2: World War III: Political Islam vs. the West


For more information see: https://wp.me/p4esn8-Rj5


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  1. Cudoine says:

    islam vs. the West and non-muslims is the reality.

  2. Hans Blitz says:

    There's plenty of lower-information YouTube channels that get significantly more views and subs. This has been up for about a week and has 338 views. Not ideal. Conservative YouTubers like Black Pigeon Speaks get 100,000 views in a week on a topic like this. These are relatively low-budget one-man operations. The trick is the editing, the thumbnail, the titles. A channel can take off like wildfire with the right host, editing, audio quality etc. This isn't all that expensive. It's more effective than the traveling costs to speak at 1 university. The Center for Security Policy needs to step their game up, really use YouTube to it's full potential and get someone who's really good at making videos to get their message out.

  3. you won't save western civilization without saving the native western people and ending multiculturalism

  4. Call Me Mom says:

    I think the Barbary pirates were muslims, so your timeline as to how long we have been at war with political islam may need to be expanded.
    The logical way forward, imo, is for the world to recognize islam as a nation and have muslims choose citizenship in either the nation in which they currently hold citizenship or in islam and enforce the laws already in place accordingly.

  5. thats a fucking retarded argument, islam is political by default. it's no religion but an absolute way of life. by implying a nuance of outliers the core issue cant be discussed. islam conquers by the sword and the womb.
    the invasion of germany is more severe, 'guest workers' have been colonizing germany for three generations now.

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