Israel did 9/11, ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD!!

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This article was written and prepared by ZCF (zioncrimefactory); MonkeySeeMonkeyDo

For the full report visit this website (site blocked)! Make sure to check out this article entitled “A Tribute To Those Who Spoke Out” commemorating all of those honest, honorable and courageous Jews who had the heart and good will to put their own neck out on the line to speak out against this criminal cabal. To them we owe our gratitude and respect.

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Israel did 9/11


Figuring out exactly how 9/11 was done is the work of crime investigators or conspiracy hobbyists who will endlessly go on discussing and debating every minuscule and intricate detail of the event to no avail. It doesn’t take a structural engineer to tell you that two 110 story buildings and a 47 story steel skyscraper plummeting to the ground at nearly free-fall speed requires the assistance of explosives. All you need is two eyes that can see and a brain that thinks to come to that sound conclusion. This is why it is of my opinion that more emphasis should be placed on the “who” instead of the “how”. It should be obvious to anyone that discovering ‘who did 9/11′ is infinitely more important than discovering how they did it.

An Uncanny Prediction Comes True
First we start off with an unusual and eerie prediction that was made by a most suspicious individual. This prediction, in unison with the status of the person of who made it, is extremely indicative and foretelling of who planned and executed 9/11.

Isser Harel – Spymaster of the Israeli Intelligence Services. Director of Mossad and Shin Bet from 1952-1963.

In 1979, twenty-one years before September 11, 2001, Isser Harel predicted with uncanny accuracy the events of 9-11 to Michael D. Evans, an American supporter of Zionist extremists of the Jabotinsky sort.

On September 23, 1979, Evans visited Harel at his home in Israel and had dinner with him and Dr. Reuven Hecht, a senior adviser to then prime minister Menachem Begin.

In an editorial entitled “America the Target”, published in the Jerusalem Post of September 30, 2001 Evans — a Khazar Jew masquerading as a Christian — asked Harel about Arab terrorism and if it would come to America. Harel told Evans that Arab terrorists would likely strike the “tallest building in New York City” because it was a “phallic symbol”. The fact that 9/11 was planned by the Mossad through the admittance of Isser Harel is well documented and appears in a book written by Michael Evans. (See Article 7th Paragraph).

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Securing Control of World Trade Center Complex

The first step in the preparation of the 9/11 attacks was to secure the control of the WTC into private hands. This was crucial to the success of 9/11 because without complete control over this complex there would be no opportunity or possibility of setting explosive charges in place as the coup de gras in bringing the towers to the ground.

In steps four key Jewish Crime Network assets:

1) Larry Silverstein — Larry is a Jewish American businessman from New York. Larry obtained a 99 year lease on the entire world trade center complex on 24 July, 2001. The nearly worthless trade towers I should point out due to them being filled with asbestos that needed removal; a process that would have produced a cost that would have rivaled the cost of the lease itself. Larry explains his reason for purchasing the towers as “I felt a compelling urge to own them.” Is this a believable reason coming from a supposed successful businessman? Larry had breakfast in “Windows on the World” restaurant (located in North Tower 107th Floor) every single morning. Larry was absent from this routine meeting on the morning of September the 11th. Larry’s two offspring, who also worked in the WTC, also conveniently decided to take the day off. Either the Silverstein family is clairvoyant, or then knew exactly what was going down that day. Take your pick. Larry Silverstein scored more than $4.5 Billion in insurance money as a result of the destruction of his complex. Silverstein was personal friends with key player in Zionist controlled media Rupert Murdoch, former Israeli president & infamous Zionist war criminal Ariel Sharon, as well as Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Silverstein was such good friends with Benjamin Netanyahu that he would receive a phone call from him every single sunday.

2) Frank Lowy– Lowy, a Czechoslovakia born Jew, was the owner of Westfield America, one of the biggest shopping mall conglomerates in the world. Lowy leased the shopping concourse area called the Mall at the World Trade Center, made up of approximately 427,000 square feet of retail floor space. Frank Lowy has quite an interesting history. He was a member of the Golani Brigade, and fought in the Israeli war of independence. Before this he was a member of Hagganah, a Jewish terrorist organization. Frank Lowy spends three months of the year at his home in Israel and has been described by the Sydney Morning Herald as “a self-made man with a strong interest in the Holocaust and Israeli politics.” He funded and launched the Israeli Institute for National Strategy and Policy, which will “operate within the framework of Tel Aviv University” in Israel. He is also close friends with many top Israeli officials such as Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharon, Bibi Netanyahu, and Ehud Barak. He was also implicated in an Israeli Bank Scandal with Olmert. Frank Lowy steered clear of the WTC on 9/11. More information about Lowy can be further researched here.

Lease Transfer Authorization
3) Lewis Eisenberg — This Jewish criminal personality was the head of the Port Authority of New York and authorized the lease transfer to his Zionist brethren Larry and Lowy. Eisenberg was a large contributor to the Bush-Cheney presidential campaign, as well as a partner in the Jewish bank Goldman-Sachs. Eisenberg has been both a member of the Planning Board of the United Jewish Appeal/United Jewish Federation pro-Israeli government pressure group in the U.S.

WTC Privatization


4) Ronald Lauder – Billionaire Estee Lauder Cosmetics magnate. He was the chairman of NY Governor George Pataki’s commission on privatization. He is the key individual who lobbied for the privatization of the WTC (Source, 9th pp) — but he also got the former Stewart Air Force Base to become privatized. Oddly, the flight paths of flight 175 and flight 11 converged directly over this airport.

Lauder is active in the following organizations: Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, Jewish National Fund, World Jewish Congress, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Anti-Defamation League, Jewish Theological Seminary. Ronald Lauder was elected president of the World Jewish Congress on 10 June, 2007.

Lauder founded a school for the Mossad in Herzliya, Israel called the Lauder School of Government Diplomacy and Strategy. He is the key Sayan involved in the preparation of 9/11.

WTC Security In Zionist Hands

The second crucial aspect of control that needed to be established in order to pull off 9/11 was to gain control of security of the WTC complex. This way, Mossad explosive experts — that just so happened to be in town just prior to and on 9/11 — could be readily allowed access to strategic areas of the buildings in order to prep for the demolitions.

The contract to run security at the WTC was designated to Kroll Associates after the 1993 wtc bombing. Kroll is otherwise known as a “Wallstreets CIA”.

Who gave them the contract?
The Port Authority of New York paid them $2.5 million to revamp security at the complex. The owners of Kroll was two Zionist Jews named Jules & Jeremy Kroll.

The managing director of Kroll at the time was Jerome M. Hauer.

Hauer was also the guy chosen to run Mayor Rudy Guiliani’s office of emergency management( OEM) from 1996 to 2000. He is the key individual that pushed for this office to be placed in Silverstein’s building 7.

Jerome Hauer is also Jewish and a staunch Zionist. Hauer’s mother, Rose Muscatine Hauer, is the retired Dean of the Beth Israel School of Nursing and the Honorary President of the New York Chapter of Hadassah, the Daughters of Zion movement that is one of the central Zionist organizations involved in the creation and maintenance of the State of Israel.

Pre-Knowledge of Anthrax Mailings

A hardly known fact is that Jerome Hauer is the one who advised the WhiteHouse to go on the anti-biotic effective against Anthrax — Cipro — a week prior to the mailings. How convenient.

How did he know?

Hauer is an ‘expert’ in Bio-Terrorism and was the one who was in charge of the NIH response to the anthrax attacks. His reactions to the anthrax mailings were ‘very slow’ to say the least, and he took every opportunity to invoke “Osama Bin Laden” in his rhetoric.

Who Killed John O’neil?
Former special agent FBI, John O’neil, who was tasked with investigating Bin Laden coincidentally enough, was Former special agent FBI, John O’neil, who was tasked with investigating Bin Laden coincidentally enough, was hired as head of security at the WTC by Jerome Hauer. Amazingly, O’neil was killed on his FIRST day of work — 9/11.

It is important to note that O’neil had quit his job at the FBI after his investigation into the U.S.S. Cole attack in Yemen was obstructed & sabotaged by U.S ambassador to Yemen, Zionist Barbara Bodine. This is because the U.S.S. Cole was NOT done by Al Qaeda. The USS Cole was hit by an Israeli cruise missile(Source, 39th pp) to sway public opinion against Arabs (Al Qaeda), as well as demonize the democrats (didn’t take terror threat seriously) — so that their puppet George Bush Jr. could be hurled into office in time for 9/11. This was of course completely covered up.

Airport Security

The third crucial aspect of control that needed to be established was to gain control of airport security at all of the airports that the hijackings would originate from. Passenger screening needed to be handled by their operatives in order to allow certain people & certain items (i.e. weapons) onto the planes.

Who ran airport secuirty at all three ports of alleged hijackings?

That would be ICTS International / Huntsleigh USA (wholly owned subsidiary)

Owned by Ezra Harel and Menachem Atzmon. Both Israeli Jews.

It is run by “experts” in the security and intelligence field. Israeli intelligence that is. Most employees were ex- Shin Bet agents.

Is this airport security company, who ran the security at Boston’s Logan Airport, as well as Newark, really that shotty to allow 19 arabs on board 4 different planes with boxcutters, mace, and even a gun, or is there something else going on here?

Menachem Atzmon, former Likud treasurer in the 80′s, was involved in an Israeli political scandal involving Ehud Olmert and other Likudnits in Israel. He was cirminally convicted of fraud, falsifying documents, as well as breaching Party Funding Law.


ICTS was also in charge of airport security when the shoe bomber, Richard Reid, allegedly boarded a plane with a shoe bomb. If Reid is really a terrorist and not just an innocent man being used by the Mossad to incite more fear of terrorism, then why did ICTS let him board the plane knowing he could be dangerous?

Another point indicating ICTS’s complicity is that a few hours before the Patriot Act was voted on, it was edited to make foreign companies in charge of security on 9/11 immune to lawsuits. This would prevent American courts from demanding that ICTS provide testimony or hand over the missing surveillance videos from the airports.

Prior Knowledge

Gomel Chesed Cemetary Incident

In October 2000, approximately 11 months before 9/11, a retired Israeli Defense Forces(IDF) officer, and veteran of the Yom Kippur War(1973), was collecting English Ivy Cuttings at the Gomel Chesed Cemetery located at Mccellan and 245 Mount Olive Avenue, which is near the city lines of Elizabeth and Newark, New Jersey. The Gomel Chesed Cemetary is a Jewish cemetary.

The man overheard a couple of people having what he believed to be a conversation spoken in Hebrew, which drew his attention. He hid behind an 8-foot tall retaining wall and listened in to their conversation as they stood below. Shortly after a Lincoln town car approached the two people — presumably Israelis — and the man in the backseat got out to greet them. After normal niceties were exchanged the third man said:

“The Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September.”

One of the men that had been leaning against the retaining wall expressed concerns regarding whether the upcoming presidential election (November 2000) could impact the plans. The man that arrived in the Town Car pacified the doubts by saying:

“Don’t worry, we have people in high places and no matter who gets elected, they will take care of everything.”

