Sky Trumpets – Acoustic Phenomenons, Blue Beam and HAARP

truther 3

This video is a compilation and sampling about the strange sounds around the world. Million of witnesses recorded the unknown acoustic phenomenons in North- and Southamerica, Europe and Asia of unnatural root.

The sounds comes directly straight above the sky, without any statements of governments or scientists. For someone the sounds like the Trumpets of Jericho or the blast of Judgement Day, for the others is accountable HAARP or Project Blue Beam. What the fuck is going on?

Whatever the sounds are meaning: They are not a good stuff for us and our planet and they are not placed for our healing! In fact I am really alarmed.

Watch and listen to the weird sounds – because they are real!

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  1. jed May 30, 2012 at 2:05 am - Reply

    Trumpets of the apocalypse?! I don’t necessarily believe in religion, but some of the things said in the bible have been starting to happen. Great predictions from the nephilim and annunaki!

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