13 Mysterious UFO Crash Sites


Are these thirteen odd UFO crashes just unsuccessful rocket launches or are crash sightings like the mysterious Roswell crash actual sightings!?!

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seven. Pinedale
Witnesses noticed a white light-weight tumble from the sky, split into a few pieces and crash into a forest just outside of Pinedale, Arizona in June of 1996. In minutes of the crash, the FBI and armored motor vehicles ended up noticed converging on the location together with the oil vehicles and the neighborhood fire office. People of Pinedale and nearby Clay Springs ended up evacuated and the highway primary to the forest was blocked. When citizens ended up permitted to go again to their properties they ended up escorted to their door and it was introduced on the radio that any one likely again to the fire was issue to a $one hundred fine. Locals claimed that it was totally pointless to just take these steps, especially closing the highway, which was effectively out of harm’s way. Also, why would the FBI display up at a forest fire in Arizona? Your guess is as good as mine.

six. Needles
An incident took place lately that is incredibly really hard to clarify without the need of extraterrestrial involvement. It occurred near the smaller town of Needles, California on March fourteen, 2008. A number of incredibly credible eyewitnesses say that they observed a turquoise coloured object that was bright adequate to illuminate the floor below crash land near a river. Promptly, helicopters appeared searching for the object. Right after discovering it they carried it away to an not known spot. There was also a quantity of motor vehicles noticed all around the web page and people reported that the people in the motor vehicles had a incredibly adult men in black come to feel.

five. Aurora
The very small neighborhood of Aurora, Texas was the web page of a incredibly odd UFO crash in April of 1897. A UFO crashed into a windmill owned by a neighborhood decide. The wreck was thrown into a nearby effectively and there was also reportedly an alien staying recovered from the web page that was buried in the neighborhood cemetery. No proof of the object or the staying has ever been located and a good deal of people feel that the tale was a hoax meant to lure business again to the smaller town. But it is continue to a incredibly well-liked UFO tale and there was even an episode of UFO Hunters devoted to the incident.

4. Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Two UFO’s fell out of the sky and landed near Ulan Bator in Mongolia in February of 2010. The initially object weighed ten kg and the 2nd weighed all around 2 tons. An uproar adopted as this photo of 1 of the objects manufactured the rounds on-line with people speculating that the object could be of alien origins. No 1 understands exactly where the objects came from, but it has been theorized that it was a cone guard from a Russian or Chinese rocket provider.

3. Kalahari Desert
An unregistered traveling object was detected by South African radar in the desert of Botswana in 1989. Fighter jets ended up instantly despatched to intercept the object and the responding pilots reported that the object emitted blinding flashes of light-weight in advance of crashing to the floor. Very little was located other than a crater that was a hundred and fifty meters throughout and 12 meters deep when people went to examine the web page. A single odd notice to increase to this mysterious prevalence is that electromagnetic power in the crater induced havoc to the measuring products that was introduced by the investigating crew. The incident is continue to debated to this day.

2. Port Shepstone
A lot of credible eye witnesses, together with teachers attending a athletics party at the neighborhood substantial university reported seeing an aircraft crash land into the sea outside of Port Shepstone, South Africa in Could of 2006. Law enforcement and rescue crafts searched a 12 square nautical mile location all around the web page of the crash and reported discovering certainly nothing. The sighting and incident stays a mystery and the only rationalization supplied was that the weather conditions activity at the time may have induced people to consider they had noticed something that they genuinely hadn’t. That appears to be incredibly not likely and this incident has the overpowering feeling of a address up.

one. Siberia
A glowing pink and blue UFO was noticed hurtling to the floor and crashing in a forest with a thunderous explosion in the Irkutsk region of Siberia in March of 2011. As is frequent with UFO crashes, a crew of Russian government officials and armed forces personnel was noticed all around the web page soon just after the incident. A media blackout was enforced, but not in advance of a movie showing a very small lifeless alien creature lying in a snowy forest was leaked on the world wide web.