The observer who overheard this conversation related it to the FBI on numerous occasions only to be ignored each time. Nothing was done about it, and no investigation into the incident has ever took place.

Israeli Citizens Get Tipped Off

Israeli instant messaging company, Odigo, admitted that two of its employees received instant messages warning of an impeding attack 2 hours prior to the first plane hitting.

This warning was not passed on to authorities, which could have saved thousands of lives.

Odigo has a feature on its service that allows the passing on of messages through a search feature based on nationality, such as Israeli. Knowing these two particular Israelis were forewanred, it is very likely they passed the message on to other Israelis considering that out of the 4000 Israelis believed to be in and around the WTC and the Pentagon only FIVE died. 5/4000 Israelis. Mathematically (if Israelis were not forewarned) about 10% (400/4000) would have died; even as low as 200-300/4000 would not really indicate foreknowledge. Yet only FIVE Israelis died and two of the five were actually aboard the supposedly hijacked flights; therefore only three Israelis died at the WTC on 9/11. An astonishing feat. We’re talking about ‘Israelis’ here, not ‘American Jews’. Many Jews died in the wtc on 9/11.

Odigo has offices in New York, and in Herzliya, Israel. Herzliya happens to be the Head Quarters of Mossad. Do the math.

Odigo was later bought up by another Israeli company called Comverse. The CEO of Comverse was Kobi Alexander, “dual” Israeli-US citizen, with connections to Mossad. He has been charged on several counts of fraud.

Goldman Sachs Forewarned
Image – On Sep 10, 2001, the Tokyo branch of Goldman Sachs warned its American employees to steer clear of American buildings.

Israeli ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Forewarned
- ZIM, an Israeli company, vacated its office(10,000 square feet) in the North WTC tower a week before 9/11, breaking its lease. 49% of this company is owned by the Israeli government. The lease ran till the end of 2001, and the company lost $50,000 by breaking the lease. Later, FBI agent Michael Dick, [url= was investigating Israeli spying before and after 9/11[/url] and looking into the suspicious move, was removed from his duties by the head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, Michael Chertoff.

According to a non-official cover or N.O.C. CIA source who worked closely with Dick, the Israeli movers moved in explosives when ZIM moved out.

With ZIM Israel bailing out just in time, this left one Israeli company, Clearforest, with 19 employees, in the WTC on 9/11. Of the five employees in the building all managed to escape.

Mossad Is Guilty

U.S. Army Study: On Mossad

An elite U.S. Army study center had devised a plan for enforcing a major Israeli-Palestinian peace accord that would require about 20,000 well-armed troops stationed throughout Israel and a newly created Palestinian state.

The SAMS paper attempts to predict events in the first year of a peace-enforcement operation, and sees possible dangers for U.S. troops from both sides.

Of the MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligence service, the SAMS officers say:

“Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.”

The amazing thing about this is that this story was reported in the Washington Post on September 10, 2001.

Israeli espionage around 9/11

– Shortly before 9/11, over 140 Israelis had been arrested for suspected espionage. Some of them were posing as Art students. These suspects targeted or penetrated Military bases, DEA, FBI, Secret Service, ATF, U.S. Customs, IRS, INS, EPA, Interior Dept., U.S. Marshal’s Service, various U.S. Attorneys Offices, Secret government offices Unlisted private homes of law enforcement/intelligence officers. Most of the suspects served in military intelligence, electronic surveillance intercept and or explosive ordinance units.

Dozens of Israelis were arrested in American malls kiosks selling toys, acting as a front for a spying operation.

60 detained suspects worked for the Israeli company AMDOCS which provides most directory assistance calls and almost call records and billings services for the U.S. by virtue of its contracts with the 25 largest telephone companies in the U.S.

All alleged 9/11 hijackers had fake IDs. During a joint FBI-CIA operation against the lead patsy hijacker Mohammad Atta in Fort Lee, NJ in 2001, the operation was photographed by Israeli agents and thereby compromised. These Jews were providing cover for the future patsy hijacker teams.

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More Israelis caught after 9/11 — 90 of them!

After 9/11 – More detentions of Israelis

Following 9/11, over 60 Israelis were detained either under the Patriot anti-Terrorism Act or for immigrations violations. Some of them were active Israeli military personnel. A number of them failed polygraph examinations when questioned for surveillance activities against the U.S. Some of them were found to have been spying on Arabs.

Five Dancing Israelis

Of the 90 or so detained Israelis there was a group of five Israelis, now widely known as the “dancing Israelis“, who were spotted in multiple locations filming, and celebrating the attacks.

The men were detained by NYPD. The police and FBI field agents became very suspicious when they found maps of the city with certain places highlighted, box cutters (the same items that the hijackers supposedly used), $4700 cash stuffed in a sock, and foreign passports. Police also told the Bergen Record that bomb sniffing dogs were brought to the van and that they reacted as if they had smelled explosives. (#)

Their names were Sivan & Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Schmuel, Oded Ellner & Omer Marmari.

“We are not your problem”?
According to ABC News 20/20, after the group of Israelis were detained, the driver of the van — Sivan Kurzberg — told the officers:
“We are Israeli. We are not your problem. Your problems are our problems. The Palestinians are the problem.”

They later appeared on an Israeli talk show and claimed to be “documenting the event”. Witnesses reported they were set up PRIOR to the first plane strike, and were seen congratulating one another afterward. The five jubilant Israelis were also seen photographing one another. The FBI seized and developed their photos, one of which shows Sivan Kurzberg flicking a cigarette lighter in front of the smoldering ruins in an apparently celebratory gesture.

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Truck Bomb Destined for George Washington Bridge

The Jerusalem Post later reported that a white van with a bomb was stopped as it approached the George Washington Bridge, but the ethnicity of the suspects was not revealed. Here’s what the Jerusalem Post reported on September 12, 2001:

American security services overnight stopped a car bomb on the George Washington Bridge. The van, packed with explosives, was stopped on an approach ramp to the bridge. Authorities suspect the terrorists intended to blow up the main crossing between New Jersey and New York, Army Radio reported.

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Imagine the surprise of the officers when these terror suspects turned out to be Israelis!

Mural Van
One of the more bizarre events of the day came in the form of a mysterious white van parked a few blocks away from the twin towers on 6th and King Street., that had a mural painted on the side that literally depicted a jetliner crashing into the twin towers and exploding.


This police audio transmission indicates that the two suspects in the van started to run away when the van was stopped and were apprehended shortly thereafter in some sort of struggle. The police recording also indicates that the mural van subsequently exploded following the detainment of the two suspects.

Further corroboration of this incident came in the form of a reference in the February 2006 Norman Y. Mineta International Institute for Surface Transportation Policy Studies (MTI) report entitled: “Saving City Lifelines: Lessons Learned in the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks”.The relevant quote is as follows:

“There were continuing moments of alarm. A panel truck with a painting of a plane flying into the World Trade Center was stopped near the temporary command post. It proved to be rented to a group of ethnic Middle Eastern people who did not speak English. Fearing that it might be a truck bomb, the NYPD immediately evacuated the area, called out the bomb squad, and detained the occupants until a thorough search was made. The vehicle was found to be an innocent delivery truck.”

As you can see the cover-up of the incident clearly ensues in this document. Apparently the people who wrote this didn’t find it odd that a delivery truck rented to “ethnic middle easterners” was painted up with a mural depicting the very events of the day! The idiocy of their conclusion that this van was an “innocent delivery truck” is beyond words. Also notice no mention of it exploding as the police transmission confirms. The “ethnic middle easterners” referenced in this quote were certainly not Arabic individuals as there is not a single mention of this incident in the 9/11 commission report. If they were Arabs there would be no reason to cover this up. The fact that this incident was covered up is a strong indication that these “ethnic middle easterners” were in fact Israelis.

Urban Moving Systems

All of the white vans were working for the ostensible moving company Urban Moving Systems under direction of Dominic Suter, an Israeli Spy who immediately fled to Israel after the attacks. It was confirmed by two former CIA officers that this Israeli moving company was a front operation for the Mossad. The two CIA sources noted that movers vans are a common intelligence cover. The Israelis were held in custody for 71 days before being quietly released.

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Israeli Intelligence and P-tech

ImagePtech Software systems – computer control backdoor

Most national security computerized systems that would have scrambled jets in the event of national emergencies such as multiple hijackings were running on Ptech software. A list of Ptech clients includes the FAA, N.A.T.O, United States Armed Forces, Congress, Dept. Of Energy, Dept. of Justice, FBI, Customs, the IRS, teh Secret Service, and even the White House.

Zionist Jew Michael S. Goff (pictured right) was marketing manager at Ptech and also worked for Israeli database company Guardium (Director Amit Yoran); Guardium has been funded by Cedar Fund, Veritas Venture Partners, and StageOne, all Mossad funding outfits. So, with Ptech, what we had was an American “sayan” [i.e. Jewish agent who works with the Mossad when necessary], Michael S. Goff, who had Mossad agents feeding him information and directing him while he worked with his Lebanese Muslim “partners” in Ptech.

Now why would a young American lawyer working with a good law firm (Sedar & Chandler) in his home town suddenly leave the practice of law and work with a dodgy start-up software company owned and financed by a Lebanese and a Saudi? Goff’s family is a well-respected an well-known family in Worcester, Mass. He had it made at a good law firm after leaving law school. Why the sudden career change? Mossad asked him to do it. For the good of the Jewish people, etc, etc.

Under Goff, Ptech software loaded with trapdoors and Trojan Horses was sold and loaded onto the MOST sensitive computer systems that failed miserably, or performed well (depending on your view), on September 11, 2001.

Goff’s father and grandfather, Samuel, were accountants who belonged to Worcester’s “Commonwealth Lodge 600 of B’nai B’rith”. They were both 32nd Degree Masons. Does an apple fall far from the tree?

MITRE corporation (computer software)

ImageMITRE – major defense contracting organization headed by former Director of Central Intelligence James Schlesinger. It has been said that Schlesinger is a devout Lutheran, but his Wikipedia profile states he was born to Russian/Austrian Jewish parents. He is undoubtedly a Zionist.

Ptech was with the MITRE corporation in the basement of the FAA for two years prior to 9/11. Their specific job was to look at inter-operability issues the FAA had with NORAD and the Air Force in the case of an emergency.

Precision guided plane anyone?
The plane hitting WTC North Tower

The first plane to hit the WTC (North Tower) hit the computer room of Marsh & McClennan, which had recently acquired Kroll Associates, which was owned by son of AIG CEO Maurice Greenberg & Jules Kroll. Precision guidance equipment in office?

Rabbi Dov Zakheim and Systems Planning Corporation

ImageDov Zakheim’s System Planning Corporation– remote airplane control technology

Dov Zakheim’s System Planning Corporation – remote airplane control technology

Many have insisted that the planes which struck the twin towers were precision guided by remote control. Although sounding like science fiction when first hearing it, remote control technology of airplanes has been around for decades. SPC Corporation provided the flight termination system and command transmitter system, the technology that allows planes to be remote controlled should the pilots be incapacitated or the plane hijacked.

