2012 Secret Revealed: Mass Bio-Terror Pandemic By December 21, 2012


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The Bio-Terror Bible is a free ebook (PDF) released on May 10, 2012, which was researched and written by David Chase Taylor of Truther.org. The Bio-Terror Bible ultimately connects the dots of an upcoming false-flag bio-terror attack and subsequent pandemic through the lens of over 1,000 data points of news and information in the spectrum of bio-terrorism.

December 21, 2012 is not the end of the world; it’s the end of America. Based on the storied history of pandemics, approximately 90% of the people currently living in America today will be terminated. A terror “event” to will start the chain reaction of a pandemic which will most likely take place on Live TV for all the world to see at either the NATO Summit in Chicago, Illinois, on May 20-21, 2012, or at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England, on July 27-August 12, 2012.

“The Department of Homeland Security may be dangerous to your health.” ~U.S. Strategy For Bioterrorism Emergency Medical Preparedness And Response, Army War College 

Based on the cumulative data of bio-terror research, a made-for-tv bio-terror event will likely involve the use of agents known as Anthrax or Smallpox, but the real pandemic that will kill of millions of people will the result of poisonous vaccines that will be issued to the public by the government and medical establishment in the aftermath of a bio-terror attack. As those who took the first vaccines begin to die, the government will likely say that the virus has mutated and subsequently issue more vaccines that will no doubt kill as well.

As evidenced below, bio-terrorism is blinking red on every level. Aside from having the means, the motive and the opportunity to conduct a major bio-terror attack, the government is the only entity with the resources to organize, plan, drill and execute a major bio-terror false-flag operation. A major terror operation would cost millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars, all of which would be needed in order to blackmail scientists, steal or develop the virus or agent, weaponize it, deliver it, and execute the operation without getting arrested or properly investigated. The sheer logistics, security, communication and cover-up needed before and after the bio-terror attack is so daunting, there is only one suspect (government) even capable of carrying it out.

Bio-Terror Drills
Since the election of Barack Obama in 2008, there has been over 175 bio-terror drills in America which have conditioned first responders, law enforcement and military for an upcoming bio-terror attack and subsequent pandemic. The fact that these bio-terror drills exist in mass confirms that bio-terror attack is in the cards and may be played in a last ditch effort to regain political, economic and militarial control of society. Although there are numerous biological and chemical agents, roughly 90% of the bio-terror drills conducted were for response to an anthrax or smallpox attack.  

Bio-Terror Plots & Pasties
Since the election of Barack Obama in 2008, there has also been over 50 bio-terror plots that have allegedly been subverted. In most cases, individuals were been arrested for biological or chemical related crimes that never came to fruition. Despite the ever growing number of high-profile bio-terror plots and patsies, the historical record indicates that 99% of all bio-terror plots, attacks, “tests”, “accidents” and drills are conducted by the government who has the means, the motive and the opportunity for a bio-terror attack.

Bio-Terror Scares & Hoaxes
Since the election of Barack Obama in 2008, there has also been over 50 bio-terror scares in America. A bio-terror scare is essentially a live bio-terror event except that the public and most of the authorities are unaware that there is no real bio-terror danger. Generally, once the incident is over, the news is broken hat there was no real threat. Bio-terror “scares” enable authorities to gage real time reactions to bio-terror and allow for better understanding of how the public, law enforcement and first responders will react in a real bio-terror emergency.

Mystery Biological Outbreaks
Since the election of Barack Obama in 2008, there have been at least 19 “mystery disease” outbreaks in the world. While some of the mystery diseases may have been legitimate outbreaks, most if not all of them appear to be generated man-made outbreaks with the overall goal of convincing American and the world that it is on the precipice of a major pandemic.

Identified Biological Outbreaks
Biological outbreaks worldwide have skyrocketed since 2011 with roughly 50 outbreaks in 2012 alone. While some of the documented reports may have been legitimate biological outbreaks, most if not all appear to be generated man-made outbreaks with the overall goal of convincing America and the world that it is on the precipice of a major pandemic. 