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  1. Human relative Mermaid‚ Alian I am right

  2. rejecter 01 says:

    I keep telling people they are only UFO,s to civilians the military has known what they are since they have been making them. Do some research into Nicola Tesla and when his work studio burned to the ground. Then do some study into when the very first sighting happened. I,ll even give you a hint ROSWELL.They have been making these things since they stole Tesla,s patents and work diaries then burned his studio down to cover the fact that they stole his notes. Stop being so easily mislead THERE ARE NO ALIENS.

  3. Rajesh Meht says:

    Rajesh i dont lik ufo kail tham

  4. some aliens crashed their 1994 chevy astrovan in my front yard when they took a corner too fast trying to avoid la migra

  5. j anderson says:

    why can't i find any of this on Wikileaks?

  6. j anderson says:

    they make it all the way to earth then they crash deh

  7. This is obviously fale

  8. milowagon says:

    I keep an open mind on such incidents but……. It's funny how most of these accidents are soon followed by a strong military presence in the area. Could be new toys being tested and they want too make sure they are kept away from prying eyes. This would explain why they always occur in isolated areas. Or it may well be alien joyriders.

  9. D Kirk says:

    LEAVE MY SPACESHIP ALONE ;.,,''..;;''''''''''''''';..,

  10. NOT ONE actual picture of anything resembling a UFO.
    Except the "so-called" alien creature which one was shown for 2 different & separate things.
    So as I said
    Not ONE actual picture. ONLY WORD OF MOUTH .

  11. so. ufo. have. got. good. technology. where. are. getting. materils. and. petro.

  12. Kelly Oden says:

    with all due respect to those who believe in aliens.If aliens were actually visiting us ,they would be far more advanced in every aspect of our reality correct?If this were true how many hundreds or thousands of years ahead of us would they be? Now look at our success rate in our primitive craft and answer this question.How can an advanced race waaaaaay ahead of us in space travel come to our planet and CRASH ? Over and Over again and again?PLEASE!! We have automobiles that brake for us preventing collisions .We have stealth tech to hide our craft from being shot down.Why would they crash?Why risk spreading their diseases to a planet wiping out the human race? Or our diseases killing them?Common sense please.

  13. О случае в России показан тупейший видеоряд, а ведь в инете есть аутентичные снимки того эпизода. У меня даже есть видео на аккаунте vk.

  14. We really don't care to something that may be happening, or that you don't have the full proof of it, a video of photos, waste of time! go find a job coz this clearly isn't your talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    trash trash trash

  15. QU3STION5 says:

    Any can claim they've seen a crashed UFO. It's worthless.

  16. hpp337c says:

    If Aliens are so advanced why do so many crash?

  17. Out of all the BILLIONS of planets, what on earth do they bother with this planet. Your so called crashed UFO are no more than Gov experiments as usual out of control and sadly gone wrong, again. If so true then why hid the fact, give it media coverage and let the people desire. All governments do is the same on our planet. COCK THINGS UP!

  18. nipzilla says:

    Bullshit. UFO crash my ass.
    All of these crashes are typical early military aircraft prototypes doing test flights and crashed during the test runs. That's why the military always rushed to these crash sights to prevent people from taking photos or collecting "souvenirs".

  19. stephen R says:

    all are so fake!!

  20. Diana Prince says:

    why post a stupid video with nothing even remotely approaching evidence. Click Bait Crap

  21. Nothing to se, only bla bla bla and no evidence

  22. Roy de'Alwis says:

    Aliens are basically insects that live on bananas which they have used up on their own planets, that's why they are here !

  23. Hidenshinzou says:

    area 51 moves as fast as light to recover everything so nobody see nothing

  24. Steve Holmes says:

    of course something came down in kecksberg but it was man made no alien technology nicked from the Germans the bell troops running around shouting why do they always crash these things in the middle of nowhere lol only accessed by truck or obviously in those black helicopters we hear lol

  25. Steve Holmes says:

    sat navs on alien craft are shite because they always rock up in shitsberg USA or some other god forsaken place when one rocks up on the Whitehouse lawn then post lol

  26. Steve Holmes says:

    shite of the highest order and why do they always paint the helicopters black is henry ford still alive you can have any colour for your black ops helicopters as long as its black lol

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