Volcanoes Erupting All Over The World

Volcanoes Erupting All Over The World

Volcanoes Erupting All Over The World

Map and chart below

Europe and Atlantic Ocean:
Africa and Indian Ocean:
  •   Karangetang (Siau Island, Sangihe Islands, Indonesia)
  •   Dukono (Halmahera, Indonesia)
  •   Lokon-Empung (North Sulawesi & Sangihe Islands, Indonesia)
  •   Soputan (North Sulawesi, Indonesia)
  •   Semeru (East Java, Indonesia)
  •   Batu Tara (Sunda Islands, Indonesia)
  •   Krakatau (Sunda Strait, Indonesia)
  •   Marapi (Western Sumatra, Indonesia)
  •   Gamkonora (Halmahera, Indonesia)
  •   Gamalama (Halmahera, Indonesia)
  •   Lewotobi (Flores, Indonesia)
  •   Sirung (Pantar Island, Indonesia )
  •   Rinjani (Lombok, Indonesia)
  •   Sangeang Api (Indonesia)
  •   Ijen (East Java, Indonesia)
  •   Merapi (Central Java, Indonesia)
  •   Papandayan (West Java, Indonesia)
  •   Tangkubanparahu (West Java, Indonesia)
  •   Talang (Sumatra, Indonesia)
  •   Slamet (Central Java, Indonesia)
  •   Sinabung (Sumatra, Indonesia)
  •   Kerinci (Sumatra, Indonesia)
Aleutians, Alaska and North America:
Central America and Carribean:
South America:
Other regions:
  •   Erebus (Antarctica)
  •   Siple (Marie Byrd Land, Western Antarctica)
Pacific Ocean:
Ring of Fire (Kurile Islands to Philippines):

Sure! Volcanoes erupting! Let’s roast some marshmallows!




We may even soon have a volcanic eruption in our own back yard in California…. let’s all hope that Yellowstone doesn’t feel like jumping into the mix…



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  1. Karen Booth Taylor
    Karen Booth Taylor2 years ago

    not a time to roast marshmallows or make light… its a time to hit your knees and pray!

  2. Chaos
    Chaos2 years ago

    Mother Earth is Going to be Ridding herself of the Epidemic known as Humans, Subhumans and Parasites with some Geothermic Activity, Seismic Activity, Storms, Droughts, Viruses, Famine, Disease, Etc. We help it along with our Wars for Israel, Genocide and Massive Civil Unrest. Just when you think it is all safe , Father Sun cooks your ass like you were swimming in a Fry-O-Lator.

  3. FREE!
    FREE!2 years ago


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