Bio-Terror Scapegoats
In the aftermath of man-made bio-terror generated pandemic, the government and media will be feeding the public any number of different scapegoats in a desperate attempt to shift the blame and responsibility for the deadly pandemic onto anybody or anything but themselves. Various scapegoats have been developed over the last 20 years via the government, scientific community, mainstream media, education system, medical establishment and international politics specifically for the aftermath of a global bio-terror generated pandemic. Bio-terror scapegoats include the continent of Africa,  agriculture (food and animals), airports and air travelAl Qaeda, bio safety labs, the notion that bio-terrorism is easy, bio-hackers, the black market, bugs and insects, censorship  or lack thereof, domestic terrorists, transmission of disease from exotic animals (zoonosis), government ineptitude and stupidity, mail-order DNA , the country of Mexico, missile shield failure, diseased monkeys, and genetic mutation.

Biological Lab Accidents
Totally inexcusable and unlikely lab “accidents” have been occurring recently at BSL Labs (biosafety level labs) within the United States and around the world. It appears that a majority of these “accidents” were done on purpose with the overall goal of convincing the medical community and the public that a lab “accident” could in fact lead to a global pandemic. Should a bio-terror pandemic arise, it is possible that a lab “accident” may serve as the scapegoat and source of the deadly pathogen. 

The Bio-Terror Psyop
In December of 2011, a global bio-terror psyop (psychological operation), hoax, or false-flag was executed when it was revealed that a mutated airborne form of the H5N1 strain of avian influenza was created by a Dutch team of scientists led by Ron Fouchier, of Rotterdam’s Erasmus Medical Centre. This major discovery was fabricated in a calculated attempt by the modern medical establishment to deceive the world that into believing that humanity is on the precipice of a genetically mutated pandemic. After the story made international headlines and a 60 day moratorium on flu research was called, the claim of the new deadly air-borne pathogens was all but debunked by medical researchers in Wisconsin.

Real Causes of Bio-Terror 
If and when a full-scale bio-terror attack occurs, the live pathogens or agents responsible for the pandemic will likely be dispersed via chemtrails by government airplanes or drones, by the U.S. Postal Service via Tide detergent samples, by the government and medical establishment via tainted vaccines, or by clinics via the portable petri dish commonly known as a Trojan condom. Although the aforementioned causes are all a possibility, it is most likely that tainted vaccines will be the root cause of millions of deaths.

Bio-Terror Propaganda
The overall goal of bio-terror propaganda is to convince America and the world that it is on the precipice of a bio-terror induced pandemic. Bio-terror propaganda is currently at an all-time high and confirms that an upcoming bio-terror attack is in the cards and may be played in a last ditch effort to regain political, economic and militarial control of society. Propaganda also has little regard for the actual reality of biological related sciences and is mostly fictitious in nature. 

Potential Bio-Terror Dates
Due to the relatively slow moving nature of a biological disease, it is impossible to know the exact date at which a natural occurring outbreak will occur. However, since the outbreak will be man-made, the 1,000 data points of evidence documented in The Bio-Terror Bible suggest that the pandemic will start prior to the doomsday of December 21, 2012. The dates of May 20-21, 2012 (NATO Summit in Chicago) and July 27-August 12, 2012 (Summer Olympics in London) appear to be the dates at which it is most likely that a man-made bio-terror attack will transpire. Other potential dates include the Republic National Convention in Tampa, Florida on August 27, 2012, the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 6, 2012, the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on September 11, 2012, and April 19, 2013, the second most infamous terror date in American history.

Potential Bio-Terror Locations
Although a bio-terror attack and subsequent pandemic could theoretically occur in any city, region or country, there are two specific locations which have drawn red flags due to their recent bio-terror related incidents and the global events that will occur there in 2012, namely Chicago, Illinois (NATO Summit) and London, England (Summer Olympics). Other potential bio-terror locations include Atlanta, Georgia, Boston, Massachusetts, Cruise Ships worldwide, Disney parks California and Florida, India, Pacific Islands, Mall of America in Minnesota, the subway in New York City and the airport in San Francisco.

Potential Bio-Terror Events
The NATO Summit in Chicago on May 20-21, 2012 and the Summer Olympics in London on July 27-August 12, 2012 appear to be the chosen locations for a made for television bio-terror attack that will likely start a global pandemic that will cull millions. Other potential bio-terror events include the Occupy Wall St. Protests, the 2013 NCAA Final Four in Atlanta, Georgia, the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Poland, and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Chicago & Bio-Terror
The city of Chicago has a rich history of bio-terror related incidents and bio-terror drills, and was recently depicted in the bio-terror propaganda film entitled Contagion as the first American city hit with a global pandemic that kills millions. Riots, evacuations, martial law and mass arrests are planned for the Chicago NATO summit in which a provocateur could attack U.S. President Barack Obama or attack the Occupy Wall St. crowd with a bio-terror device.