Rabbi Dov Zakheim was the appointed Undersecretary of Defense and Comptroller from 2001 to 2004 under the George W. Bush administration. Zakheim is the man responsible for the disappearance of $2.6 TRILLION that went missing from the Pentagon books which was announced by Donald Rumsfeld on 10th September, 2001. The story was buried under 9/11′s rubble.

Coincidentally, the specific section of the Pentagon that was “hit” or “blown up” contained the years budgetary information, as well as accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts; many of whom died on 9/11. What a coincidence.

In May 2001, when Dov served at the Pentagon, it was an SPS (his firm’s) subsidiary, Tridata Corporation, that oversaw the investigation of the first “terrorist” attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. This would have given them intimate knowledge of the security systems and structural blueprints of the World Trade Center.

According to the SPC website, a recent customer at that time was Eglin AFB, located in Florida. Eglin is very near another Air Force base in Florida-MacDill AFB, where Dov Zakheim contracted to send at least 32 Boeing 767 aircraft, as part of the Boeing /Pentagon tanker lease agreement.

Considering his access to Boeing 767 tankers, remote control flight systems, and his published views in the PNAC document, it seems very likely he is in fact a key figure in the alleged terrorist attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001. (Further Reading)

Cover Up

9/11 Investigation in Zionist Hands

Immediately following the attacks of september 11th, the Jewish criminal network was methodically maneuvering in unison behind the scenes to quash any legitimate investigation that world reveal what really happened that fateful day. They made it their goal to control any and all angles of so called “investigation” so that they could quickly cover up any and all evidence that would unveil the unmistakable fingerprint of the Zionists.

All appointed chief judges were Zionist Jews:

Alvin K. Hellerstein – a judge for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York and has been involved in several high-profile 9/11 related cases including consolidated master case against three airlines, ICTS International NV and Pinkerton’s airport security firms, the World Trade Center owners, and Boeing Co., the aircraft manufacturer. Hellerstein is a dedicated Zionist and Israeli nationalist who has ties to the Jewish mafia dating back to 1956. Hellerstein’s wife is a former senior officer & current treasurer of AMIT. From its website it states: “Founded in 1925, AMIT is the world’s leading supporter of religious Zionist education and social services for Israel’s children and youth, nurturing and educating Israeli children to become productive, contributing members of society.”

Michael B. Mukasey – This Orthodox Jewish judge oversaw the litigation between Larry Silverstein and insurance companies after 9/11. Silverstein was awarded billions. Mukasey prevented full inquiry into the Five Dancing Israelis incident who were arrested in connection with 9/11. He played a role in their release. He was later appointed attorney general by President Bush. He defended the patriot act, and he supports torture policies.

Michael Chertoff – In charge of the Criminal Division in the Justice Department on 9/11. Essentially responsible for the 9/11 NON-investigation. He let hundreds of Israeli spies who were arrested prior to and on 9/11 go back home to Israel. He was also a prosecuting judge in the first terrorist attack on the WTC in 1993. Chertoff purportedly holds dual citizenship with the US and Israel. His family is one of the founding families of the state of Israel and his mother was one of the first ever agents of the Mossad, Israel’s spy agency. His father and uncle are ordained rabbis and teachers of the Talmud.

Kenneth Feinberg – set up the victim’s compensation fund ($7 billion); the criminal cabal managed to get 97% of the victims’ families to take the money in exchange for not demanding a legal investigation of 9/11.

Sheila Birnbaum – Another key Jew involved in the cover-up of 9/11 is Sheila Birnbaum of Skaddan, Arps law firm. Birnbaum was appointed ‘special mediator‘ of the legal suits filed by the 3% of families who decided not to be bought off by the Zionists. Nothing happened in these trials though, thanks to her.

Benjamin Chertoff – (cousin of Michael Chertoff) – This Jewish criminal personality wrote the 9/11 hit piece in Popular Mechanics debunking ‘9/11 conspiracies’ using ridiculous strawmen. He claims his relation to Michael Chertoff is “distant” but Chris Bollyn proves otherwise.

Stephen Cauffman – Leader of NIST coverup of WTC 7 destruction. These lowlifes continued to maintain that fire brought down WTC 7, a physical impossibility.

9/11 Commission Fiction: Zionist Myth-Making At Its Best

Philip Zelikow (Dual Citizen of Israel) – 911′s Cover Up Man

Zelikow was appointed the executive director of the 9/11 commission — the most powerful position of the committee. This criminal Zionist Jew is responsible for concocting the contrived fiction that was presented to us as the 9/11 Commission Report (i.e. official story). This work of fairy-tale fiction speaks of magical explosion-proof paper passports, building collapses violating the laws of physics without explosive assistance, and cave-dwelling, box-cutter wielding Arabs with super-human piloting skills — all the while completely omitting blatant anomalous events such as the self-demolition of Building 7 at 5:20 pm. At first Henry Kissenger was appointed as exec director of the 9/11 commission but surrendered the post after enormous protest. This paved the way for Zionist operative Zelikow to take his stead. Zelikow has numerous conflicts of interest that clearly inhibited his ability to tell the truth to the American people about the 9/11 terror attacks.

Zelikow was a Bush Admin insider, having been on the transition team in early 2000. In 1989-91 Zelikow worked with Condaleeza Rice on the National Security Council for the Bush Sr. Administration. In 1995, Zelikow and Rice wrote a book together. From 1996-98 Zelikow is director of the Aspen Strategy Group which also included people such as Condaleeza Rice, Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz as fellow members. After George W. Bush took office, Zelikow was named to a position on the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board [PFIAB], and worked on other task forces and commissions as well. In 2004 Zelikow skews the investigation into 9/11 by deciding which topics would or would not be investigated. He was also secretly in contact with one of Bush’s close advisors — Karl Rove.

Crime Scene Evidence Quickly Removed and Destroyed
Alan D. Ratner’s Metals Management and the SIMS group is responsible for quickly scooping up the WTC steel rubble and shipping it off to Asian smelters. Alan Ratner is Jewish. Ratner merged with the SIMS group and the Hugo Neu corporation, and they made a handsome profit. Ratner sold over 50,000 tons of crime scene evidence steel to a Chinese company at $120 per ton; Ratner had obtained them for $70 per ton. This criminal bastard not only destroyed the evidence, but made a lucrative profit off of it while he was at it. More research on the criminal destruction of crime scene evidence can be found here.

Criminal Jewish/Zionist Personalities

Jews and Zionists in the Right Positions!

Rabbi Dov Zakheim – Co-author of the PNAC paper on rebuilding America’s defenses advocating the necessity of a Pearl Harbor-like incident to mobilize America. Served as Pentagon comptroller from May 4, 2001 to March 10, 2004. Two large sums of money disappeared from the Pentagon under him. In the beginning $2.3 trillion was reported missing by Donald Rumsfeld (September 10, 2001) and later Zakheim was unable to account for another trillion dollars. Zakheim also had squads of American F-15s and F-16s sold as surplus to Israel at a fraction of their value.

Michael Chertoff – Assistant attorney general for the criminal division of the Justice Department; later, Director of Homeland Security. His wife, Meryll Chertoff, was a regional director of the ADL. Mother was a flight attendant for El Al thus had involvement with Mossad. Father and uncle are Rabbis.

Richard Perle – Chairman of Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board. He was expelled from Sen. Henry Jackson’s office in the 1970s after the NSA caught him passing highly classified documents to Israel.

Paul Wolfowitz – Was Deputy Defense Secretary and a member of the Defense Policy Board in the Pentagon.

Douglas Feith – Headed reconstruction in Iraq. Effectively in command, with Wolfowitz, of War Department on 9-11; Undersecretary of War for Policy. Fired from National Security Council in 1976 due to suspicion of passing classified documents to Israel. “Dual Citizen” of US-Israel. Douglas Feith created the “Office of Special Plans” shortly after 9/11 which was where all of the fake intelligence accusing Iraq of developing WMD’s and having ties to Al Qaida came from.

Eliot Abrams — Key National Security Council Advisor. Associated with criminal Zionist / Pro-Israel thinktanks: AEI, PNAC, CSP, and JINSA. Closely associated with other criminal Jews Perle, Feith, Wolfowtiz, and Bill Kristol. Convicted of lying to congress in the Iran/Contra Affair but was later given a pardon by Bush.

Marc Grossman — Under Secretary for Political Affairs on 9-11; met with General Mahmoud Ahmad, head of Pakistan’s ISI and 9-11 financier, on or shortly after 9-11; “dual citizen” of US and Israel

Ari Fleischer — White House spokesman for Bush on 9-11; Harlined Iraq WMD lies to the press; “dual citizen” of US and Israel; connected to the extremist group called the Chabad Lubavitch Hasidics

More criminal personalities can be further researched HERE.

Who was on board flight 11?
Daniel Lewin
Lewin, an Israeli Jew, was confirmed to be a member of the special Israeli commando unit, the Sayeret Matkal, which specializes in “anti-hijack” takeovers and assassinations. Supposedly Lewin got involved in a struggle with one of the alleged hijackers and ended up getting shot, which was later revised to being stabbed as a gun on board would not jive with the pre-packaged 9/11 story line.

What are the odds that an Israeli Sayat ends up on a plane hijacked by Arab terrorists? Gotta be a million to one shot. I am not suggesting Lewin was on a suicide mission and flew into the towers, what I suggest is that he landed the plane at Stewart Airport and it was swapped for a remote control drone. Stewart Airport was the “privatized” airport where the flightpaths of the alleged planes that hit the twin towers, oddly converged over.

Bush Speech Writers Grossly Inflate Number of Israeli Casualties

On 20 September, 2001, in his address to the Joint Session of Congress following the 9/11 attacks, Bush grossly inflated the number of Israeli casualties in the attacks from 5 to 130.

Does Bush write his own speeches?

Of course not, so one cannot simply blame Bush for this blatant lie — whoever was his speechwriter is the criminal culprit.

Who was Bush’s Speechwriter?
David Frum
This Jewish criminal personality was Bush’s Speechwriter at the time and is the one responsible for inflating the number of Israeli dead 26x the actual amount. Why did he do this? Because he’s a Zionist of course and was attempting to garner sympathy for Israel and project them as the ‘great ally’ of the United States who are now ‘partners’ in this global fight against “terrorism”.

Frum was the man behind the “Axis Of Evil” label.

He also co-authored a book with Zionist warmonger Richard Perle, entitled An End To Evil: How To Win The War On Terror, which was about the “Global War On Terror”; it defended the illegal and fraudulent invasion of Iraq — as well as called for regime change in Iran & Syria among other hideous things.

Mohammed Atta Leads Us Directly To Jewish Crime Network Doorstep
Less than one week before 9/11 several of the hijacker ‘patsies’, including Atta, boarded a Sun Cruz Casino Boat in Florida. Nobody knows why, and it has never been investigated.

