Humanity is Satanically Possessed

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A Satanic cult has colonized the earth. This is the key to understanding history and avoiding the pitfalls of modern “cult–ure.”

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

If you wish to escape the ravages of modern life, understand that mankind is satanically possessed. We are being inducted into the lowest ranks of a satanic cult, the Illuminati.

I am not speaking from a Christian or Biblical perspective.
I am from a secular background. The difference is that I recognize, in secular terms, that God is the magnificent moral and natural order governing the universe.

The prevalent Illuminist denial of God is a satanic rebellion that ultimately cannot be won.

Our satanic possession is the product of a highly organized long-term conspiracy to establish a “New World Order.” Today, the cancer has spread to all social institutions, public and private, including charities and the church. As a result, humanity has fallen into a coma, hardly able to recognize the sickness, let alone resist.

As I have said, the mainspring of this diabolical conspiracy is the Cabalist (Illuminati) dynastic families who own the world’s central banks. Their control of most large corporations, especially media, and consequently politicians ensures that their cancer is all pervasive.

Here are just some logos with Illuminati motifs. Politicians and entertainers adore making the sign of Baphomet and the Masonic handshake.

The instrument of this secret control is Freemasonry, a Cabalist secret Society. (The Illuminati is a secret society within Freemasonry.) Essentially you will rise in Freemasonry and society according to your willingness to serve Lucifer, and betray your community to the new Luciferian dispensation.


Democracy is a charade. Sure, we can decide where the sewers will go, but the big issues have been taken out of our hands. All the politicians are  Freemasons: Ron Paul, Obama, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum.

They divide into a House League, with certain Masons taking the Right, and other Masons taking the Left. The people are polarized, distracted and deceived. No one sees the puppet master. Nothing fundamental ever changes.

Left Vs. Right : Two apparently opposing forces advancing the same goal, a thinly veiled world police state ruled by satanist billionaires.

The same applies to the international stage: Islamists Vs. Zionists: Both Masons.

Nothing illustrates our peril better than 9-11. Essentially the Illuminati bankers through their Masonic proxies murdered over 3000 Americans in broad daylight and got away with it.

This mass trauma brainwashing was designed to justify foreign wars and a domestic police state. It could not have succeeded without the collaboration of the mass media and virtually the whole political elite, who are an occupying power, a colonial administration.

The essence of Satanism is to turn the natural and moral order upside down a.k.a “revolution.”

God is Reality. Satanism turns reality on its head.

Thus, the good is made to appear evil and vice-versa. Lies have the authority of truth. The Truth can never be known. It is a matter of perception. It is whatever the Illuminati say it is.

Beautiful is ugly and ugly is considered beautiful. What is healthy and natural (e.g. marriage, family, heterosexuality) is painted as unhealthy while what is sick (e.g. homosexuality) is presented as natural and healthy.

These examples of our satanic possession should be seen in this light:

1. The divorce of sex from love, marriage and procreation. The promotion of anonymous sex in place of courtship degrades all human contact to the level of sex appeal. Anonymous sex is hyped as the best experience in life.

Pornography, the sex addicts’ cocaine, is made widely available. 70-80% of teenage boys watch online porn regularly. Girls need to behave like porn stars to be loved. The sexualization of children takes place and eventually, acceptance of pedophilia. In Japan, porn is killing heterosexual relations.

(left, The liberal media does a happy dance every time two marines kiss.)

2. Gender bending – the relentless media promotion of feminism, lesbianism and homosexuality is designed to destroy heterosexual identity and values, including marriage and family.

3. Incessant wars have no purpose other than to increase the wealth and power of the Illuminati and undermine nation states. All wars are contrived by the Illuminati to kill off natural leaders and demoralize, degrade and destroy humanity. Ironically, they are an excuse for Illuminati “world government.”

4. Entertainers are members of the Illuminati and part of the Satanic initiation. Madonna’s Superbowl half-time and Nicki Minaj’s performance at the Grammy’s were both Satanic rituals.

