Obamas Gun Ban List Is Out

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Alan Korwin  -America GunLaws.com

Here it is, folks, and it is bad news. The framework for legislation is always laid, and the Democrats have the votes to pass anything they want to impose upon us. They really do not believe you need anything more than a brick to defend your home and family. Look at the list and see how many you own. Remember, it is registration, then confiscation. It has happened in the UK, in Australia, in Europe, in China, and what they have found is that for some reason the criminals do not turn in their weapons, but will know that you did.

Remember, the first step in establishing a dictatorship is to disarm the citizens.

Gun-ban list proposed. Slipping below the radar (or under the short-term memory cap), the Democrats have already leaked a gun-ban list, even under the Bush administration when they knew full well it had no chance of passage (HR 1022, 110th Congress). It serves as a framework for the new list the Brady’s plan to introduce shortly. I have an outline of the Brady’s current plans and targets of opportunity. It’s horrific. They’re going after the courts, regulatory agencies, firearms dealers and statutes in an all out effort to restrict we the people. They’ve made little mention of criminals. Now more than ever, attention to the entire Bill of Rights is critical. Gun bans will impact our freedoms under search and seizure, due process, confiscated property, states’ rights, free speech, right to assemble and more, in addition to the Second Amendment. The Democrats current gun-ban-list proposal (final list will be worse):

Rifles (or copies or duplicates):
M1 Carbine,
Sturm Ruger Mini-14,
Bushmaster XM15,
Armalite M15,
Thompson 1927,
Thompson M1;
NHM 90,
NHM 91,
SA 85,
SA 93,
Olympic Arms PCR;
Calico Liberty ,
Dragunov SVD Sniper Rifle or Dragunov SVU, Fabrique National FN/FAL, FN/LAR, or FNC, Hi-Point20Carbine, HK-91, HK-93, HK-94, HK-PSG-1, Thompson 1927 Commando, Kel-Tec Sub Rifle; Saiga, SAR-8, SAR-4800, SKS with detachable magazine, SLG 95, SLR 95 or 96, Steyr AU, Tavor, Uzi, Galil and Uzi Sporter, Galil Sporter, or Galil Sniper Rifle ( Galatz ).
Pistols (or copies or duplicates):
Calico M-110,
MAC-11, or MPA3,
Olympic Arms OA,
TEC-22 Scorpion, or AB-10,
Shotguns (or copies or duplicates):
Armscor 30 BG,
SPAS 12 or LAW 12,
Striker 12,
Streetsweeper. Catch-all category (for anything missed or new designs):
A semiautomatic rifle that accepts a detachable magazine and has:
(i) a folding or telescoping stock,
(ii) a threaded barrel,
(iii) a pistol grip (which includes ANYTHING that can serve as a grip, see below),
(iv) a forward grip; or a barrel shroud.
Any semiautomatic rifle with a fixed magazine that can accept more than
10 rounds (except tubular magazine .22 rim fire rifles).
A semiautomatic pistol that has the ability to accept a detachable magazine, and has:
(i) a second pistol grip,
(ii) a threaded barrel,
(iii) a barrel shroud or
(iv) can accept a detachable magazine outside of the pistol grip, and
(v) a semiautomatic pistol with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds.
A semiautomatic shotgun with:
(i) a folding or telescoping stock,
(ii) a pistol grip (see definition below),
(iii) the ability to accept a detachable magazine or a fixed magazine capacity of more than 5 rounds, and
(iv) a shotgun with a revolving cylinder.
Frames or receivers for the above are included, along with conversion kits.
Attorney General gets carte blanche to ban guns at will: Under the proposal, the U.S. Attorney General can add any “semiautomatic rifle or shotgun originally designed for military or law enforcement use, or a firearm based on the design of such a firearm, that is not particularly suitable for sporting purposes, as determined by the Attorney General.”

Note that Obama’s pick for this office, Eric Holder, wrote a brief in the Heller case supporting the position that you have no right to have a working firearm in your own home. In making this determination, the bill says, “there shall be a rebuttable presumption that a firearm procured for use by the United States military or any law enforcement agency is not particularly suitable for sporting purposes, and shall not be determined to be particularly suitable for sporting purposes solely because the firearm is suitable for use in a sporting event.” In plain English this means that ANY firearm ever obtained by federal officers or the military is not suitable for the public.