The Windy City of Chicago is one of 21 cities NOT at risk for elimination from the Cities Readiness Initiative, meaning that Chicago is “ready” for bio-terrorism. Chicago was also home to the 2006 Sears Tower Terror Plot as well as the 2010 Chicago Bomb Plot, and may serve as the prime location for a made for television bio-terror attack that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel will likely oversee and execute. Chicago recently opened a new Advanced Bio-Terror Response Center and as of April 26, 2012, the state of Illinois has its first H1N1 outbreak.

Bio-Terror War Games
To date, there have been 5 published bio-terror war-games which shed light on the possible future bio-terror attack scenarios. Based on these elaborate governmental war-games, it can only be concluded that a bio-terror attack is the end game for America.

Doctor’s Play (1999)
The war-game entitled Doctors Play involved bio-terrorists contaminating an auditorium with silent, odorless smallpox just before a political rally in Baltimore, Maryland. Coincidentally, the 2012 RNC is in Tampa Florida on August 27, 2012, and the 2012 DNC is in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 6, 2012. Both southern locations are potential targets as the events will be broadcast nationally and internationally.

Dark Winter (2001)
The bio-terror war game Dark Winter played out the scenario of a terrorist biological attack on the American homeland. During the thirteen days of the war-game, smallpox spread to 25 states and 15 other countries. As the bio-terror drama played out, martial law is called, forced vaccinations are in play, civil violence erupts, the U.S. economy begins to crumble, and all travel is banned.

Airplane Anthrax Attack (2001)
A war-game involving an airplane anthrax attack involved bio-terrorists using a small private airplane to release 440 pounds of military-grade powdered anthrax over downtown Denver, Colorado. Within 24 hours of the attack, the anthrax spores blew 126 miles eastward and exposed more than 812,000 people to the deadly agent. According to the war-game, between 447,000 and 591,000 of the victims die from anthrax related complications.

Marina Anthrax Attack (2003)
A war-game involving an anthrax attack at a marina in Berkley, California left 9,000 people dead in the wake of the attack. For three critical days, doctors and epidemiologists puzzled over the apparent flu outbreak around the marina, but with the first diagnosis of anthrax the government turned local schools into mass hospitals whereby they vaccinated  “every human they saw” with the anti-anthrax vaccine containing the deadly toxin Cipro.

Atlantic Storm (2005)
Atlantic Storm was the latest bio-terror war-game involving players from many nations pretending to handle reports of smallpox cases in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Turkey. During this real-time war-game, countries cede authority to the U.N and WHO as the international community comes together in the name of fighting bio-terrorism and the global pandemic.

Potential Biological Wars
Despite the fact that the United States and its European Union allies have been researching, planning, war-gaming and drilling for a major bio-terror attack and the subsequent pandemic, the nations of EgyptIranIraqLibyaNorth Korea and Syria have been quietly set up over the last decade as potential bio-terror scapegoats. Based on the evidence available, it appears that the U.S., Israel and South Korea will play the future victims in major false-flag bio-terror attacks that will eventually morph in a full-blown biological wars.

Bio-Terror & Biological Weapons
There are currently a number of different biological weapons that have been developed for use against the civilian population, the most deadly of which is the vaccine. Unbeknown to most, the U.S. has invented a bio-terror grenade which is an easy and undetectable way to unleash a pandemic with little or no accountability. In the mass confusion of a riot or political demonstration, a government terrorist could easily roll or throw a bio-terror grenade into an unsuspecting crowd and start a chain reaction of infection which could ultimately affect the entire world. The blame for the ensuing pandemic would then be placed on the political demonstrators rather than the nation state capable of developing and using modern bio-terror weapons and techniques. Other biological weapons developed by the West include genetically engineered bio-weapons, herbicidal bio-weapons, homosexual bio-weapons, non-lethal bio-weapons, offensive bio-weapons, race specific bio-weapons and the new Spanish Flu 2.0.

Biological Weapons Treaties
Although the first world has formally agreed to ban the use of offensive biological weapons, the state of Israel is the only modern nation that has not signed the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention, the refusal to engage in offensive biological warfare, stockpiling, and use of biological weapons. Israel is also the only modern nation that has signed but not ratified the 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention, refusal to produce, stockpile and use chemical weapons. Should a biological terror attack hit America or any other nation, the illegal state of Israel and its dual passport wielding citizens will be prime suspects. 