5. The dumbing down of the public through sports, entertainment and a defective education system.

My whole website is devoted to this topic. The point is  –  mankind is satanically possessed.
(left, hiding in plain view. A Masonic sculpture in front of Toronto Police HQ, shows a woman cop working on a pyramid.)


The masses are in denial. Corruption and sexual abuse (e.g. Gerry Sandusky) abound but none mentions Freemasonry. The legal system and police are compromised.

Society is a full accomplice in its own subversion. The masses have Stockholm syndrome. They hope that the psychopaths won’t harm them if they keep their heads down and play along.

Fully invested in their enslavement, people are too venal, craven or dumb to face reality. They prove Aldous Huxley’s prophesy that the slaves  “will love their slavery.”

Eventually the Illuminati will degrade us until humanity’s promise is lost, and the Illuminati’s depraved vision of mankind vindicated. Then our culling under some pretext will seem like Divine Justice.

Our best hope is the Internet. It’s very hard to institute a police state in an age of instant communication.

As long as the Internet is free, we will remain free. Let’s defend it with our lives!

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  1. xena July 31, 2012 at 10:14 pm - Reply

    The CERN “Large Hadron Collider” Was Designed to be a Reptilian “Stargate”

    Peggy Kane covered CERN’s LHC over the past 12 months on her website and had discovered that this massive scientific instrument was in fact designed to be a “stargate” ,with the intention of opening up an inter-dimensional portal.

    The bottom line is that powerful forces are working to help humanity and free planet Earth from Reptilian control and these “forces” were not going to allow the Reptilians to activate the LHC to the level where it would cause the destruction they had intended. Even the CERN scientists had started to believe that the problems the project was experiencing were “more than coincidence”. Here are 2 articles which give a glimpse into the actions of these “forces” to halt this machine

    The source

  2. Hu-Man July 28, 2012 at 6:39 pm - Reply
    details about action
    You can see from previous message about soul catching and storing.

    Here is another action about exact the same thing what they state.

    Draco Reptilian Cube Destroyed – Tanaath Silver Legion interview

    We have friends out there.

  3. Hu-Man July 28, 2012 at 6:17 pm - Reply

    I think that we really are. But who is behind that?
    Occultism is just 1.5 million years more advanced technology.


    From: Draculi-Levithon IV-0094736
    Commander of the Alpha Draco Regional Contingent
    Ephraim [Canada] & Mannassah [USA] sectors
    Solar-3 [Terra] Infiltration force
    Station-D, Level-VII

    To: Rashtikarsh-Draculon IX-0006476
    Central Commander
    Alpha Draconian Galactic Intelligence Force
    664th degree
    Terminal #3 – Central Nexus Command
    Planet Typhon, Alpha Draconia

    Glorious and Exalted One, I send you my humble greetings. Might and power
    be to your holy and majestic name, and to your service as director of
    Galactic Intelligence on behalf of his great and omnipotent highness, the
    Lord Emperor of Alpha Draconis, and arch-regent of Lucifer.

    Ever since our illustrious race in the most ancient of times joined in
    alliance with the Luciferian gods, also known by the derogatory hu-man term
    “poltergeists”, we have — by reason of our advanced genetic sciences, our
    collective intelligence matrix, and the supernatural abilities which our
    Luciferian benefactors have themselves bestowed upon us — enjoyed
    physical, psychic and supernatural dominion over the hu-man species.

    Our father Lucifer was wise to bestow upon our supreme race the dominion
    over this world that his arch-nemesis Adonai had so presumptuously given to
    the hu-mans.

    True, it might seem that the hu-mans had ruled the surface realm of planet
    Terra since ancient times when our species was driven into the subterranean
    depths of planet earth. However this perceived dominion and freedom is only
    an illusion [this history and the reality of our inner domain of course
    having been sequestered from public consciousness by our agents on the
    surface for our own protection].

    We have, as you well know, inspired various elitist fraternities which have
    been carefully designed and structured so as to initiate any hu-man who
    might stumble onto certain technological secrets which otherwise might
    upset the balance of our infrastructure of dependence and control through
    which we keep the hu-man vermin in a state of submission. The purpose of
    these fraternities also being to eliminate those who would betray these
    secrets to the profane masses of hu-man cattle.

