2012 London Olympics will be secure? New Illuminati Conspiracy [Brief Explanation / Documentary ]


Will London 2012 Olympics safe? Here is a short documentary that explains the possible attacks that could take place at the London Olympics in 2012 . I think our …


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  1. LOL these conspiracies wreck my brain! Please share it and try get the word out there! Everyone must know!

  2. in the spooks thing theres also a pic in that second illuminati pic there are two other tings other then they eye one one says warr with something under it and the other one looks like mushroom cloud

  3. Ghobad H. says:


  4. Cool Zee says:

    do you know that london olympics will be celebrated on july 27, 2012 and as your info. july, 27 is the first world war. so i don't know if it have a mystery on it.

  5. another interesting creepy fact is that there is a difference of 30 years (XXX) between 1972 munich olympics and london olympics !
    and the london olympics is the 30 olympics to be held ! and that XXX
    more on this google rik clay – the cosmic mind or just check this !

    and the prophet predicted about the one eyed anti christ 1400 years ago!
    and the anti christ would spread mischief and corruption all over the world !
    peace !
    and wake up people before its too late !

  6. PvtMadnage says:

    Then explain your viewpoint rather than just 2 words

  7. Ummmm., nothing happened.

  8. Reen Taiio says:

    Why would they blame Muslims. ( I am one ). What if this is not true? People had theories that today was the Day Of Ressurection , but should have told us none of the Major signs have happened…? And if the explosion happens then peace after that Mehdi ( AS ) Will appear and if the Explosion was not true.. I'm reporting all those videos to the Police..

  9. gamer addict says:

    Take it off it's the 9th nothing happened nor ob the third so dnt think it's gonna happened now!

  10. PvtPrism says:

    This Video gave me cancer

  11. well you are right it went safe ! thank God!!!!
    but the fact that they have shown are somewhat right and thats the truth !
    we cant keep them as a fake information
    maybe these people knew that its booming over the internet !

  12. browniesbear says:

    trust me guys, they are smart. if they know the people are suspicious towards their government and authorities, they will remind silent and think of ways to distract us and make us forget.

  13. abdi1983 says:

    True its a game for them

  14. Duncan Green says:

    Nothing happened What a surprise

  15. Ruk rok says:

    there attempts have been cancelled of what they are going to do so they can take people off the subject of not believing in the illuminati and once everyone disbelieves people will forget and they will find new plans for global reduction such as through disease and food industry. Just a possibility.

  16. ralf larson says:

    lol still want the word out?

  17. This is some bs??

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