Video: The Coming Of The U.S. Holocaust

Video contains graphic historical imagery.


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  1. Albert
    Albert3 years ago

    It seems that for some nrraow minded people it is very difficult to understand , that the Iranian revolution at this stage is not about Khamenei or Ahmadinejad or any other ‘ individual ‘.Whether they are there or not will not change the fundaments of the revolutionary path. Single destinies doesn’t play a role at all anymore.Tomorrow Ahmadinejad will be in Beirut and later in South Lebanon and I am absolutely certain , that he will go there knowing the dangers awaiting him . Due to his fundamental revolutionary spirit and his firm will ( a gift from god ) , he will spread the idea of justice and equality all over the country and god willing will return to Iran safely.

  2. Robert Hauser
    Robert Hauser3 years ago

    Yes, and quite unlike the jewish HOLLOWhoax…this holocaust will be entirely real

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