    Yes, like cattle, humans do serve our purpose, and their purpose, as you
    well know your excellency, is to serve our glorious race and to serve as
    the milking-cows who provide us with a constant supply of the bioplasmic
    fluids which we crave. So indeed you might say that it is in reality a
    symbiotic relationship, with the hu-mans serving as the “hosts”.

    However, we can not allow the masses of hu-man cattle to leave this planet,
    otherwise the great plan of our lord and god Lucifer — to conquer the
    cosmic realms which Adonai unjustly claims for himself — might be put in

    Only those who are truly loyal to Lucifer can be trusted to possess the
    interplanetary and interstellar technology, as you well know most
    illustrious one. And even through we have offered technology to the leaders
    of the military-industrial-banking elite of Germany and America [Terra or
    Solar-3] in exchange for “access” to various levels of their society, this
    technology was either obsolete to us or it was assured that the hu-man
    recipients were first under our psycho-emotional control, having received
    the psionic implants within the nerve centers of the brain linking them
    into the nexus. The nexus [which some hu-mans humorously refer to as the
    "hive"] will be strengthened all the more once we have fully infiltrated
    the Ashtar/Astarte psionic information matrix and have forever rooted out
    the last vestiges of individual thought and expression. In that the
    “Federation” places so much dependence on that particular cosmonet, as the
    hu-mans do on their so-called internet, the Ashtar collective shall be the
    common ground that we shall use to destroy and conquer our enemies within
    the Federation, and ultimately shatter their futile blockade of Solar-3 and
    its system.

    This manner of assimilation through interventionist-collectivism, as you
    well know your excellency, has been our policy for ages. It has also been
    our policy that unless alien collaborators have been fully assimilated and
    genetically integrated, that once their minds have been “bled” or “drained”
    of any useful data, they have been eliminated once their usefulness has
    been served, or in some cases their soul-energy fields have been removed
    [into electro-magnetic containers and then sold on the metaversal galactic
    markets as "energy food"], and replaced by one of our 5th dimensional
    counterparts who have proven to be very useful to our 5th column agendas…
    although some of the earlier “shifters” were rather indiscriminate in their
    activities, giving rise to the ancient “vampire” legends among the hu-mans.
    In these times however the shifters are far more discrete in their methods
    of obtaining human bio-plasma in order to keep their host bodies from
    decomposing prematurely. One of the most successful being the subterranean
    “farms” where hu-man children, being strong in life-essence and free of
    chemical contaminants, are bred for servitude and sustenance.

    As you know, your highness, there is still the disturbing fact that some of
    the hu-mans have in times past slipped through our claws and have acquired
    hyperspace travel technologies and had established bases on Luna and Mars.
    History will tell you of the glorious battles that have raged over and
    within Terra, Luna, and Mars before the hu-mans managed to escape from the
    system all-together, mainly to Orion and Lyra. We responded by establishing
    our own imperial forces in Draconis and Bootes, and then in Orion once the
    hu-man parasites were for the most part eradicated there, save for the
    Nephel-Anakim who still maintain a considerable hold on the Betelgeusian
    system. This left Lyra as our main target, and our vengeance was swift and
    decisive once the great purge was ordered. In that mighty battle, our
    glorious forces succeeded in wiping out most of the hu-mans in the Lyran
    Alliance, save for a few resistors in Vega.

    Many however escaped the purge, and spread like a virus throughout the
    galaxy, in spite of the fact that we hunted down and eliminated a great
    number of them. For instance the Zenatae Andromedans, the Tau Cetians,
    Procyons, and even the female dominant Capellans who have betrayed our own
    species and had taken sides with the so called “non interventionists”.

