100% World War 3 [Oct 25, 2015] Prophecy Illuminati Numerology “Iran Nuclear Attack” New World Order


” The strongest of all warriors are these two : time and patience . ” – update War and World Peace [ October 8 ] : …


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  1. Peter Pan says:

    The Russians are the new world power, America pack your stuff and go home

  2. mark beep says:

    so basically there is no such thing as economy, it is all a set up.

  3. Zoo Scott says:

    iT's always tease , tease, tease, they're happy, when we're on our knees.

  4. bekim mara says:

    It's all bullshit, there is no War coming !!'
    But it comes for people that believe in it !!! You are what you have thought in the past!!

  5. bekim mara says:

    It's all negativ Ideas coming from negativ People.. Think more positive and live your life fully even that we know that it's not perfect!!! Life is short and we all going to Die one day so stop bringing your own Death before its time!!! Peace to all

  6. I thought we all died on Sept 23rd?

  7. hargilad says:

    I think you should consider a different therapist or different meds.

  8. Basenji Blue says:

    Er, when this doesn't happen, what date will the next one be? Just so I can prepare…. Y' know….

  9. Cross Bow says:

    you make dates out of anything

  10. What fucking nonsense. You must be so pissed that nothing happened in September so now you're trying to push it back to Octrober. Retard.

  11. hahahwhere is it mthrfkr

  12. loki7389 says:

    LoL, this shit should be deleted.

  13. Has anyone told God about this? I think He might find it fascinating.

  14. Tom Juzba says:

    I see dead people, my prediction…. oh and the walking dead is on tonight season 6, episode 1….

  15. first was to be 23 sep now oct later dec i guess wtf people decide

  16. fucking liars you lied about 12/24/12,you lied about 9/23/15,and now u are lying about this. bullshit

  17. Zaviel Har says:

    noooooo i want my 2015birthday!!!

  18. Ramon Leyva says:

    You're just like the Doomsday paranoid ignoramuses so naive

  19. You people have absolutely too much time on your hands and partake in way too many chemicals
    1,2,5 could be 8 as easy as 17 Jack ass

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