Who owned these casino boats?
Jack Abramoff- This Zionist Jewish criminal asset was the one who entertained the Arab patsies aboard his yacht. Abramoff is a Bush Admin insider having been on the Transition Advisory Team assigned to the Department of the Interior in 2001.
Abramoff is a convicted criminal lobbyist who is a central figure in a plethora of political scandals, fraud, and other scams. He is currently serving a five year prison term for fraud, conspiracy, and tax evasion.
He also had foreknowledge of the Zionist engineered War In Iraq.

Al Qaida = Mossad Playing Dress Up
Firstly the well known translation of ‘Al-Qaeda’ is ‘The Base,’ which is actually not the the only translation of the ominous term. Al-Qaeda also translates to ‘The Toilet.’ The Arabic word ‘Qa’ada’ means ‘to sit’ {on the toilet bowl}. Arab homes have three kinds of toilets: ‘Hamam Franji’ or ‘Al-Qaeda’ or foreign toilet, ‘Hamam Arabi’ or Arab toilet, and a potty used for children called ‘Ma Qa’adia’ or ‘Little Qaeda.’ ‘Ana raicha Al Qaeda’ is a colloquial expression for ‘I’m going to the toilet.’ Why would a terrorist group call itself ‘The Toilet’? Al-Qaeda is
Zionist fiction.

Adam Yahiye Gadahn also known as Azzam the American is the so called Al Qaida spokesperson who releases videos tormenting the world with his anti-American rants. The FBI even have him on their most wanted terrorists list.

It turns out he is a Jew named Adam Pearlman, from California. Adam’s grandfather, Carl Pearlman, was a prominent surgeon and on the Board of Directors of the Anti-Defamation League! This is a script fit for a Hollywood movie. Spielberg to direct?

YouTube Preview Image

Ziad Jarrah the Duped Lebanese Mossad Stooge
Still image from “laughing hijackers” video showing Ziad Jarrah(left), and Mohammed Atta(right), allegedly making their martyrdom video just before 9/11, all the while laughing hysterically about it!
Ziad Jarrah’s cousin, Ali Al Jarrah , was recently discovered by Lebanese authorities of being a Spy for Israel for 25 years!!

Netanyahu Openly Gleeful of 9/11 Terror Attacks
Apparently Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is so confident in Zionist control and domination that he haphazardly stated publicly that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were “good” for U.S.- Israeli relations, and would generate “immediate sympathy” for the Israeli cause of ethnically cleansing the Palestinians.

The Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv reported that Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu told an audience at Bar Ilan:
“We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq,” Ma’ariv quoted the former prime minister as saying. He reportedly added that these events “swung American public opinion in our favor.”

Of course Netanyahu’s nonchalantness about publicly making such controversial statements is not that surprising considering how much control Zionist Jews have over the American media. The aftermath of 9/11 saw the Zionist-media unveil a relentless demonization campaign against Arabs stereotyping them all as a bunch of fanatical plotting terrorists — a cause for celebration for Netanyahu and his criminal brethren who routinely look for any excuse to slaughter innocent Palestinians at a whim while confiscating their land in the process.

Likely Architect of 9/11
Netanyahu is considered by many to be the architect of the 9/11, directing the Mossad/Shin Bet. He was Israeli PM at the time and has a long history of involvement in Israeli terrorism and politics. He’s been a prominent member of the Likud Government since 1993. The Likud Party is the literal successor of the Jewish terrorist organization known as the Irgun. He was the prime minister to whom the ACB Doc was presented. Netanyahu wrote a book in the early 80′s called Terrorism: How the West Can Win (pictured right). He founded the Jonathan Institute in the late 1970′s to study (and plan) terrorism. Egyptian Intellectual, Hassan Al Bana, has stated publicly that he thinks Netanyahu planned 9/11 with the Jews at the Jonathan Institute. Al Bana cites a book written by Netanyahu called Uprooting Terrorism which speaks of plans to attack the U.N., and the World Trade Center with small nuclear bombs.

To read the rest of this section go HERE

Connected Events Lead to Israel

Sears Tower Incident
On October 16, 2001 a group of Israelis were arrested in rural Pennsylvania for suspicious behavior behind a Pizzeria Uno. The manager of the store informed authorities of two middle eastern looking men dumping furniture out of a tractor-trailor with “Moving Systems Incorporated” sign on the side, behind his restaurant.

Police found the van and confronted its occupant who identified himself as Ron Katar, an Israeli. Katar pointed across the street to his compatriot named Mosche Almakias who was approaching the detained van with a female named Ayelet Reisler. Reisler suspiciously began to walk in a different direction once she spotted the police officer. She was found to have a German passport in one name and medication in another.

Elmakias admitted being behind the Pizzeria and said his destination was New York, but he had to make a pickup in Plymouth. However, the clever cover story began to fall apart as he could not provide a name or number of this client.

The police searched the van and discovered a Sony video camera containing a video taken of Chicago with several suspicious zoom-in shots of the Sears tower. Clearly these Mossad assets were planning some sort of false flag attack.These Israelis were eventually taken in by the INS and it was never heard about again.

An important sidenote is that the Sears tower was bought by two Jews and one Gentile — Lloyd Goldman, Joseph Cayre, and Jeffrey Feil in 2004. These men belong to the same group that backed Larry Silverstein’s lease of the WTC complex giving Larry $125 million to do the deal.It seems that these criminal Jewish assets are all in on the same false flag terror / real-estate insurance scams together.

Psychotic Israelis Get Sloppy In Mexico City
As reported by La Vox De Atzlan, two men posing as press photographers, but in reality being Israeli Mossad agents, were arrested INSIDE the Mexican congress on October 10, 2001 armed with 9mm pistols, 9 grenades, explosives, three detonators, and 58 bullets, but were RELEASED from cusoty because of pressure from the Israeli embassy.
“We believe that the two Zionists terrorist were going to blow up the Mexican Congress. The second phase was to mobilize both the Mexican and US press to blame Osama bin Laden. Most likely then Mexico would declare war on Afghanistan as well, commit troops and all the oil it could spare to combat Islamic terrorism.”

The Jewish terrorists names were Salvador Guersson Smecke(retired Israeli I.D.F. colonel), age 34, and Saur Ben Zvi, age 27.

These terrorists were released because of a very high level emergency meetings took place between Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations Jorge Gutman, General Macedo de la Concha and a top Ariel Sharon envoy who flew to Mexico City specially for that purpose. Jorge Gutman is of the Jewish decesnt.

Israelis, Vans, Explosives… At It Again
On Monday May 13, 2002, Fox News reported that two Israeli nationals in a white van were pulled over in Oak Harbour, Washington, near the Whidbey Island Naval Air Station with explosives in their truck.

Federal Authorities brought in bomb sniffing dogs which reacted first on one of the Israelis and later on the van. High tech equipment was later used and confirmed the prescence of TNT and RDX plastic explosive. The Israelis claimed to be delivering furniture to California but investigators doubted the story. Authorities say records for the Budget truck do not indicate any recent rental for the purposes of transporting explosives, which would require special permits; thus proving these explosives were illegal and obviously intended to be used for malicious purposes.

The Fox News article makes no mention to what became of these two Israeli terrorists which pretty much means they were quietly released.

To read this section in full go HERE

Quotes From Prominent People

Former Italian President agrees, says Mossad did 9/11
Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, has told Italy’s oldest and most widely read newspaper that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the Mossad, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies. In what translates awkwardly into English, Cossiga told the newspaper Corriere della Sera:

“All the [intelligence services] of America and Europe know well that the disastrous attack has been planned and realized from the Mossad, with the aid of the Zionist world in order to put under accusation the Arabic countries and in order to induce the western powers to take part in Iraq [and] Afghanistan.”

Former Pakistani ISI Director Says it was Mossad
In an interview only a mere weeks after 9/11, Hamid Gul — former head of Pakistani intelligence (ISI) from 1987-1989 — tells Arnaud de Borchgrave, United Press International of who he thinks was behind the attacks. Here are a few exceprts from the transcript which can be read in full here:

De Borchgrave: So who did Black Sept. 11?

Gul: Mossad and its accomplices.The U.S. spends $40 billion a year on its 11 intelligence agencies. That’s $400 billion in 10 years. Yet the Bush Administration says it was taken by surprise. I don’t believe it. Within 10 minutes of the second twin tower being hit in the World Trade Center CNN said Osama bin Laden had done it. That was a planned piece of disinformation by the real perpetrators. It created an instant mindset and put public opinion into a trance, which prevented even intelligent people from thinking for themselves.

For the full section go HERE

After reading this webpage most people who are familiar with 9/11 conspiracy information will without a doubt have a knee-jerk reaction and consider this piece to be very biased. Why do I focus on the Israeli angle and the Jewish conspirators? Well… why do most 9/11 “truthers” avoid that angle and refuse to talk about it? Am I denying that the CIA or MI6 was also involved in the attacks? No, certainly not. It is my opinion that Israel and its agents in the U.S. Government played the biggest role in the attacks and had the most to gain from them; therefore, I focus more on the Israeli/Jewish/Zionist connection, while others will focus more on CIA or MI6 connection. There are plenty of websites, documentaries, and articles that go on and on about “Bush & Cheney, U.S. Gov’t, etc, etc” but nobody seems to want to acknowledge the rock solid evidence proving 9/11 was most likely done by the Israeli Mossad in conjunction with the plethora of Zionist American Jews whose duplicitous role in the attacks has been thoroughly documented. It is up to you to decide whether this information is valid or not, and whether you want to believe it. If you are about the truth then you would have no problem accepting this information. Picking and choosing what you want to believe is not what truth is about. You should always follow the trail of truth wherever it leads!

Truth, wherever it takes me.