    Our former lack of commitment in hunting down, eliminating and enslaving
    the entire herd of the hu-man scourge shall haunt us and be a lesson and
    motivation for our species for ages to come. However, with the blessing of
    our lord Lucifer, we shall prevail in the end against Adonai and all who
    serve him. Because of our past lack of discipline, our hold upon Terra must
    be strengthened, until our forces — amassed within the Sol-ar system,
    fortified beneath the crust of Solar-3, and within the localized alternate
    reality singularities that we have generated within the grid matrix of
    Solar-3 with the assistance of our human puppets within the Montauk network
    – finally have the hu-mans surrounded on all sides. The time is soon at
    hand when we shall bring about the complete collapse of their society and
    initiate the implementation of total electromagnetic control of all hu-man
    cattle on Solar-3, and in turn all remaining hu-man rebels throughout the

    Terra, unlike many worlds, holds a convergence of many of the ancient and
    powerful meta-genetic characteristics, being essentially the galactic root
    from which the hu-man scourge sprang. However our continued interference in
    the hu-mans genetic lines has allowed us to keep them for the most part in
    a state of docile passiveness, as we continue to rightfully take the
    strongest genetic attributes of their race and integrate them into our own
    glorious biogenetically engineered warrior lines.

    And if factions do arise in rage, resulting from an overcrowded corral, we
    shall simply influence the global merchants who have sold-out their own
    kind for personal gain, and command them to use their economic pull to turn
    these warring factions against each other, being extremely careful to
    conceal ourselves, the ultimate “chess players”, from the rest of the blind
    pawns while they continue on the path of mutual annihilation.

    Thanks to the gullibility of the military-industrial element of the
    surface, we now have the means to “bleed” the outer world of its resources,
    and our hu-man servants have bled these cattle even more to help expand our
    underground empire, having constructed for us even more sub-networks with
    the hopes that they will be allowed inside and given refuge by us, once the
    chaos and carnage begins.

    It amazes me just how easily these greedy little worms will sell out their
    own kind and then trust US to follow through on our so-called “promises”.
    No harm done though, for these hu-man imbeciles provide us with a steady
    supply of “hosts” for our 5th dimensional allies to incarnate, and a steady
    supply of hu-man “soul patterns” to provide us with ectoplasmic sustenance.

    Since technology on Terra has reached a critical mass and poses a threat to
    our galactic empire, a project of massive depopulation through our fifth
    column agents in the Terran United Nations Organization and other
    eco-political global agencies — who are expert in divide-and-conquer
    tactics — shall work to raise up the United States as the greatest threat
    to the “socialized” world. Our agents in the economic infrastructure have
    succeeded in polarizing the United States into the two fasocialist extremes
    of left and right, unknowing in their ignorant blindness that both wings
    are controlled by the same “dragon-lord”, whose purpose is to breath “fire”
    upon the planet and to flap its left and right “wings” in order to “fan the
    flames” that would destroy the old eco-political boundaries that were
    established by Adonai, and thus offer us easier global control.

    Since all hu-man conflicts have an economic “fuse”, we have made it our
    priority, your highness, to infiltrate and control the most powerful
    economic institutions of Solar-3. Eco-political collectivism in any form is
    our desire, as it makes the hu-mans dependent, destroys
    self-responsibility, and makes them all the more easily conquered,
    controlled and manipulated towards our greater cause — a planet and galaxy
    and metaverse where all hu-man cattle are finally contained in a
    perpetually controlled society of servitude, in which the “livestock” will
    be tamed completely, tagged, and made to serve and to feed our superior
    race. We must therefore seek to destroy eco-political boundaries and hu-man
    self responsibility at every possible opportunity.

    The left-right capitalist/communist machievellian polarities of a
    Russian-Chinese-Arab alliance vs. the U.S.-Canadian-European factions, and
    even more localized “civil” conflicts within each of these, will decrease
    the rebellious surface population dramatically. Once the major forces
    deplete each other and the ectoplasmic manna released from the untold
    numbers of dying hu-man cattle is “harvested” and stored up for our final
    battle with Adonai, we will continue to divide-and-conquer and debilitate
    the smaller localized factions until they are too weak to resist
    assimilation… and the only faction that shall be allowed to maintain its
    size and organization will be that which is directly under our
    electromagnetic control via psionic implantation and programming.

    We shall also appear in the skies as “saviors” to “rescue” millions of
    hu-man cattle from the so-called earth-changes created by our
    electromagnetic weapons, and from the war and disease and chaos and famine
    also, but of course these “rescued” hu-man cattle will be redirected to
    those areas of our empire which most need to be “sustained”, and little
    will they suspect their ultimate fate. Many who do not fall for this guise
    will be brought to the point where they shall sell their very soul-matrixes
    to us for their daily bread.