The Dead Microbiologists
Since May 19th, 1994, more than 100 scientists in the field of bio-terror, biology, genetics and medicine have been systematically targeted and killed. Most of these scientists died horrible deaths resulting from car crashes, plane crashes, murder, suicides and poison. In almost every single case, the perpetrators of these crimes were never apprehended, let alone tried or convicted for the crimes that they committed. The only plausible explanation for the deaths of so many medical professionals in the field of microbiology is that these particular individuals had intimate knowledge of various biological pathogens or other medical knowledge that posed a direct threat to those who are planning the global pandemic. Unfortunately, the war on microbiologists is a global phenomenon that continues until this day.

Biological Weapons Research: Secrecy & Ethical Violations
Secrecy and ethical violations in respect to bio-terror research are numerous and quite shocking. Repeated warnings, citations and fines are all but ignored by governments and corporations rendering the climate surrounding offensive bio-weapons research programs as highly dangerous and volatile. To date, the United States is by far the most egregious offender and will likely be scapegoated in the aftermath of the pandemic by the infamous Sunshine Project.

The Sunshine Project
The Sunshine Project was a foundation funded program that existed in Europe and the United States from 2000 until 2008. While its purpose was never clearly defined, it acted as a source of information in respect to the highly illegal and highly unethical scientific practices occurring in the field of microbiology, specifically in bio-terror and bio-weapons research. The Sunshine Project will likely be trotted out in the world media post pandemic to shine light on (demonize and blame) the United States for ultimately allowing an environment of unregulated bio-related research to flourish. 

The Bio-Terror Monkeys
In the aftermath of man-made bio-terror generated pandemic, the government and media may attempt to scapegoat monkeys just as they did in the 1994 New York Times bestseller book entitled The Hot Zone and the 1995 blockbuster movie entitled Outbreak. Since 9/11, there have been unprecedented reports of monkey attacks, monkey escapes, monkey thefts and monkey smuggling which suggests that the monkey scapegoat option is being primed for prime-time. Should monkeys be scapegoated, the continent of Africa will likely be scapegoated as the original location of the monkey(s), the disease, or both.

Bio-Terror Conferences
Bio-terror and pandemic related conferences have occurred on a regular basis since 9/11, but have started occurring on a monthly basis since March of 2011. In 2012 alone there have already been 8 announced bio-terror summits and conferences. Coincidentally, the WHO Summit will start on May 22, 2012), the day after the NATO Summit in Chicago.

Bio-Terror Whitepapers
Hundreds of whitepapers have been published by think-tanks, universities, NGO’s and various governmental agencies that state that bio-terror and its subsequent pandemic is not a matter or if but when. The simple fact that these whitepapers exists in mass confirms that a bio-terror pandemic is the establishment plan for the stated goal of population reduction. As the Army War College whitepaper entitled “U.S. Strategy For Bioterrorism Emergency Medical Preparedness And Response” openly states, “The Department of Homeland Security may be dangerous to your health.”

Bio-Terror Legislation
In the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks, the U.S. government more than any other nation has been systematically preparing its population for an upcoming bio-terror related pandemic. A blatantly hypocritical philosophy has been employed whereby bio-terror legislation is passed in mass, yet many of the ethical and moral restrictions on biological research, vaccine trials and regulations have all but disappeared.

The Vaccines
There are currently a number of different biological weapons that have been developed for use against the civilian population, the most deadly of which is the vaccine. A wealth of recent medical research indicates that vaccines are no longer safe and may cause serious neurological problems, seizures, autism and even death. A recent push by the medical and government establishment in America to make vaccines mandatory may go into effect during a pandemic in which martial military law will be called and personal freedoms like the right to refuse a vaccine will be denied. In a major bio-terror related pandemic, it will likely be the tainted vaccines which are ultimately responsible for killing millions of people worldwide.  