In Your Service,

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  1. William July 5, 2010 at 2:14 am - Reply

    Hmm definitely makes you think. I don’t know who was really behind it but you made a strong case

  2. william f mcdonagh 3 June 16, 2010 at 6:24 am - Reply

    there is plenty of circumstantial evidence out there to paint a larger picture,everything you see on fox news is israeli war propaganda start your conspiracy with the fact no news channels will attack jews in any way must be first cleared with zionist handlers.look at the meetings prior to 9-11 general ahmedd porter goss george tenet,nsa building evacuated on 9-11,patsy hijackers stayed down the street from nsa headquarters,19th hijacker password nicholos bergs computer university oklahoma,mossad in neighborhoods where anthrax was mailed letters to the press post office affects everyone mailed to school children to make us really hate arabs for maximum affect on americans,anti war supposed zionists feinstein against war in public war profiteer in private chi com invasion california her husband caught with ship full of ak ammo after she just banned semi auto rifles her ties to three gorges dam, leahy law cutting off aid to israel,tom daschle against first gulf war mossad classic deception death to america death to israel must have been arabs right, no wrong.look on condi rices face when paki reporter asked her if the general ahmedd met with her while he was in washington, along with ben ladens family in town.look at who got the contract to rebuild kobar towers ben laden construction company,look at how jimmy carters administration created the taliban,look at the konduz airlift to shuttle high level fighters out of afghanistan todays news they just found a trillion and some change in oil gas mineral reserves in afghanistan,look at how heroin production has skyrocketed in production,karzis brother kingpin heroin dealer arming insurgents in kandahar,look at cias connection to gulbbin hemektyar first world trade center bombing cia al farouq mosque brookyln cia running coke from colombia noriega look at the gulf of tonkin incident or the lie that they thought it was a group of b 52s from the mainland flying into pearl harbor look at the fake radar blips phantom planes faa radar 9-11 bibi saying the attacks were good for israel look how the israelis lie and murder palestinians on a daily basis lebanon gaza massacres days after christmas in between the changing of our presidents our government has had a hand in the attack on the temple mount by sharon and the church of the nativity seige war crimes under international law laws of war stock market crash the big heist anne frank diary a hoax look at how attah was hanging out with a hooker doing drugs drinking the saudis and the pakis are our allies just like israel the worst of everything and the british are our allies kiss my irish american ass.bob graham met with ahmed gul hes on 9-11 panel to investigate foreknowledge of attack henery kissinger appointed to lead followed by zeilkows new pearl harbor condi lied when she said they could never imagine planes flown into buildings go watch the beginning of the movie escape from new york air force one flying into trade towers look at the political insiders of the israeli first crowd com on people the list goes on and on are we really going go there fellow americans over a jewish minority that makes up two percent of the population but controls 100 percent of the government look at noam chomskys quote saying the jews were not happy with controlling 99 percent of america they needed 100 percent total control how many of you know that both adolf shicklegruber and joseph son of a jewison stalinsky ask the ukrainians one of the 30 million old joseph starved and shot to death look at stalins main henchman were both jews look at josephs boyhood pictures looks just like half of the russian jews in my neighborhood go back and look at waco to see the first shots being fired in a christian zionist american civil war number 2 aggressor justifiable self defense also known as freedom from tyranny i think we are worse off than the palestinians you just dont know it yet almost forgot the warning willie brown got not to fly that day along with pentagon officials cancelling scheduled flights for security threat reasons,insider trading stocks airlines look at how the media lied throught their teeth in regards to the freedom flotilla massacre coverage or the mossad assasinations in dubai hillary the war mongering zionist puppet iraq was a war for israel you guys dont fool me im still a free man it might take a while but i can already see the light of israel extinguished can you see it fading too?bcause the day israel goes away so does americas state within a state of zionist traitors what do the zionist say today iraq tommorrow iran the day after gaza the day after that lebanon then on to syria like i told hamas better dig your trenches deep. truth and rebellion from talmudistan,california also look at operation northwoods or the lavon affair the palestinian state exists just like the catholic church and a free irish republic founded on the blood of martyrs america is worth fighting for libertad americana its not to late to fight back hold the line then attack 1776\2010

    • Joe Smith August 8, 2010 at 11:32 am - Reply

      Have you ever heard of punctuation? You know, periods, sentences, paragraphs or maybe capitalization! Ever think of your readers when you run on for pages with no start or stop indicators? Grow up!

  3. Chris June 3, 2010 at 8:20 pm - Reply

    We are beyond conspiracy now, Zionists have a keen way of getting control of the power of our world players-obviously, we saw that with the recent attack on the aid ship to Gaza. UN and America will sweep it under the rug for sure as they have been doing- I see the power and wealth of Israel but such a vicious conspiracy is a mind blower, if the money power trail of such a great conspiracy is possible to create and keep secret by all of the most powerful people within a “NWO” that is preparing to control Europe And America and further Africa through or by way of Obama, and Asia through China and have a Zionist Fascist state do its dirty work for it-with such secrecy- then what will the little people who believe this concept and want to change it w/pea shooters do against a giant of this kind that owns the world and all its information networks? If God is Great then why must we see such evil rule this world and such good be stomped out? Why Obama gets a peace prize? And the little girl walking to school in the west bank gets her face blown off? Why Kissinger that fat ugly pig is in the news made up like some hero my whole lifetime and I am 42, so he lives on looking like a glorified potatohead with stolen chineese organs and John Lennon gets his life taken away for promoting love and peace. Where are we heading? Over and over I see this and have watched it and I see how stupid the public is to fall for it all. If you don’t believe it then keep hiding from the truth. The truth is- the Dick Cheneys of the world are not the folks who get waxed. It is the folks who stick their nose to far into the curtains that are closed for certain reasons that do. These people on all sides- how they play god and take peoples lives away from them in the name of a greedy agenda that supports a fascist proud attitude of self rightous superiority regarding their opinion of the fellow man. I think we need a big world 2012 disaster because man cannot fix it now- perhaps the rain and the waves and the hot molten earth and heavy wind will be the God that el nino could only dream of being. Enjoy your life and families every day and try to stop supporting anything made by those who destroy and rape the earth. If we all try this and hit them best where they hurt in the pocket book- at least it is something we little folks can do against them…I believe we are creating our good God together and the awakening to that is happening now much thanks to the open internet and talks like these.

  4. DieHard911 June 3, 2010 at 5:00 pm - Reply

    Nice job. Nice article.

    Of course, the 9/11 was done by the Mossad. However, the Mossad was not its mastermind. It was merely a tool in the hands of real 9/11 planners. The mastermind of the 9/11 attack was the Freemasonic Order. Don’t even doubt it. It is not the small stupid Mossad who wants to enslave humanity on this Planet. It is the big clever Freemasonic sect with its neo-Egyptian slavery agenda (see the Egyptian pyramid with an eye of Satan depicted on their 1 dollar bill for your reference). The dirty Jews in general and the dirty Mossad in particular are only tools in the ‘clean’ hands of the allegedly ‘philanthropic’ Freemasons.

    Regarding the WTC nuclear demolition mentioned by someone – yes, it is 100% true. Watch a video presentation by Dimitri Khalezov that was recently prohibited on YouTube. Google for 911thology or for Dimitri Khalezov video. Perhaps, you could still find contemporary download links for this unprecedented video here:

    • WELLHECK March 19, 2011 at 6:28 pm - Reply

      Take a US $1 dollar bill out of your pocket and look on the back. Hey LOOK! It’s a STAR OF DAVID ABOVE THE EAGLE! Geez, I wonder if that’s suspected to mean sumpthin’? Nahh, probably just being paranoid again… If it DID mean something then whatever it is, IT’S BEEN GOING ON SINCE LONG BEFORE 911.

      On a different note…

      I’m going to college so that I can find a job, any job. The U.S. is in a DEPRESSION after these Zionist butt plugs destroyed our economy. EVERY SINGLE CLASS revolves around RACISM and WHITE GUILT. EVERY SINGLE ONE. No one seems to notice but me. The Jews are committing cultural genocide on anyone who has light colored skin. Their fearless leaders have stated it many times. “When the white race is destroyed, we will have our 1000 year reign of peace”.

      I used to think that these “evil geniuses” knew exactly what they were doing. That their evil was all “part of the plan”. My last question was “is it all part of the plan or are these people insane”?

      Seeing how they’ve allowed the oceans to be polluted with mercury. How they have decided to start building MORE nuclear reactors. Turned the entire world into a big ghetto. Encouraged over population of the DUMBEST and FILTHIEST people on the planet so that they can control them…

      I have discovered that these “people” are completely mad. Stark Raving FUCKING insane.

      We could be living in a pretty decent world. Instead, These animals dumb the world down and then encourage people to shit EVERYWHERE… so that they can sell everyone a shovel…

      I still just can’t figure out if I’d rather be standing in piles of everyone’s shit, shoveling it up for the rest of my life or,

      be standing on their side of the line with the cart full of shovels.

      I hate this planet.

    • pookie boy November 27, 2011 at 1:25 am - Reply

      shut up liar.

      100% Israel. Freemason, illumanti etc.. are all just covers for them

      we are not falling for it anymore

  5. Syed Shah May 30, 2010 at 1:01 pm - Reply

    Please for God’s sake stop this conspiracy theory business. It helps no one least of all us. It drives you away from the real facts. It leads you into incorrect directions till you get lost and come to false conclusions.

    Conspiracy theories are like crutches. You use them when you are lame, when you can’t walk. Similarly when your information fails you, reasoning fails you and analysis fails you, you resort to conspiracy theories.

    Some body in West plants a theory that appeals to you and you latch on to it. In fact he or she is fooling you. For example the theory that 4,400 Jews had prior information of 9/11 and had debunked. It was just a figment of imagination. I for one know how many Jews died there and how many Pakistanis and Muslims escaped.

    The idea was planted by some one in France. When it comes to something we want to hear we immediately accept and even quote the guy. They have a good laugh at us. None of us takes the pains to do real research and come up with facts. I can give you at least two examples of my relatives, Muslims who survived and give you cases of many many Jews who died. This example alone is enough to convince you that we love conspiracy theories based on imagination.

    Similarly there are so many things. Like my driver in Pakistan came and told me that America had invaded and that black President if he gets elected will attack the same moment. With great difficulty I was able to explain that he said something else and the TV and Urdu press in media had completely misunderstood, misinterpreted and propagated. It only hurts us. No one else.

    So my appeal to please please refrain from unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. We only please ourselves. Authorities that matter are doing what they have to and we continue to be the loosers. There is something that can be done and we must focus on that.

    For a starter identify the problems so we can have solutions. Rest later Inshallah.

  6. Pete Starr May 28, 2010 at 1:22 am - Reply

    The one thing not picked up by any of you people is the fact that so much of the demolition of the twin towers was so well documented by so many cameras,video units,etc.
    A plane just appears from nowhere and all media is ready to capture it all on video.It is too much of a coincidence and all media was on ‘stand-by’.Footage captured was incredible.They just happened to have their video equipment and cameras at the ready.I am not convinced in the slightest.
    There is certainly more to this than we will ever know or will ever be revealed or at least not in our lifetime.

    Best wishes to you all

  7. mike May 26, 2010 at 4:21 pm - Reply

    “what I suggest is that he landed the plane at Stewart Airport and it was swapped for a remote control drone. Stewart Airport was the “privatized” airport where the flightpaths of the alleged planes that hit the twin towers, oddly converged over.”

    My response to this is
    I was working on a roof in Saugerties, NY when the plane flew over very low. Not the same flight path that is used by the planes that land at Stewart. Followed by a military helicopter very shortly after that. I thought that they were going to land at Stewart. just about 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour later we heard about WTC first plane hitting. I thought that it was weird at the time and still do

  8. taygeta2040 May 18, 2010 at 5:47 am - Reply

    if the nuke theory has any credability is it possible the ufo activity was there to neutralize the threat?

  9. manoliu valentin May 14, 2010 at 6:02 pm - Reply

    1989 ROMANIAN REVOLUTION Zionist bluff I

    Shareholders of the IMF and the U.S. Congress in 1989 that attacked Romania to pay debts to the IMF and the World Bank and IMF shareholders could not sell their BREAD: Dollars and Euro in Romania and 20 years of IMF economic controls, political and Romania military.


    IMF ordered NATO members to open negotiations with the Warsaw Treaty Organization on confidence and security building measures for pluralism and dismantling in Eastern Europe, because the IMF can control the military, and economic sphere and Eastern European states.