    An economic cattle/slave society based on an illusion of freedom has it’s
    limitations. In the future all hu-man livestock must be “marked” and tagged
    with sub-epidermal chip implants, which will be integrated with a
    time-released virus to maintain the level of population on the planet that
    we so desire. Every action and in fact every thought shall be monitored,
    using our mainframe subspace microwave transceivers which are capable of
    tapping the encephalographic and emotional signals directly from the nerve
    centers of the brain, linking and assimilating those minds into the central
    nexus, which will instantly through algorithmic programs interpret and
    translate the neural-emotional energy signal-patterns and feedback the
    conditioned assimilative responses that have been programmed into the
    mainframes — which are carefully guarded under miles of earth and rock.

    This is the glorious plan and destiny which our lord and god Lucifer has
    bestowed upon us, your excellency. The blessing of our lord Lucifer be upon
    you and our efforts, for his greater glory and for the glory of our
    expanding multi-dimensional empire.

    The universe shall be ours!!!


    All those info matches with Stewart Swerdlowe’s info about exchange of technology with reptilians.

  4. maría June 13, 2012 at 10:16 pm - Reply

    600,000 fallen angels were released last year from the pits of Hell. A further 5 million have now been released
    Thursday, June 7th, 2012 @ 08:00 pm
    Download article as PDF

    My dearly beloved daughter it is time to take up arms in the Heavenly battle which rages again with Satan and his fallen angels.

    Now unleashed in every nation Satan’s army of angels and their devoted disciples on earth are infesting God’s children in every way.

    There are the visual signs. The crisis in My Church, the Catholic Church, was created through the forces of evil whose number one goal was to bring it to its knees. Not content with this, the forces of evil want to destroy the Holy Eucharist by defiling it.

    By demoralising My Church on earth the plan by Satan was to destroy the faith of My followers.

    Many of My followers no longer pay homage to Me, their Saviour, because they blame the sins of those who represent Me in the Church. How this wounds Me when they forsake Me so quickly.

    The apostasy in the world today was also planned by Satan by tempting God’s children to deny their Faith.

    Instead he uses a new religion often known as the New Age Religion. Instead of glorifying God, the Eternal Father, they glorify the human being as spiritually superior and in command.

    Like Lucifer who wanted to be not only like God, but who wanted to become God, this rapidly evolving cult wants to convince God’s children that they are in control of their own destiny, that all can be controlled through a false belief in a metaphysical world which does not exist.

    Belief in false Gods such as the Buddha has harmed so many people and led them into a dark world, which seems to glitter on first inspection, but which fails to ignite pure love for one another.

    Instead all these New Age religions amount to one thing, self-obsession and love of one self at the expense of another.

    The wars, which Satan’s masonic orders create, are becoming plentiful and the largest group of all will mastermind control of the Middle East through massacre.

    In Europe they will mastermind the introduction of a new one world currency to make slaves of them.

    Satan’s grip is so strong that it will take much prayer to topple the power he wields. Then there will be the temptation to turn God’s children away from the Truth.

    He, Satan, can play havoc with your mind. But, while he does not have the power to know what you think he can place thoughts and doubts in your mind.

    When you resist at first, by praying for the graces to protect yourselves, he increases his activities.

    Satan sends his demon angels to believers and torments them. If you could see them it would shock you. Two or three can surround you and can trip you up, cause you to become confused, distressed and your mind filled with uncharitable thoughts against another person.

    Anything to do with God, His Churches, His children and those who represent Him on earth are the first targets.

    Then he targets those in high places who have control over the lives of millions. He tempts them with corruption, manipulation of power and the introduction of bad laws designed to cause pain and hardship. And then he orchestrates war.

    Children do not ignore the battle for it is real.

    600,000 fallen angels were released last year from the pits of Hell.

    A further 5 million have now been released. The time for God’s army in Heaven, to destroy Satan, has begun. The time for My Army on earth to gather arms has also begun.

