2012 Is Not Doomsday, It’s a Turning Point in Human Consciousness!



Lately, there is been a surge of interest in electrical power medicine, psychics, mediums, 2012 prophecies from Nostradamus, the Hopi, the Inca, the Maya, and many others. The 2012 film is a box business office strike and individuals are wondering, is doomsday really coming? Are we heading to facial area nuclear war? Will the overpopulation on earth cause world-wide warming to raise to the place of no return?

We perception we are on the precipice of a fantastic improve, and marvel in which we are heading and what will come about to humanity. Complications at home and abroad appear frustrating, and we think, “How can we probably correct all these issues?” Our instincts convey to us that human beings need to have to undertake a main religious shift, a main awakening of consciousness. But we talk to ourselves, how can this come about when so quite a few individuals are so greedy, little-minded, and heartless in their behavior?

At the exact same time, much as we want to see the earth remodel into a a lot more peaceful and loving spot, we panic the massive alterations we would have to encounter in get to carry that about. We say we want improve, but we are scared of struggling and the unidentified, so we resist using the massive plunge into a radical transformation. The function of evolution can be challenging, even painful, but we need to do it. We need to have to increase ourselves to a larger level of consciousness in advance of it is as well late.

The ancient prophecies of quite a few civilizations place to this era as a turning place when we will undertake remarkable shifts in our encounter as beings on this earth. I think we will prevent a 2012 doomsday. It will not be the conclusion of the earth, or of humanity. It is God’s intention that we endure. We have generally had God to direct our evolution, and he is not heading to abandon us now. But God needs us to abide by the metaphysical teachings. We need to do our aspect and resolve our karma. We need to encounter our unity with each and every other and the divine, and embrace creativity, optimism, and hope. We have to cease figuring out with the man-produced earth and try to remember our eternal mother nature. We are immortal souls who have temporarily taken on a actual physical form in get to purify ourselves and resolve our karma. We have overlooked that this is the cause we are all below.

The human race has had to evolve in the previous. Humankind survived the Ice Age, and now we will evolve to endure the alterations that will come about on this earth as cosmic forces occur into play. But we have to cease resisting our evolutionary approach and producing our issues worse! We are unable to continue to push back again from the forces of improve and growth. As human beings seeking to save ourselves and our earth, we need to have to “step it up.”

Winter solstice December 21, 2012 is a working day of eleven (add up the digits 1, 2, 2, 1, 2, , 1, 2, and you get eleven). It has the electrical power of eleven since we are getting into the eleventh dwelling of the zodiac. A New Age of consciousness is beginning. We are going to change absent from our inferior man-produced legal guidelines and embrace The Eleven Eternal Principles–not just the Regulation of Attraction but the other common concepts, as well: The Regulation of Totality, The Regulation of Karma, The Regulation of Knowledge, The Regulation of Enjoy, The Regulation of Harmony, The Regulation of Abundance, The Regulation of Evolution, The Regulation of Dharma, The Regulation of Infinite Possibilities. You are unable to make a recipe with a single ingredient and you are unable to build a improved lifestyle for your self and a improved earth for us all with just a single of the divine legal guidelines!

Have religion and maintain it in your coronary heart. Maintain on to that perception that we are heading to get by way of these alterations collectively as we embrace the eternal concepts and increase our consciousness. Link with the divine in just. Reside by the eleven common, divine concepts and start off to consider how wonderful our future will be.


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