12 minutes of Dawn of War 3 gameplay


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  1. LilAlfiq says:

    The squad icons in DoW II made units easy to identify a unit's role (which, learning to play, is all you need to know immediately). It was obvious enough what race a unit is. Knowing both, it was actually very easy to identify the unit. This solution makes it possible to have custom painted armies without much loss of unit readability. An would-be game breaking army of empty looking solid black or bloomtastic silver units were only a minor inconvenience.

    The same solution would not work for Starcraft because every unit is an individual. Any crowd of them would be buried in a sea of icons. Relic changing the art to take Starcraft's solution for a problem DoW does not have because of its squad system is unnecessary.

    Omigawdno the sluggishness… I'm glad a land raider does not come to a stop, preform a 180 degree turn, and accelerate to top speed again in under 1.2 seconds. Having different units handle differently created many tactical opportunities.

    I loved Starcraft's and Warcraft III's campaigns, and spent hundreds of hours in multiplayer solely because of custom scenario maps. I barely touched standard multiplayer. I'm not interested in an RTS where the outcome is decided by who clicked more in the opening minute or so of a match.

    The fact that DoW's multiplayer was not like that is what kept me around for a thousand hours after the campaigns. If Relic decides DoW III needs to be another game where the burning question of a game commentary is actions-per-minute, I'm out. There is nothing to keep my attention after the story is over.

  2. TheEmperor says:

    I hate the comic look…

  3. Nam Minh says:

    They killed my hype :'(
    Rest in Peace Dawn of War

  4. Nam Minh says:

    People making and playing MOBA doesn't mean you HAVE to make DOW 3 a MOBA Relic. You HAVE to stand out of the trend. Warhammer 40k stands out, why can't DOW3?

  5. Terry Lu says:

    the other thing very funny is that when the units got pushed to the sky and fell down, they are doing a exactly same animation in the perfect synced time. this is weird.

  6. aaron bell says:

    this looks so shit, supposed to be grim dark not bouncy bunny rabbit bullshit

  7. Well looks like im sticking to DOW 1

  8. This looks so bad it hurts my feelings.

  9. WTF is this heresy? Colorful looking blood plus cartoony graphics, wtf Relic, wtf!?!?!?!?!?

  10. sh4manMos146 says:

    its gona be RTS like dow1 o stupid moba ?

  11. Dave Knell says:

    As a huge fan of both Dow2 (still play it online) and the original, I really get worried how this will turn out. Watching this cartoonish style game I was expecting somethings dark, gritty and detailed. Garbriel running and flip around like the new fucking Yoda looks horrible. Everything looks disposable and cheap, I can't even see the assault marines until they jump. Nothing has weight like Coh or Dow 2, seeing and hearing the ground shake from the fog of war in down2 you knew that something big was around, this Titan doesn't look like it has any weight at all and just fires it's cannons non stop, while it should destroy the elder units within half a second, the units just stand there copping it sweet.
    To be honest i would of been happy if they just added Tau and Necrons into Dow2 and fixed the bugs.

  12. Avatrass says:

    Doesn't look to bad for a mobile companion app. Oh, wait…

  13. Oh, Gabriel Angelo 😮 Oh !? He… jump ? Wtf ? A space marine can't jump like that… Charge like in DoW 2 yes, but not jump… Very disapointed by this point 🙁 And i expected a gameplay with big base and army like in DoW and a cover system like in DoW2… and a great campaign, not like in DoW2 Retrubition :/ Wait and see

  14. Veter says:

    I'm a huge fan of dawn of war franchise, but this… this is just a fucking punch in the balls for me. If you don't know how the real dawn of war looks like and if you're not capaple of doing something like it, then just dont fucking touch it. Killed my and my brother's hype. Thanks.

  15. As long as the gameplay itself is good, I wouldn't really mind the art style that much. Many games that thrive on gameplay always sacrifice photorealism for better play, and making a game that plays well first and foremost has done good for many of them – see the latest Doom as an example, although that particular example does manage to combine the gritty aesthetic of Doom 3 with awesome gunplay. Besides, this is explicitly labelled as *Pre-Alpha" footage, there'll likely to be tweaks made to the graphics in the months ahead. Also, for those complaining about Warhammer 40k being bright, colorful and cartoony… I dare you to look at the original tabletop models and tell me those aren't bright, colorful and cartoony.

  16. loulakion says:

    disappointed from their art direction :/

    how hard is to create a base game with the core armies and then releasing DLCs with additional units for every army, like it goes for the figure game ? pick up your army from before and work with against other players. Simple as fuck, why they have to mess every time ?

  17. Aquila says:

    I'm in love with the new graphics. They appear so vibrant and alive to me. Dissapointed to see the new old simplyfied cover system. The crater system mechanicly is alright with me, but I would have prefered more animation with the marines actually taking cover like we are used from Relic games. But nope, just put a force field on top.
    And if they keep the MOBA parts contained to the elite units, of which there will be 3 per match max, and have the rest of the Army just be an Army? I think thats gonna be pretty sick.

  18. Nice. Some blasting, plenty of gore. Nice effects. If you guys put in some nifty progression features, unit equipment, faction variability and most of all WH40k atmosphere it´s literalally going to be a blast.

  19. PhiloBalini says:

    Is this Warcraft 2? …not sold on the change of style, they're gone a bit too clean and gamey – I liked the grittiness of the first two games. This looks pretty… but doesn't feel like WH40K

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