15 Years Old Girl Survive Illuminati Satanic Ritual Abuse



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  1. Verna Santos says:

    where was the mother?

  2. and as i said there is NO God

  3. Rick Mendes says:

    uummm, how did the mother not know this about the grandmother, her own mom?? Usually people who are that far gone in satanism didn't just happen along those thoughts in their elder years… You would think she behaved at least a little oddly when the mother was a child and in her care….

  4. Horrified and speechless.

  5. there is no god there is no satan only ppl we can all be good and bad its a choice some ppl jus like bad things

  6. Rick Hamby says:

    I guess that's the sickest and sadest story I've ever heard.

  7. Raul Ugalde says:

    I wonder if the queen was there

  8. Shes so strong, Heart breaking. I wish i could help her in some way, The mother should be charged aswell.

  9. name says:

    there were no lie detectors back then??

  10. Jose G. says:


  11. So much BS in one video.

  12. Ash Hudson says:

    Regression basically

  13. From the 'languae of the eyes' (outlined in a few books) she was mentally constructing the story.
    See "The Psychic Vampires Guide to Body Landuage&Psionics" at amazon.

  14. This came from a psychiatrist who claimed that people who have experienced trauma suppress their memories, and a certain kind of treatment can recover these memories.
    It turned out to be total bullshit and debunked. It's basically the power of suggestion and coercing events. It actually had devastating consequences as a lot of people went to jail from people all of a sudden "remembering" things that didn't happen.
    After the satanic panic subsided, the psychiatrist admitted it was flawed. "Stuff You Should Know" covered this in more detail in their podcast: http://www.stuffyoushouldknow.com/podcasts/the-satanic-panic-of-the-1980s/

  15. Sampzeider says:

    As horrible as the story is, I'm also getting really annoyed by the interviewer, asking stupid questions to obviously make her say things that will "sound dramatic" etc. for the "benefit" of the viewers probably, to make them more invested in the story… Just how they did things back then i guess but jeez…

  16. Leah Allmond says:

    your so right it's not brought up because what baby's would they have then but our father God says the flesh is nothing it's the soul and spirit that nothing can touch prày our fàther in heàven hollow his nàme shàll be done on eàrth as in heàven we shall fear no evil for thou staff and rock shall comfort us so fear no evil for God be with us all the days of our life in Jesus name we pray Amen! I have connection with our Lord and he sent this to you who ever you are everything will be fine much love

  17. M Vitellaro says:

    God this was hard to watch. The pain I feel for that girl is overwhelming.

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