Bio-Terror Contracts
Bio-terror related contracts between the U.S. government and private bio-tech companies indicate that anthrax and smallpox vaccines are indeed the main focus and the #1 priority. By outsourcing the smallpox and anthrax vaccines, the U.S. government gains well needed plausible deniability in order to avoid wrongful death lawsuits in the aftermath of a pandemic. Privately made vaccines handed out by the government will most likely be the root cause of deaths for millions of people worldwide

Bio-Terror Related Technology
In 2011, a Facebook application was developed in a lab at Israel’s Tel Aviv University which simulates the spread of a virus allegedly to indicate how infections spread among populations. The Facebook application is called PiggyDemic, and it allows users to “infect” their friends with a simulated virus or become infected themselves. Aside from this blatantly racist and disturbing application, a pandemic blog, multiple bio-terror sniffing phone applications and a bio-terror first responder iPhone application have all recently been invented. All that is now missing from the technological pandemic equation is the made for TV bio-terror attack.

Bio-Safety Labs (BSL)
BSL Labs or biosafety level labs have been built all over the United States and around the world. For strategic purposes, a majority of these BSL labs have been purposely placed in large population centers. Regardless of their rating (1-4), BSL labs are a major health risk to the general public simply based on the fact that they house deadly pathogens and suspicious “accidents”  tend to occur at these facilities on a regular basis. Should a bio-terror pandemic arise, it is highly likely that BSL labs will serve as the original source of the deadly pathogen.

Rogue Microbiologists
In the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks, 4 rogue government microbiologists have been investigated or convicted for illegal bio-terror related activities. Although on the surface it appears that these scientists acted alone, the truth is likely a different story as three out of the four rogue scientists are out free to strike again. Aside from having the means, the motive and the opportunity to conduct a major bio-terror attack, the government through its university system has an unlimited supply of willing, able and blackmailable scientists to choose from. In each case, the scientists in question acted in a blatantly illegal and unethical way, yet the U.S. and Canadian governments failed to convict any of these men for attempted bio-terrorism. Therefore, the only logical conclusion is these men were indeed acting on behalf of their government when they committed their bio-crimes.

History of Pandemics
Based on both the ancient and recent history of worldwide pandemics, there will likely be a deadly man-made bio-terror generated pandemic prior to the doomsday of December 21, 2012. Although North America and Europe have been relatively pandemic free over the last 100 years, the world has suffered unmercifully while hundreds of millions have been culled by disease in the second and third worlds. Unregulated human “testing” with “experimental” vaccines has been carried out by various governmental and non-governmental medical organizations in which the vaccines are routinely blamed by the natives as the root cause of disease outbreaks. Until unethical and illegal human medical testing is banned, the world will undoubtedly suffer one pandemic after another.

Government Biological Attacks & Tests
The historical record of government sponsored bio-terror is littered with unprovoked attacks on unsuspecting soldiers and citizens alike. The fact that state sponsored bio-terror tests/attacks exist in mass confirms not only that government is indeed a serial bio-terrorist killer that will undoubtedly strike again in the very near future. In order to organize, plan, drill and execute a major bio-terror false-flag operation, millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars are needed in order to blackmail scientists, steal or develop the virus or agent, weaponize it, deliver it, and execute the operation without getting arrested or properly investigated. The sheer logistics, security, communication and cover-up needed before and after the bio-terror attack is so daunting, there is only one suspect (government) even capable of carrying it out.

Government attacks and tests to date include World War II (1939-1945), Guatemala (1946-1948), San Francisco (1949), Project Naomi (1949-1969), the Korean War (1952), Operation Cauldron (1952), Project 112 (1962-1971), Project SHAD (1962-1971), Operation Ranch Hand (1962-1971), Hawaii (1967), the Vietnam War (1970), the Russia Anthrax Leak (1979), China (1980′s) the Bhopal Gas Attack (1984), the Gulf War (1990-1991), Israel (1998), the 9/11 Anthrax Attacks (2001), Columbia (2000-Unknown), the England Foot & Mouth Attacks (2007), San Francisco (2008) , and Pakistan (2011).

Aftermath of Bio-Terror
In the aftermath of a bio-terror attack and subsequent pandemic, there will be mass confusion, fear, and hysteria. In this chaotic environment, there will be political and governmental agencies and institutions that will attempt to take advantage of the situation. Based on the whitepapers written in respect to bio-terrorism, the U.S. government will declare martial law after a bio-terror generated pandemic is confirmed. When this occurs, radio host Alex Jones will attempt to incite violence by calling for violence against the U.S. military and police forces. Once Jones’ listeners take up arms against the U.S. government, Operation ENDGAME will go into effect. In the few weeks after martial law is instituted, the actions of Americans will forever dictate the future of the United States of America.

