"

  10. Ken Kaneki says:

    underground antinuclear bunkers are shit. 6 mounth huh? The radioactivity will last for years if you were lucky enough

  11. Lucky 6 says:

    Let's hope are enemies don't know about the us plans

  12. Ace Jacobs says:

    They are trying to desensitize us

  13. Koliatic says:

    Why can't we all get along? Me as an American, and any Russians watching this DO NOT want this to happen! If we did not have these corrupt ass goverments that only care about money, we could all live in peace! Just know, not all Americans are like this…. and not all Russians are like this.

  14. Why are you using the american measurement system with time, date and currency on all your videos? you are british use the british one for christ sake

  15. Ferry Ansony says:

    its either WW3 or CW2

    my predictions if WW3 does happen i think almost all SE Asia Country won't be involved

  16. Ferry Ansony says:

    the wierd thing is that russia seems to care more about its citizen than american

  17. zokit0 says:

    number 10 is actually a standard drill in last few decades .. ..and in Russia they have mandatory military since ever so ? for the rest wont bother to explain or comment..(wont even watch rest of video when u tried to misinform public in first 10 seconds)
    btw emediate dislike

  18. We're fucked and Fallout 3 predicted the future

  19. tmh27574 says:

    WW3 would be pointless because there would be no world left

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