10 Biggest Unsolved UFO Stories

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By Jessica Ferri

1. The Foo Fighters

During WWII, American, British, German and French fighter pilots all reported seeing large glowing orbs in the sky that could not be explained – these came to be known as “foo fighters.” The genesis of the name itself is unknown, but some have theorized it comes from the German word for fire “feuer.”

2. Hopeh Incident, China

This photograph was taken in 1942 and later discovered in a photo album. The owner of the album claimed to have purchased the photograph from a street photographer in China. Some claim the UFO looks like a hat or a bird, others say it’s a flying saucer.

3. Men In Black

In 1947, a seaman claimed to have seen six doughnut shaped UFOs flying in the air above Maury Island off the Puget Sound in Washington. One of the objects dropped debris on the deck, injuring his son and killing his dog. The next morning, the seaman claimed a man dressed in black and driving a black Buick showed up at his doorstep and made vague threats that his family would be in danger if he ever spoke to anyone about the incident.

4. First Flying Saucer Sighting

Just a few days after the Men in Black incident, Kenneth Arnold reported seeing nine UFOs flying in the air near Mt. Ranier, Washington. The press coined the term “flying saucer” to describe the objects, which stuck. Arnold stood by his story and became a semi-celebrity in the world of the paranormal.

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  1. Keith August 18, 2011 at 11:22 am - Reply

    People occasionally see what they call UFOs. Those flying objects are not actually UFOs, but are craft built in New Mexico using the technology of Nikola Tesla, who actually built a flying saucer. It is said that the CIA got hold of papers and plans of Nikola Tesla after he died in 1943, and they have been busy little beavers since the 1940s, experimenting and building all sorts of interesting things. They attempt to cover their activities with the use of false propaganda, in the form of movies, books, articles in magazines, and Internet stories and articles, featuring extra-terrestrial beings and “UFOs”.

    • wiggins August 20, 2011 at 12:25 am - Reply

      I would concur with all that Keith.

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