In the wake of a bio-terror attack, America can expect an Alex Jones deception, a very slow bio-terror clean-up, a failed bio-terror hospital response, the drama of bio-terror identification, disputes over bio-terror jurisdiction, the activation of the bio-terror response networks, the unveiling of FEMA concentration camps, the use of human cattle cars, the implementation of martial law, the use of mass coffins, the mass exodus and repatriation of all foreigners in America, potential nuclear retaliation against the “bio-terrorists”, the execution of Operation ENDGAME, the quarantine of the sick and dying, and mass vaccine distribution by the U.S. government.

The True Reality of Bio-Terror & Pandemics
The true reality of bio-terror is almost 100% opposite of what the public has been led to believe. According to top scientists, the use of bio-weapons for mass terror is too hard to make, too hard to use, and way too undependable. Weaponizing an agent for mass distribution is extremely difficult and even if it is done professionally there is still no guarantee that it will work. Steve Emmett, an expert on nerve agents at Oxford University stated that, “It’s easy to play up the risks and encourage panic,” but “In fact the risks of mass poisoning [from any chemical agent] are very low”. Emmett went on to state that smallpox can be passed on from person to person only by close physical contact, not simply by being in the same room as someone who is infected. “Regardless of what people say, [bio-terror] is very difficult to do, to inflict mass casualties with chemical or biological weapons,” said Jonathan Tucker, an authority on unconventional arms with California’s Monterey Institute of International Studies. Despite the non-stop government propaganda, the threat of bio-terrorism is very low and almost impossible.

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4 Responses

  1. mart says:

    Obama not only needs a bio-attack on the U. S. in order to declare martial law after an attack, but also needs a civilian security force, loyal only to himself, to help him to totally control people and become essentially a dictator. Obviously, unlike any other American President, Obama uniquely can raise such an army of millions within 24 hours of declaring martial law by sending his newly trained thousands of medical assistants and recently rearranged troop carriers, jeeps, etc.into the cities with bull-horns, while delivering vaccines to the regulation required most dense populations first – the inner-cities, recruiting, drafting or bribing with vaccine, most of the inner-city populations. This both gives him his private, loyal army, but also saves his own race from a pandemic. If so you can rule out the big cities as the first attack and consider northern mid-west smaller communities to provide more time to get his new army vaccinated. The bad vaccine can then be expected to be delivered by the new army to the suburbs and rural areas. Now you have a plausible and realistic rather that your typical idealistic scenario. Get wise, don’t drink your own cool-aide. We may be dealing with, as Sarkozy said, “a dangerous ali’en’e ” a mad lunitic.

  2. Erwin Alber says:

    I have always felt about the threat of a biological warfare attack as summed up in the above (btw in my opinion excellent) article as follows: “Despite the non-stop government propaganda, the threat of bio-terrorism is very low and almost impossible” as e.g. the spread of smallpox is quite slow. Whether a weaponised version of smallpox would spread faster remains to be seen.

    I however agree that an incident involving infection of some sort will probably be staged as outlined in the article in order to scare or force people into accepting a vaccine, with the intention of killing millions. Many if not most people remain unaware that the 1918 so-called “Spanish Flu” which killed some 40 million people was vaccine-induced. The 1976 US “swine flu vaccination massacre” was a follow-up trial run inflicted on the American public, while the 2009 so-called swine flu pandemic was set up to provide the opportunity for a world-wide dummy run for what appears to be planned for later this year.

    I consider it vitally important that everyone sends this article to as many people as they can, including friends, relatives, fire fighters, men in the military, in the police force and in government. In 2009, the only thing that prevented the swine flu vaccine scam from escalating into a worldwide disaster appears to have been Austrian journalist Jane Burgermeister’s warning about what was being planned, and the resulting rapid spread of information shared via the internet.

    This resulted in organised resistance to plans of forcing citizens to be vaccinated, so that in the end, the WHO was unable to achieve its goals, or rather the goals of the psychopaths running the show from behind the scenes. Millions of doses of the swine flu vaccine therefore ended up having to be incinerated in a number of countries. We need in my opinion to get organised now to ensure a similar favourable outcome and to thwart the plans of the psychopathic elites intent on drastically reducing the world population.

  3. Jaz says:

    When is this movie out?

  4. We as a nation are going to feel what real suffering is and why sin more then our lord keen tolerate from us and the country’s we poisoned

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