2012 Researcher Gunned Down By US Military Hit Squad

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By Sorcha Faal

What Does It Mean

A bizarre report prepared by the Foreign Military Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff (GRU) circulating in the Kremlin today says that an American 2012 researcher and author named Drew Ryan Maras  was the victim of a bungled assassination attempt by an elite US Military hit-squad that left 3 other innocent people dead.

According to this GRU report, Russian analysis of encrypted singles intelligence emanating from the southeast region of the United States known as the State of Arizona on 6 January “exactly mirrored” those of US Military hit squads operating in various regions of Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East, and that a further “burst” of this type, also, occurred on 8 January.

In analyzing events occurring in Arizona at the exact time of the first “burst” on 6 January, this GRU report says, it was discovered that two people had been gunned down by an “unnamed assailant” and were named in US press reports as Carol Raynsford and her partner James Johnson.

Raynsford, described by her family as a “shaman on spiritual quest,” and her partner Johnson, this GRU report continues, had reportedly met Maras during a book signing event held in Sedona, Arizona hours before their death and from eyewitnesses were described as “very interested” in what he had written.

This GRU report then says that two days later, 8 January, during the second intercepted “burst” Maricopa County Sheriff’s Deputy William Coleman, 50, was reported shot and killed by Maras while answering a burglary call at a medical building in Anthem, Arizona that the British press describes as follows: “Coleman knocked on Maras’ van to rouse him. Maras responded by opening the vehicle’s sliding door and firing 29 shots, authorities said. Other deputies got off 41 rounds and killed Maras.”

Though Maras has been accused of by US police authorities of killing Raynsford and Johnson, they have not named a motive as to why a highly respected researcher and author who described himself as “trained for war by the U.S. Marines Corps infantry and then turned pacifist” would murder unarmed people he had just met.

Maras’ neighbors, speaking to the US press, likewise, voiced astonishment that he would harm anybody as he was about to launch a book tour that would bring him to Colorado and Hawaii with neighbor John Demarr stating “It’s just mind-boggling because he seemed like a normal guy. He seemed like a cool guy, just a normal guy, don’t expect that from him.”

The “most likely” scenario that occurred in all of these deaths, this GRU report says, was that Maras was the “target” of a US Military hit squad that failed to kill him outright on 6 January and, instead, killed Raynsford and Johnson. Having a “high likelihood” that Maras was wounded in the initial attack, this GRU report speculates, is the reason he was then found and gunned down on 8 January at the medical building he most likely burgled for medicines and supplies.

US propaganda media reports state that Maras was homeless, maybe despondent and was living out of his van, but countered by the fact that he, in fa

ct, lived in Kihei, Hawaii as attested to by his neighbors.

As to why Maras would be targeted for assassination, this GRU report continues, was the planned follow-up to his May, 2010 book “Open Your Eyes To 2012 and Beyond”  that focused on the supposed end of the world later this year and the involvement of paranormal races in human history, including aliens and giants and wherein he maintained that the US had built a military base on the far side of the Moon.

In Maras’ exact description of his book he wrote:

“The Apocalypse, Armageddon, Judgment Day, Doomsday, cataclysmic disasters on a Biblical scale…the End of Days as we know it. This book is your guide to navigating the revelation, and the Rosetta Stone for deciphering this once-every-25,800-year galactic alignment cycle set to commence on December 21, 2012. Open Your Eyes: To 2012 and Beyond will lay the foundation and build a framework around 2012 to help you ascertain the answers to the question that’s synonymous with ambiguity: When will the world as we know it end?

Open Your Eyes will literally do just that-open your eyes-and release you from your programmed mind in order to shed light and truth on controversial subjects bound together by fate, not coincidence. Part self-help, part current affairs, this book provides an investigation of a myriad correlating prophesies and events that synergistically corroborate one another.

Each piece of the End of Days puzzle comes into view by the book’s end to reveal a crystal clear picture of what is about to occur with our fragile world. This complete picture will manifest an epiphany within you. Many topics discussed here have remained undisclosed to the public, are sensitive and not publicly indoctrinated.”

Known as a “Chicago Marine” for his being a member of the 2nd Battalion 24th Marines located in Chicago, this GRU report says, Maras could very well have had (or as a reservist still had) access to highly classified material substantiating many of the claims made in his book necessitating his “removal.”

To whatever the truest facts are relating to these senseless killings it is not in our knowing, other than to mention that is beyond comprehension that such a respected researcher and author like Maras would “all of sudden” kill two innocent people he didn’t know, for no reason whatsoever, and follow that with engaging in a gun fight while being vastly outnumbered.

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  1. Archie1954 January 15, 2012 at 7:37 am - Reply

    It does seem quite possible that the US government is once again killing its own citizens for the good of the people of course.

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