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I’m not a scientist, astronomer or engineer, I like to invent factors and I required to find out extra about atoms for one of my innovations. As I was educating myself on the atom it led me to the galaxy in a round about way. It occurred to me in 2012 that there is a scheduled evolution transform.

In 2012 the heart of our photo voltaic program will align with the heart of our Galaxy. Prior to the heart aligns we will experience a pulling power as our photo voltaic program starts to extend toward the heart of our galaxy (the Milky Way). When the alignment passes the heart place, room will be forced back again to it unique place by way of gravity- (F=G (m1 m2)/r.

I assume when these room vibrations impact the moon it will transform the moon place. When the moon place is transformed it will transform our gravitational power.

When this happens, I assume waves/vibrations will be the produced from the power of gravity as room repositions. My considerations are when our photo voltaic program is hit by these waves, how it will influence the gravitational stability in between our earth, solar and the moon. If you appear at the components for gravity that Einstein learned m1 and m2 are the earth and the moon and the r2 is the distance in between there facilities. If r2 adjustments so does the power of gravity.

So what takes place to earth- I will not know but the prospects are earth quakes, volcanism, hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, rotation of the earth axis and human mistake (nuclear war). Fairly gloomy prospects. I also foresee swirls in the ambiance from both the transform in gravity or earth axis flipping.

We also have a different significant dilemma with all the room junk that we have orbiting about earth. If the gravity is transformed all the room junk will re-enter into our ambiance.

Alternative- There is 3 solutions that come to my thoughts none of them are in the capabilities of our present-day technological know-how. These remedies will want the greatest minds from all corners of the earth to solve this dilemma. In addition we want to clean up up the rubbish we have littered our ambiance with, so if there is any residual waves we will not likely have a dilemma with room litter re-enter our ambiance.

I assume evolution is by design and style and if we can regulate our evolution we can regulate our destiny. Evolution will happen with or with no our enter. I assume evolution has scheduled checkpoints and if we will not evolve at these points, evolution will regulate our destiny. We want to evolve as a peaceful loving race. Our entire world, galaxy and universe are an atomic one, where by our spirits reside in our atomic bodies. Our spirits want to be authorized to acquire adore in a healthful manner. I assume as a race of persons we are in the terrible two’s and three’s and we want to experienced. As a lot as science can address many concerns, it nevertheless arrives down to us to be in a position to evolve.

Just some of my feelings

Frank Reiss


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