1st WallBounce Gnasher Montage Gears of War 3 – ImmortalBounce World Championship 2013


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OetUZXAzHCU best scenes from the world championship 2013 Montage focussed on fancy movement. How to trick people …


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  1. itszaaaamzeh says:

    name of song anyone

  2. hope to see you when 4 comes out. I'll be doing gameplays by then so fwm!

  3. Victor Bos says:

    GUYS I FOUND THE SONG FINALLY!!! after listening very good.

    kanye west ft rihanna : All of the light

  4. What controller settings do you play on?

  5. ooooo q duro esss

  6. god damn, I can't even wallbounce that fast, probably because I haven't played it in a long time, but no johns I guess lol

  7. Wall bouncing trash lmao

  8. And this ladies and gentlemen is what ruined gears 3 and the future of the franchise it's fucking stupid how fast you can move wall canceling the person who had this bright idea implemented in the game and panzy cheap minded cowards who use this can FUCK THEMSELVES!!!!!

  9. Straight Six says:

    And people ask why I didn't like Gears 3 lmfao. The fuck is this spastic shit?

  10. nisha marie says:

    alternante faggot try bouncing with default on 30. ill show u real bouncing

  11. Alternate? Haha k

  12. dips says:

    bet u this player not this good in gears UE

  13. Joe Pickle says:

    fuckin beast m8

  14. perfect wallbounce ?

  15. jeffary18 says:

    its like cheating really wtf

  16. mega dude says:

    what sorcery is this?????!!!

  17. Brai Deju says:

    Why is red orange in your game?

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