    Time is short. We have much work to do.

    Prayer is the weapon. Conversion is the goal. I can only achieve the salvation of souls if My Voice is heard at this time.

    Satan knows this. He has placed a curse over this Mission and will pull many of God’s children away. Yet he cannot win. For no one can stop the Book of Truth being revealed for it is I, Jesus Christ, who does this.

    Yet many poor souls will be convinced to look the other way as I announce the Truth for all the world to see as foretold in the Book of Revelation.

    Never allow him to engage with you. You can do this by refusing to engage in insults or sneering by others when you proclaim My Holy Word. For to engage with him you give him the ammunition he needs to wear you down.

    Your Beloved Jesus

    Saviour of all mankind

  5. Kruiznik May 25, 2012 at 10:45 pm - Reply

    Only issue is homosexuality itself is in nature, and we are continued to go against it, even by the mass media. I dont think this subject in itself is evil, but the casual sex part, yes.

  6. Killuminati March 1, 2012 at 10:53 pm - Reply

    Let me tell you another thing. You are doing a wonderful job informing everyone of their plans and I have learnt new things from you. Let me make one thing abundantly clear, the illuminati cannot be stopped. They will create the anti-christ (Dajjal) system and only then will he emerge which nobody knows but only that there will be a SYSTEM in place for him to take over. He will have 40 days on earth, the 1st like a year, the 2nd like a month, the 3rd like a week and the rest like normal days. The time is very close now and I urge you to open your eyes. He will fool you and you won’t even know it despite these articles you are publishing. He will be given some powers by Allah but yet when a kid asks him to fix his own messed up eye, he will be unable to do so. Let me make it clear, the illuminati cannot be stopped. They are a sign of judgement day, and the signs of judgement day cannot be stopped. Instead, research religions mate. Compare Christianity, Judaism and Islam and choose one. Ask Rabbi’s, Priests and Imams for answers and make up your mind of which one is consistent with his answers. Thanks

  7. Killuminati March 1, 2012 at 10:42 pm - Reply

    Also it has been prophesised by our last Prophet (PBUH) that the anti-christ (Dajjal in Islam, same meaning) will emerge from Isfahan followed by 70,000 jews. Isfahan is in Iran. He will then arrive in Israel from where he will rule the world. Masjid Al-Aqsa is being prepared for destruction, upon which the temple of Solomon will be built. Dajjal will then eventually arrive and gain instant right to sit on this throne. The illuminati is actually worshipping the anti-christ. In Islam and I am sure in Christianity, he is described as one-eyed, young, with curly hair and strongly built. Does the one-eyed bit sound familiar? I urge you to research Islam. I am not asking you to believe in my religion and nor am I enforcing my views onto you which I can’t anyway. I am just asking you to research it before passing judgements on it. Also, this is not an attack, I am just ASKING for you to research fully before passing judgement.

  8. Killuminati March 1, 2012 at 10:30 pm - Reply

    This article is true to almost the word. I say this because you said Islamists vs Zionist: Both Masons. Are you stupid? The New World Order is a rebellion against Islam. Ask yourself why Islam? The reason is, TRUE ISLAM, would mean WORLD PEACE AND EQUALITY. Study the religion before branding it as a mason religion. By the way I am a Muslim. Search for “Signs of judgement day in Islam”. “Satanic worship will be everywhere”. What does the Illuminatti do? Thank me later. Truth is, the signs which are stated by our religion are becoming true faster than ever, earthquakes, wars, rape, power given to people who are not fit (Evil) etc. Your research is still uncomplete. Research Islam and you will find the truth.

  9. sparks March 1, 2012 at 2:51 am - Reply

    I agree with the article but not from a strict religion, however it does not explain others who are evil who are not associated or rich enough to belong to such an elite group.
    ordinary people are also behaving in terribly evil ways.

  10. Marie Lowrance February 29, 2012 at 7:19 pm - Reply

    I have not read an article more true than this, if you can not see the TRUTH laid out plain and simple here, then you have a serious PROBLEM. I find this frighteningly TRUE! We are walking a very narrow road!

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