  10. Sumerian God King 2012 May 12, 2010 at 2:00 pm - Reply

    Here is the interesting thing. All the major players and stooges in the Bush Admin could admit on National Tv that this is all actually true yet most will still not believe it.


    There are 23 chromosomes from the father and 23 chromosomes from the mother.
    In the last days they will love the lie more than the truth

    1 But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. 2 For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, 4 treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these. 6 For among them are those who enter into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses, 7 always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. 8 Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these men also oppose the truth, men of depraved mind, rejected in regard to the faith. 9 But they will not make further progress; for their folly will be obvious to all, just as Jannes’s and Jambres’s folly was also.
    10 Now you followed my teaching, conduct, purpose, faith, patience, love, perseverance, 11 persecutions, and sufferings, such as happened to me at Antioch, at Iconium and at Lystra; what persecutions I endured, and out of them all the Lord rescued me! 12 Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted. 13 But evil men and impostors will proceed from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived.

    Oh by the way…This christ jesus everyone hates so much and denies is real is much much more powerful than even the chrisitians proclaim him to be

  11. SPOOKYTOOTH May 7, 2010 at 6:29 pm - Reply

    Congratulations! You’ve done a FINE job here! Just what the doctor ordered; or is that: PUPPET MASTERS…!!? United Brothers STAND; DIVIDED we fall! Did you folks ever wonder just HOW the world COULD come under one single government…??? It could not happen if nations United under a common cause and philosophy were able to stand together in opposition to it…. So how does a One World Order ensure success of its agenda? It BREAKS APART BLOCS and CASTS ASUNDER unities, TEARS APART ALLIANCES and RIPS OPEN FISSURES so that no TWO nations can stand together. Does it do so in the open for everyone to see, or does it do so quietly behind the scenes; planting a seed here and a seed there; seeds of mis-information just waiting for the unsuspecting of mind to happen upon them, feed and water them and marvel at the wonder they have uncovered ….. did you even BOTHER to check and counter check your information? If you had you would have found common threads linking all back to a common denominator having a common agenda. So I ask YOU this question; do you wish to remain puppets on a string or seek the truth…. the CHOICE is YOURS.

  12. Rod Bleckstyne May 6, 2010 at 12:48 am - Reply

    It Goes Nowhere!

    So Israel did 911 – and just who is going to do anything about it? Certainly not the US Govt,which was actually aiding & abeting Israel in instigating 911! The stark reality is that all the truth and evidence in the world will have no impact in Washington because there’s simply no profit(s) in “prosecuting” themselves!!!

  13. Joe L'Amarca May 2, 2010 at 7:15 am - Reply

    Mother nature shaped the Universe and Mother nature can also reshape it .
    But humanity should work to produce for our needs not bombs , greed , and bullshit counterfit money .
    We should circulate a petetion to give the politations a death penalty everytime that they lie ,steal , or comitt fraud , on the public , I bet we would run out trouble immidiatley .

  14. ProRat_911 May 1, 2010 at 9:26 am - Reply

    Bible? they killed 3000 American and you’re talking about Bible??? Palestinian have been against them for a hundred year and STILL didn’t fall!! what are you talking about!! dayum!! they are not GOD’s chosen people, its a myth! they named them selves that because god sent them the most of prophets and they killed them all!! would god choose such people? they’re going to destroy our country for godsake, don’t give me crap about anti-Semite!! who cares!! if they’re behind 9/11 we should attack them PERIOD

  15. Emily Windsor-Cragg April 29, 2010 at 11:51 pm - Reply

    I didn’t write this page; a Jewish man did. And he had connected ALL THE DOTS.

  16. Mihail April 28, 2010 at 2:23 pm - Reply

    Question from the gathering: Rabbi Rabinovich, what about the various religions after the Third World War?


    Not only would the existence of a priest class remain a constant danger to our rule, but belief in an after-life would give spiritual strength to irreconcilable elements in many countries, and enable them to resist us.

    We will, however, retain the rituals and customs of Judaism as the mark of our hereditary ruling caste, strengthening our racial laws so that no Jew will be allowed to marry outside our race, nor will any stranger be accepted by us.

    (Note: Protocol of Zion No. 17 para. 2, states: ‘Now that freedom of conscience has been declared everywhere (as a result of their efforts they have previously stated) only years divide us from the moment of the complete wrecking of that [Hated] Christian Religion. As to other religions, we shall have still less difficulty with them.’)

    We may have to repeat the grim days of World War II, when we were forced to let the Hitlerite bandits sacrifice some of our people, in order that we may have adequate documentation and witnesses to legally justify our trial and execution of the leaders of America and Russia as war criminals, after we have dictated the peace.

    I am sure you will need little preparation for such a duty, for sacrifice has always been the watchword of our people, and the death of a few thousand lesser Jews in exchange for world leadership is indeed a small price to pay.

    To convince you of the certainty of that leadership, let me point out to you how we have turned all of the inventions of the White Man into weapons against him. His printing presses and Radios are the mouthpieces of our desires, and his heavy industry manufactures the instruments which he sends out to arm Asia and Africa against him.

    Our interests in Washington are greatly extending the Point Four Program (viz. Colombo Plan) for developing industry in backward areas of the world, so that after the industrial plants and cities of Europe and America are destroyed by atomic warfare, the Whites can offer no resistance against the large masses of the dark races, who will maintain an unchallenged technological superiority.

    And so, with the vision of world victory before you, go back to your countries and intensify your good work, until that approaching day when Israeli will reveal herself in all her glorious destiny as the Light of the World.” (Note: Every statement made by Rabinovich is based on agenda contained in the “Protocols of Zion.”)

    The Jewish Encyclopedia:

    “Khazars, a non-Semitic, Asiatic, Mongolian tribal nation who emigrated into Eastern Europe about the first century, who were converted as an entire nation to Judaism in the seventh century by the expanding Russian nation which absorbed the entire Khazar population, and who account for the presence in Eastern Europe of the great numbers of Yiddish-speaking Jews in Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Galatia, Besserabia and Rumania.

    Encyclopedia Britannica (15th edition):

    “Khazars, confederation of Turkic and Iranian tribes that established a major commercial empire in the second half of the 6th century, covering the southeastern section of modern European Russia… In the middle of the 8th century the ruling classes adopted Judaism as their religion.

    The Encyclopedia Judaica, Vol. 10, (1971) relates the following about the Khazars (Chazars):
    “Khazars, a national group of general Turkic type, independent and sovereign in Eastern Europe between the seventh and tenth centuries A.D. During part of this time the leading Khazars professed Judaism.”

    Academic American Encyclopedia, Deluxe Library Edition, Volume 12, page 66 states:

    “The Khazars, a Turkic people, created a commercial and political empire that dominated substantial parts of South Russia during much of the 7th through 10th centuries. during the 8th century the Khazar aristocracy and the Kagan (King) were converted to Judaism.

    Collier’ s Encyclopedia, Volume 14, page 65 states:

    “Khazars [kaza’rz], a semi-nomadic tribe of Turkish or Tatar origin who first appeared north of the Caucasus in the early part of the third century…in the Eighth Century Khaghan Bulan decided in favor of the Jews and accepted Judaism for himself and for his people.

    The Cadillac Modern Encyclopedia, page 822, states:

    “Khazars (khah’-zahrz), a S Russian people of Turkic origin, who at the height of their power (during the 8th-10th cent., A.D.) controlled an empire which included Crimea, and extended along the lower Volga, as far E as the Caspian Sea. The Khazar Royal Family and aristocracy converted to Judaism during the reign of King Bulan (768-809 A.D.) and Judaism was thereafter regarded as the State Religion.

    Arthur Koestler (The Thirteenth Tribe).

    Kevin Alan Brook (The Jews Of Khazaria).

    Adam Shear (The Kuzari And The Shaping Of Jewish Identity, 1167-1900).

    Shlomo Sand (The Invention of The Jewish People).

    BIBLE (REVELATION 2:9,3:9).

  17. Rev Reggie Jackson April 25, 2010 at 6:52 pm - Reply

    It is incredible that most of the American people can’t see that these evil International Bankers/Bilderbergers/Illuminati/Freemasonry devils are crashing the American economy so they can buy up everything for dimes on a dollar!! And when did they start bringing America down? On 911 when they obliterated and pulverized the twin towers to cause a wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to bankrupt America and the world.

    But don’t worry!! The Great God of Heaven will have them all in the great lake of fire and brimstone in the very near future. As they will be screaming in the greatest agonies imaginable in the very near future!!

  18. Rev Reggie Jackson April 25, 2010 at 5:06 pm - Reply

    Oh my how convincing these articles are to make us know that the International Bankers/Bilderbergers/Illuminati/Freemasonry branch of these Jewish Leadership did 911 so that they could not only make war with Iraq; but to also take over the whole world through deceptions and manipulation of the worlds leaders. As their motto is, “by deception shall we conquer.” And the world is now being forced economically to accept their coming mark of the beast chip regime that will enslave the whole world and make it their brainless and zombie beast chipped slaves!!

    And if you take their coming mark of the beast chip in your forehead or hand; you will forever be cursed by God in the great lake of fire and brimstone forever and ever; according to Revelation’s 14:9-11!!

    But don’t worry!! The Great God of Heaven will send His Son Jesus and Their mighty angels from heaven to wipe them all out in hours; because they would have killed most of Gods children who wouldn’t take their mark of the beast chip in their forehead or hand. And after God plague them for 42 months of hell on the Earth; then Jesus and His angels will defeat them and have them all in the great lake of fire and brimstone very soon!!

  19. Dawud Assad April 25, 2010 at 11:15 am - Reply

    Common sense tells you it is impossible that the fuel of the planes that hit the tower will melt all that steel! There must be explosions put at the main foundation of the Towers and that caused the towers t0o fall. Who did that, only Almighty God knows. Sooner and later the truth will appear and those conspirators will be identified.
    Look what happened to those fabrication and lies that said about Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)? Up to this minute there were no traces to this big lie which caused an attack on Iraq (Iraq did not kill one American) and look at the thousands of innocent people who were killed because of this fabrication of these unwmdtrue statements that we heard about WMD.
    Look what is going in Afganistan, Look at the lies they are spreading about Iran pertaining to its peaceful nuclear reactors to justify an attack on another peaceful Muslim country and god knows what is the next Muslim country they will pick on. Why is it so difficult for the West to understand that if here is NO JUSTICE THERE WILL BE NO PEACE. And that what they call War Against Terrorism is also fabricated and lies! If all that money that the West spent fighting Terrorism is spent on peaceful ways to give justice then there will not be terrorism as those who allegedly called terrorists will vanish once anf for all.
    I hope and pray that there will be a band of people who dare to speak the truth and be able to convince the powers to be to stop this infamous attacks on innocent people and preach for Peace all over the world

  20. James April 23, 2010 at 6:28 pm - Reply

    I suggest everyone who reads this prints it out and leaves copies of it in public places. Yet another way to spread the word that the zionist controlled media can’t censor.

