Google Earth allows us to traverse the globe in a heartbeat, and look down on our world. Here are some of our favorite things that you can see on Google Earth.


Can you find anything better?


#18 S.S. Jassim Shipwreck

A sizeable shipwreck is on Wingate Reef off Sudan. The S.S. Jassim sank in 2003 and now is one of the largest shipwrecks visible.


#17 Weird Bunny

This giant pink bunny, bigger than a house even, is just laying in this field for some reason. What is it for???


#16 Sunken Italian Cruise Liner

Remember that cruise ship that turned over and was in the news nonstop for a while? Yeah, you can see it on google maps now!


#15 Plane Graveyard

This field is a huge graveyard for retired planes. There’s just so many!


#14 A Wet Dog”  …Or Murder!

Rumours have flown everywhere surrounding this picture. It’s hard to tell whether we’re looking at a bloody mess of a murder, with a lake to hide the body, or just a wet dog running to it’s owner.


#13 Herd of Elephants

As you can see from the search, in Zakouma National Park you can zoom in just far enough to get a really cool look at a herd of elephants running through the grass. The herd is just barely visible, being cut off by darkness.


#12 Stampede!

Seeing a tremendous herd of water buffalo, possibly over 200, making a dash across the Kigosi Game Reserve in Tanzania is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Wouldn’t want to be there, so we can watch!


#11 A Big Heart

Love is expressed in many ways, and a heart-shaped lake expresses the sentiment perfectly. It is found in Columbia Station, Ohio, complete with trees for a border.


#10 Kisses

The Largest Lips can be found in Darfur, Sudan in desert land. The Lips are actually hill formations, which account for the shading in color.


#9 Which Came First?

Colonel Sanders of KFC makes a spectacular appearance just off the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada. The Colonel represents how Mapvertising has grown ever since Google discovered how interesting images can look from space.


#8 Signs

A tremendous triangle, with five concentric circles inside, is in the sand of Nevada. There are several strange patterns across Nevada. Makes you wonder….


#7 King Of The Field

Lions have been the emblem for the UK for hundreds of years. In Dunstable, UK, a huge Regal lion stands watch in the field.


#6 Big Browser

Firefox has a unique logo, and in 2006, Oregon State University Linux users created a giant Firefox logo in a cornfield in Dayton, Oregon. It is 45,000 square feet and was made in honor of Firefox’s 50 millionth download.


#5 Hungry Hungry Hippos

Tanzania is a pristine country where Google Earth found hundreds of hippos bathing in the giant pool in the Katavi National Park. Make a game of it; count the hippos!


#4 Water Color

Yellowstone National Park is filled with amazing natural beauty. The Grand Prismatic Spring, with its spectacular and brilliant colors, is found in Wyoming. Beautiful!


#3 Planning A Trip?

In the middle of the desert, outside Eloy, Arizona, there are five landing strips that have never had a plane either coming or going on them. So you have to wonder, are extraterrestrial friends planning on a visit?


#2 No Way Out

A tremendous triangle is in the middle of a field is in Wittman, Arizona. The isosceles triangle creates a road with no way out.


#1 Vanished

Phantom Island was found in 2012, and then lost again the same year! Australians discovered the island near New Caledonia, and sent a ship to confirm it’s location, but it was not there. Spooky!

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    #17 is just weird. Either google placed it there or somebody has too much time on his/her/its hands.

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