Drew talks to interviewer, Chantal, about her drug use as a child. Also, movie clips are shown of her famous relatives: Her father John Barrymore, Jr., grandfather …


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  1. Annusya Pipi says:

    I think I first tried champagne (probably Asti or something) when I was like 5 or 6. I've never ever been drunk and I don't really like alcohol that much aside from Asti Spumante, lol. But still I never get drunk and it doesn't appeal to me. Lots of European kids drink a little bit of wine or champagne with their parents and it doesn't turn into a problem.

  2. Xavier Smith says:

    She made it thru the years. I'm proud of her she would've died like her relatives.

  3. grandfather and grand uncle in grand hotel.

  4. She is sooo pretty I love her 1988 1992 looks the fashion and hair

  5. Steve J says:

    these are symptoms of manic bi-polar…

  6. Candice v says:

    Theres just no way in hell a child would be drinking, specially at the age of 8. Am sorry I just don't buy it… How would the other children even access that?

  7. Sarah Heeter says:

    so unbelievably mature and beautiful

  8. I love Drew Barrymore! She is such a strong and beautiful person and an inspiration!

  9. Paula Shtein says:

    Such a smart child, it's so sad she went down that road, but i'm glad she defeated it.

  10. Susan B says:

    her first movie was firestarter at age five

  11. brainsareus says:

    correction: a "controlled" heavy drinker is still an alcoholic,just a different type.

  12. Drew, tell 'em all to get fucked!

  13. EyesofGeisha says:

    most mature 13 year old i have ever seen, wtf

  14. Thank God she saved herself …… shes awesome.

  15. Here, she looks like Khloe Kardashian. She was very mature for a 13 year old kid.

  16. I love these "moral panic" shows from the 1980s where the interviewer is incredulous and cannot believe that drugs exist in America.

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