  21. JJ April 20, 2010 at 2:01 am - Reply

    steven mcmillen permalink
    all i have to say is that were supposed to back israel up at any cost is says in the bible that there gods chosen people and i believe it says any country that goes against them will fall

    And the chosen people you speak of who were given the land are the Israeli leaders of Biblical times….not the evil Israeli, Zionists of the modern day Israel.

  22. Vee April 19, 2010 at 9:21 am - Reply

    I don’t know about the rest that has been written on this page, Your wrong on who did 9/11. Dick Cheney and George Bush are the ones that did 9/11, to their own country, and should be in prison.

  23. joseph April 16, 2010 at 4:55 am - Reply


  24. Abdallah Jan April 15, 2010 at 4:43 pm - Reply

    jayawardena is a R A W poodle that hates Sri Lanka and Muslims. If not then he must be a very stupid and unlearned man/woman. Is there any doubt, when one worship the monkey or cow or snake or phallus or millions of their manufactured gods in violation of their own Vedas and Puranas, to be intelligent.

    He is of those who thinks, that KSM was so smart that he out witted, Mossad, MI5, CIA, NORAD and the Mutiple Billion Dollars of American Intelligence and air cover single handedly and was able to plant Nano Thermite in 3 Towers and trained the Arabs that could not even fly Sessena to menu-ere the impossible flying feat, that the most experienced pilot can not comprehend.
    And some how he was able to issue stand down orders to US Airforce. Hmmm…If they were so advanced, how come they could not protect Afghanistan?

    Take a dip in your filthy mother Ganga,,,,,,jayawardena, hope the filth of Ganga eats your filthy body.

  25. jayawardena April 15, 2010 at 1:48 pm - Reply

    all these rubbish manufactured in a angoda pissan kotuwa (angoda mental hospital) – a mental Hospital in sri lanka!!!!

  26. Veritas April 15, 2010 at 11:32 am - Reply

    No hijackers. No planes. No bullshit!
    JASSM missile hits prepare sites for controlled demolitions.
    “Planes” are continuously reinforced using only 5 live-to-air CGI rendered cartoons
    which are susequently re-rendered into more “amateur” TV fakery.
    But they screwed up bad.
    In one laughable blooper, the plane-overlay calibrating helicopter drifts to the right as the poorly rendered “plane” graphic is released and flies straight THROUGH to the other side,
    emerging from one of the biggest buildings on earth with the nose cone intact!
    Immediately the controllers embarrassingly fade the joke image to BLACK…
    See for yourself…


    Compelling watching to say the least.

  27. mark elliot April 13, 2010 at 4:17 pm - Reply

    what are you kidding me

  28. Faisal Farooq April 12, 2010 at 6:57 am - Reply

    9/11 is plotted against religious and devoted Muslims, Christens and Jews people by irreligious and materialist organizations. It is time for unity among devoted Muslims, Christens and Jews believers.

    Only Love Can Defeat Terrorism.

  29. Ginger Hossain April 12, 2010 at 2:07 am - Reply

    I see OBAMA is at work again…………

    This kind of CONTRIVED media against Israel and even our own US government has been RAMPANT since OBAMA became president.

    He is the FIRST president EVER, in the history of the US, to openly NOT support Israel (and infact to be FLAGRANTLY AGAINST Israel). And, Obama would love NOTHING better than to be the president (the person period) to finally ESTABLISH one-world government.

    Our president is a KNOWN associate of terrorists. He even LIVED with KNOWN terrorists for YEARS, while preparing for the candidacy of the president of the US. And, he has OPENLY Verbally and Monetarily made his support of the ACORN terrorist organization KNOWN without shame.

    For the record, I believe that EVERY bit of this SO-CALLED evidence is simply more of OBAMA’s Media Hounds’ Creations, to come AGAINST ISRAEL, and to further FOSTER the Warm FUZZIES toward the concept of One-World government, since the US is so obviously flawed.

    Well, I will take a flawed and imperfect US government over a one-world government ANY day. I LOVE America and I still believe that we are the BEST and Most FREE country in the WORLD. And, I am NOT comfortable with being the nation that opposes ISRAEL. God will BLESS those that BLESS ISRAEL, and HE will CURSE those that CURSE ISRAEL.

    We as a nation, need to be PRAYING for those in authority over us to make GOOD, WISE and GOD-Led Decisions, Policies, Laws, etc, that it may be WELL with us. Because, except for the intervention of GOD Himself; we are going to be the generation to see, not only the beginning of the end (that we’ve been seeing for a LONG time now), but we will see the END fulfilled, as told to us in the Bible.

    And yet, God’s WILL be done, not mine, or anyone else’s! Because GOD tells us in the Bible, that some things (no matter how heinous) must happen, in order that His Word would come to pass, and that the END would come. But, He also told us in that same scripture, “WOE be unto the man (or people [plural]) by which these heinous things come to pass”.

    Judgement belongs to GOD alone. And, HE ALONE KNOWS who actually did the Heinous Deeds of 9/11 (who was pulling the puppet strings BEHIND the scenes). And, His judgement will be swift and known.

    Ginger Hossain

  30. Lisa April 11, 2010 at 6:09 am - Reply

    Your blog has been one of my favorites of all time. … Thanks for writing such a great blog. I always enjoyed reading it,

  31. max April 10, 2010 at 5:12 am - Reply

    good expose, except you left out the main issue, and a whole lot more crimes, and culpability, towers were demolished by nukes, there was one plane , .. look this is what happened,….war games global guardian, and vigilant something……..this took care of norad faa radar military confusion, delay, one of the planes for global guardian was substituted with a drone, with a 150 kiloton nuke on board, stolen by the zionist from the sunk kursk, lasered guided into wtt, nuke set to detonate in 1 hour, kill over 6 million new yorkers, clock ticking, another susbstituted drone plane flies over pentagon real low, timed with missile launch armed with 150 kilo ton nuke war head from israeli sub, missile penetrates the walls comes to rest, does not detonate, hauled away quietly on blue tarp, blamed on plane as coverup,hijacked plane with nuke shot down, heading towards capitol,in shanksville the coverup is played we have two nukes sitting wtt 1 and 2 clocks ticking, all nukes used were stolen by the zionist from the kursk, one at pentagon didn,t detonate, will the ones at wtt1 and 2 tough call, descision made to sacrifice some lives by activating the nuke demolition scheme the world trade towers had to have in place by law to build them, only new york and chicago have this pre demo scheme law in place. only small yields nukes will bring building the size of wtt12and the sears tower in chicagothank god they did,it was decided to sacrifice the lives in the complex, to save up to 6 to7 million new yorkers.

  32. steven mcmillen April 9, 2010 at 4:53 pm - Reply

    all i have to say is that were supposed to back israel up at any cost is says in the bible that there gods chosen people and i believe it says any country that goes against them will fall

    • Josh, Gasland, USA August 7, 2010 at 10:10 pm - Reply

      Some Jew probably wrote that.

    • william August 9, 2010 at 3:26 am - Reply

      wow steven, you are one sick piece of fake humanity. back up murderous thugs at any cost? wtf. that isnt the god or creator that i worship. incredible. do you have any cognitive thinking ability at all??????

    • j r August 9, 2010 at 7:53 pm - Reply

      I assume you live in Israel or are moving there soon to back them up.

  33. Dr Goldstein April 8, 2010 at 10:57 am - Reply

    But what can Joe Average do? Speak the truth and hope somebody listens? Boycott Israel? People like me and you are really just informed observers.

    The sad truth: Most dumb-ass American sheeple don’t want to hear about Israel and the hard facts they call “conspiracy theories.” They are brainwashed by the Jewish owned mass media. They don’t care that America is run by Israeli-American dual citizens like Bernanke, Chertoff, Emanuel, Greenspan, etc, etc.

    The American Govt is mostly owned and blackmailed by Israel. They visit Israel once or twice a year, and it’s all about sex with flirty Mossad hookers, and/or little boys – all secretly videotaped of course. Once they are owned and blackmailed they just keep going “back home” (as Biden calls it) to Israel for more sin, sickness, and depravity.

  34. geo bro April 7, 2010 at 9:53 pm - Reply

    guess u did not hear about george bushes mickey mouse watch (americas 5 hours behind uk time ) but event was heard first at 9.30 am gmt funny one that eh conspiricy well maybe

  35. ww April 7, 2010 at 2:38 pm - Reply

    “Five Dancing Israelis

    Of the 90 or so detained Israelis there was a group of five Israelis, now widely known as the “dancing Israelis“, who were spotted in multiple locations filming, and celebrating the attacks.”

    Even more importantly – According to FOX News, the NY Times, and AP, they had their video equipment set up BEFORE the attacks started! Where is the video that they took? How did their commentary go? It should be the best documentation we have of the event. Where is it? What did the Israeli spy Michael Chertoff do with it?

    These five were held in the federal detention facility in Manhattan for almost three months. They claim they were tortured there. Where are the records of their interrogations?

    Note that they were then sent, not to their concentration camp in occupied Cuba, but back to Israel first class.

    Important link. Save it! -

    Fox News Sep. 14, 2001:

    “The New York Times reported Thursday that a group of five men had set up video cameras aimed at the Twin Towers prior to the attack on Tuesday, and were seen congratulating one another afterwards.

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.”,2933,34250,00.html

  36. ww April 7, 2010 at 2:27 pm - Reply

    Great work!!! I have been telling people that 911 was made in Israel and Washington DC since day one.

  37. fantum April 6, 2010 at 1:07 pm - Reply

    notsurprised totally at the least. Knew at first site. Dumb goats going to the slader 24/7. Israel will become a proverb and a by word because they refuse to hear TRUTH. Will believe a lie and be dammed to hell. MONEY,MONEY,MONEY is the ROOT of ALL evil, so Doctor Evil performs with expertise. Very sad, but Don’t worry, Be Happy! Walks like a duck, smells like a duck, tastes like a duck, looks like a duck,reakon it is a Donkey, jest don’t tell. Eyes Wide Shut!

  38. molecule April 4, 2010 at 8:36 pm - Reply

    A lot of people are missing the point here … Once Israel has completed its assigned task in the agenda of Rothschild’s NWO lunatics, its continued existence will mean absolutely nothing to its top-down supporters and the low-level scumsuckers like Bibi, Areal, Bush, Obama, Emanuel, et al. Isreal itself was created as a sock puppet of the US Pentagon 4-Star A-Ringers. Forget about the clueless Colonels on the periphery. Like Marxist zombies, their job is to take orders. Kill American Christians. Kill our Constitution, with debt fraud and burn out. Kill our general-population and its militias with “US® Special Forces.”

    For example, Israel could not have been created without the help of Cardinal Spellman. As a prince of the Roman Catholic Church, which is owned and run by Venetian Khazars (who in turn are just Caesars without the soft-c), Spellman went down to South America and rallied the votes down their to get the UN to recognize the nascent state, before it even declared its independence. (He used his knowledge of Satanic pedophile ring operations within the Catholic Church to blackmail the various South American governments for their votes.) So, taking out Israel will still leave in place exactly the same powers and principalities that created it, as their sock puppet, for the express purpose of destroying our Constitution.

