20 Secret Organisations You May Not Know About


From hooded figures to secret college clubs for the elite, these are 20 of the most mysterious and reclusive societies ever to control world events from behind the …


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  1. 7striker says:

    If there was power in masturbation most ppl watching this vid would be superman (including moi) ???


  3. StrikerFX47 says:

    ………….You know KKK is not exactly a secret organization 

  4. naruto7424 says:

    Damn I remember when he just got 1000 subs. I was either 987 or 983

  5. okay then. WRONG. everyone knows about: the illuminati(Bavarian or 2015),the freemasons, skull and bones, and the KKK. what SHOULD have been on this list were the priory of sion, the order of ra, and the order of the eastern star.

  6. jay ban says:

    If the NWO takes out religion there goes the very core of humanity, the power of belief is truely powerful and now a terrible tool used in the spread of fear

  7. The Black Hand?

    Holy fuck, the Dark Brotherhood is real.

  8. Did you put Kevin Rudd in the aliens eye at 6:00?

  9. the death of Franz Ferdinand actually started WW1 and it was the Black Hand that killed him, The Thule Society only started after the Nazis had power it was run only by Rudolf von Sebottendorf and supported by Goering but all else is cool

  10. marblejester says:

    You forgot the human-marketers north of Winnipeg.

  11. The Black Hand did kill Franz Ferdinand. I know that they failed once that day, but Gavrillo Princip managed to get him when his driver turned down the wrong street or something. Are you saying that they killed someone else with the bomb that was intended for the Archduke? If so then I never knew. Great videos by the way.

  12. Wait… An organisation about magic masturbation?! Sign me the fuck up!

  13. 21) Los Illuminados.

  14. XD did anyone else notice he spelled "organization" wrong?

  15. Uncle Sam says:

    Illuminati confirmed.

  16. Nathan Stulp says:

    you spelt organization wrong lol

  17. The Worst says:

    Do not look for any amount of time at the hooded figures.

  18. raspypyro says:

    i think the video guy is hinting to how much power they might have. KKK

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