    Why do they hate our Constitution. It’s simple. We are NOT an exclusively Christian nation. Nor are we an exclusively Muslim nation. BUT, OUR CONSTITUTION IS EXPRESSLY ANTI-TALMUDIC.

    Our Constitution expressly says that when, at the end of the day, or week, or whatever, an employer goes to settle the debts that he owes to his employees, he must make a tender of gold or silver to settle that debt. THAT IS EXPRESSLY ANTI-TALMUDIC. Talmudic Jews absolutely hate our Constitution for that one provision. Under the Talmud, and Old Testament, no Jew is allowed to even recognize the debts it owes to a Goyem, let alone settle that debt with a tender of gold or silver for labors of a Goyem. Our Constitution is explicitly ANTI-Talmudic. It’s not uni-Christian, or uni-Muslim, or uni-Baptist or anything. It’s just expressly Anti-Talmudic. Pay your Goyem employees (that is “settle” the debts that you own them at the end of each pay period) by tenders of gold or sliver. PERIOD. anti-Talmudic.

    Marxism, which translated equates to “bank fraud,” both as Communism and as Wall St. capitalism — don’t forget, Redneck America — Karl Marx was the first person to use the word Capitalism — Marx was the first person to make “capitalism” into a form of religion for bean counting idiots — He wrote the book — the first book on Capitalism, Das Kapital. Marx is the godfather of American Capitalism, which when it gets down to bean-counting, is the true economic religion of the American Redneck. It’s sad.

    Israel was created, by Wall St. Marxist-Capitalist banker-fraudsters, to destroy the United States Constitution. That’s its only job. Once that is done, the Khazar “Jews” mostly in New York and London and now seeking safety in Peiking, will order the destructions of Israel and the United States. Plan accomplished. This has been the goal of the Internationals since Marx (1st International) … to Trotsky (4th International, heaquartered in the Pentagon) … to now Bernase (PsyOps asymmetric warfare, and the 5th International).

    Rothschild feels safe ordering the destructions of Israel and the US because he has his periphery in place. As fast as Rothschild and Rockefeller will order WW-3 to destroy Christianity and Islam, and restore their beloved Talmud, because his periphery of “Jews” makes him feel safe, Rothschild and Rockefeller will order WW-3 called of, just as fast, when they begin to feel that their personal periphery is weakening. This is the only way the insanity of Rothschild and Rockefeller can be stopped. Take down their periphery. No one will ever get to them, directly. Take down the periphery that protects them, one by one, until they get the message. When they feel unsafe, suddenly their insanity will stop.

    Exterminating Israel is exactly what Rothschild designed it for. It was designed as a pipe bomb in the belly of our Constitution. It is our anti-Talmudic Constitution that he and his leagues of crypto-bastards, whose fathers had no names to keep, so they change names like this and that without any regard for the dignity of their ancestors, because they had none … that is what they are after.

  39. Jim Strunk April 4, 2010 at 8:11 pm - Reply

    Keep up the investigative work . We need to know who beside israel was complicit. FAA,CIA
    and all other gov’t agencies. This event needs sunlight on all aspects. I know that israel was implicit as well as our government agencies. go forward. Citizen USA

  40. molecule April 4, 2010 at 7:34 pm - Reply

    A lot of people here are missing the bigger picture … Israel was created in 1948 AS A SOCK PUPPET by a lot of different people. As Marxists the one main thing that they all had in common was hatred of our Constitution, and especially the clause in it which provides that, when an employer goes to settle the debt that he owes his employees, at the end of their day’s labor (or week’s labor or whatever — he owes his employees a debt), then in order to legally settle that debt, he has to tender real money, which under international law has always been and is still today, gold or silver alone. Israel, and its controller, the Pentagon, which is TOTALLY SUBSERVIENT to Wall St Zionists, and their Constitution-hating 911 operation, and many many others as well (all Trotsyite state-sponsored terrorism) FUNDAMENTALLY HATE our Constitution and its concept of the dignity of labor. The Talmud forbids recognition of debts to Goyem, and it absolutely forbids tender of gold or silver to Goyem, as explicitly provided for in our Constitution. We are NOT a Christian Nation! But, WE ARE EXPRESSLY AN ANTI-TALMUDIC ONE. It’s right in our Constitution. Settle the debts you owe your employees in gold, or silver, period. The idea of that makes Jews froth at the mouth.

    Benjamin Freedman, a wonderful anti-Zionist Christian, wrote an important piece on the formation of Israel, called “Israel” Debunked: A Criminal Zionist Conspiracy. For example, it in he explains how Khazars (Caesars with a hard-c) are not Jews, and how Cardinal Spellman, a Prince of the Roman Catholic Church, and a shapeshifting crypto-Marxist in Catholic uniform, helped President Truman, another shapeshifting crypto-Marxist, get Israel recognized as a state, starting with a vote at the UN. Spellman, using his knowledge of the pedophile rings run by the Catholic Church in South America, was able to exert the muscle to get the vote through.

    Israel will be exterminated by itself … it is already exterminated itself … right on plan … and good riddence to it. We have to learn to look deeper. When Isreal goes, the US will go down with it … THAT IS THE ACTUAL PLAN. And getting rid of Israel and the US will only leave the bastards — crypto Jews, who have no fathers, who have no last names to keep, who cherish only their anonymity, their abased fatherlessness — in full control.

    The goal of Marxism, and of all Jews, is the destruction of the dignity of labor, and of the unique individuality of each of us. This is going to be a nasty war. Everybody dies. Everybody! We have only one chance to do the right thing in this life. You cannot do it in groups. You have to sneak out at night and take care of your Christian obligations entirely on your own. Blessed be the individual Christian soldier. And his Muslim soldiers as well in this war. Rothschild feels safe putting out the order to start WW-3, because he feels safe. He has perimenter of [his kind] who will protect him and make him feel safe. As soon as his perimeter starts to dwindle, he will call the war off as fast as he gave the order to let it start. Rothschild has to more plan to save Israel than he has of saving the US Constitution, that he and Rockefeller so vehemently hate.

  41. Boone Helm April 4, 2010 at 5:47 pm - Reply

    It has already BEEN proven that 9/11 was instigated and planned out by Israel, months if not years in advance. This has been the plan of Israel from day one when we so stupidly helped them gain a foothold in the Middle East ( Palestine ). We let them run amok and completely take over a part of the world in which they never belonged and look what happened. They destroyed it and created their own country out of the ruins and threw it into a boiling pox of turmoil. They are still doing it today, with our ever increasing support, naturally. It’s so easy to see through if you have one little bit of intelligence. These are people ( if you want to call them that ) who use lies and deceit to get what they want. They don’t give a crap how many innocent lives are taken in the process. We are nothing but useless trash, i.e. – Goyim, to them. Why should they care about us and how we feel and how this affects us. As long as they have us under their thumbs, as they do, then all is well. 9-11 was used to instigate the attack on Iraq. They also used their fake entity – Al Queda to make it seem even more pertinent that we attack Saddam Hussein and Iraq asap. Al Queda never existed nor does it exist and Osama Bin Laden has been dead from kidney failure for years. He had nothing to do with 9-11. Absolutely nothing. I find it so extremely interesting that more American’s like myself don’t see through this lie, cover up, fiasco, abhominati0n – whatever you choose to call it. Apparently, not many of us have a flair for the obvious. Seriously, Iran is next on the list and if that isn’t apparent to everyone yet, we really do have some gargantuan problems on our hands. Stop listening to the absolute CRAP put out by the mainstream Israeli owned media. Try reading a news source that is not controlled by Israel and you’ll see what is actually going on for real in our world. I’m not sure why us American’s like watching our own demise and doom on the television each night. Stop buying into it, ( no pun intended ) and do your own research. It’s out there for all to see and figure out. I’m sure I missed many other important facts I meant to point out, but it will all come clear soon anyway. It’s already happening and it can’t come soon enough. Tis about time!

  42. phil April 4, 2010 at 3:56 pm - Reply

    If this is discovered to be true, the horrid country, Israel, needs to vanish from the world.

  43. Sandra April 4, 2010 at 2:19 pm - Reply

    Everyone needs to see this and spread the word. More and more true patriots from the US are starting to talk about how 911 WAS A MOSSAD OPERATION. Check out interviews w/Dr. Alan Sabrosky, a marine and former director of the US Army War College, who says unequivocally that 911 was done by Israel. He did an interview on 3/14 at and an interview on 3/29 at You should also check out the interview of Gordon Duff at from 3/24. Duff is a marine, editor of veterans today, and has connections w/the military and intelligence services and he states that he was told by US Directors of Intelligence that 911 was DONE BY ISRAEL.

  44. Wake News April 4, 2010 at 8:33 am - Reply

    wow, a shocking revelation for people not aware of the huge conspiracy taking place worldwide. Excellent investigation!

  45. gazza April 4, 2010 at 8:07 am - Reply

    Could not have put it clearer myself.From the “hollow” cost to 911 and many before and in between….research uncovers the stench and finger/foot prints of the guilty. Thank you and “god” for the internet and this article which places many more pieces into the jigsaw puzzle of this world gone mad. I must credit zionism for its strength persistence and planning. They have been doing this for a long long time now. Such a grand catastrophy that they follow the dark, the hate, lucifer and anything that stands in the way of their insanity. One cannot fathom the depth and the how and why of zionism madness and how news presenters dont puke at the words they spew over the TV, always in support of Israel, the illegal terrorist “nation”. U gotta have a story like the holocaust to validate the creation of an illegal nation.

  46. Fred Shepherd April 4, 2010 at 6:55 am - Reply

    Excellent work you are doing. We find and air films exposing Israel on nationwide community access TV.

    Would like to discuss this with you and how your organization can encourage others to expose Americans to this info.

    Phone 415-459-8738

  47. For the record April 4, 2010 at 6:13 am - Reply

    Regarding James Schlesinger’s background, I have direct knowledge that he converted to Christianity sometime around his marriage to his wife and that his Jewish family more or less disowned him as a result. I do not know if he feels any conscious commitment to Zionism, but his policy preferences certainly tend to be in line with the Zionist crowd in Washington.

  48. Cocoa April 4, 2010 at 6:12 am - Reply

    Much of this is a good fit.

  49. Sir Gilligan Horry April 4, 2010 at 5:53 am - Reply

    Also see …

    “Secret Rulers Of The World 1 Of 29″ … in YouTube or other places online.

    Also study this …


    “That is precisely what those who manipulate you behind the scenes want to avoid at all cost because, by dividing, they reign! They also reign over those who govern you. Their strength comes from their capacity to distillate mistrust and fear into you.”


    “Until recently, mankind lived a satisfying control of its decisions. But it is losing more and more the control of its own fate because of the growing use of advanced technologies, which lethal consequences on the earthly and human ecosystems become irreversible. You are slowly but surely losing your extraordinary capacity to make life desirable. Your resilience will artificially decrease, independently of your own will. Such technologies exist that affect your body as well as your mind. Such plans are on their way. ”


  50. Akkard April 4, 2010 at 4:56 am - Reply

    This is straight from Tom Heneghan’s Myspace blog. Or did he lift it from you?

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