The last part is particularly clever, stating that a firearm doesn’t have a sporting purpose just because it can be used for sporting purpose — is that devious or what? And of course, “sporting purpose” is a rights infringement with no constitutional or historical support whatsoever, invented by domestic enemies of the right to keep and bear arms to further their cause of disarming the innocent.

Respectfully submitted, Alan Korwin, Author Gun Laws of America http://www.gunlaws.com/gloa.htm

Forward or send to every gun owner you know…
Watch This, If You Want More Proof:

A partial list of gun rights groups:

Gun Owners of America

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership http://www.jpfo.org/


National Rifle Association

Second Amendment Committee

Second Amendment Foundation

Second Amendment Sisters

Women Against Gun Control

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  1. jesse January 20, 2013 at 1:27 am - Reply

    people that have agreed with this ban are sheep of the government being hearded into self destruction! we are one step closer to being in a society where no one is free and are controlled by the mind and also physically

  2. Den January 17, 2013 at 12:37 pm - Reply

    Too all the “SO-CALLED-AMERICANS” who have voted on this bill against Assault Rifles ( or whatever the Cartel Media calls them) Congratulations on being traitors to your own country and countrymen and women. You have with the swipe of a pen, completely ruined your country and have defacated on what your forefathers and mothers have spent their blood and tears on building. you have destroyed your most treasured 2nd Ammendment which only needed to breathe life if your very precious liberty was at stake. “If Sandy Hooks was a real event”; You traded your entire Bill of rights for the lives of 15 Children while overseas your politicians never told you of how many they have effectively killed via Airstrikes with bombs signed by your children following 9/11 . Ask yourself if you made a educated decision , Ask yourself how many have died defending this honor and freedom , Ask yourself if you can look at yourselves in the mirror. This is not about the guns, this was about you volunteering to sign away every shred of your constitution ; And when your grand children ask you why it happened, tell them you were responsible for its death…..

  3. Pat January 16, 2013 at 8:39 am - Reply

    I would ask that they please begin enacting this ban by going door to door in Oakland, CA and Stockton, CA. Search every car, tenement, vessel and foxhole for illegal weapons

    • Wendell Corey January 21, 2013 at 7:14 pm - Reply

      I hope they start at your house
      Also for those that say this shooting was a plot…… yall are nuts.

  4. Saddened December 26, 2012 at 2:03 am - Reply

    The opinions of the noble called out from behind the castle walls . . .

    Tell you what – Give me the money celebrities made on the glorification of guns, a home in their gated communities, and their schools with armed guards and I will happily hand over my working class security.
    If the righteous want anybody with rational thought to buy into their moralities of convenience they should be standing behind their words and not accept anymore royalty or multi-million dollar movie contracts that in any way depict the use of firearms. Give up their armed bodyguards and patrolled neighborhoods and rely on local police being in the area just as the common people must.

    Heres the statistic I would be interested in seeing – of all those souls lost to firearms violence in Canada or United States – how many of those have been celebrities, mainstream media or politicians?

    Alas, it is all mute. This program has been in the works for a long time. The Fed just needed an event horrific enough to gain the support to push it through. It is a distraction from the real problems we will face in the near future. Is it just me or does it smell like 1939 in here?

  5. larry jones December 22, 2012 at 12:16 pm - Reply

    People are so funny. A human (even though deranged killed those kids ) who knows his reasons. If he will do that what will a tyrant do for control of our country or tyrants. Who knows maybe this deal was a set up from the word go. I put nothing past the politicians and their kind.I believe if i dont do harm to anyone you shouldnt bother me. You try and push these good people they wil only push so far. Keep pushing I cant wait, till you push the good people of America that are passive to the breaking point. Then you will see how things really are and how many really are feed up with this crappy run system that use to be so great when men had morals and common sense. You people dont know what you are asking for. The majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens. They will only take so much abuse though from your lack of common sense and being scared of things you dont like or understand. You people do realize that those men in the armed forces have family and friends. you think all of them are gonna turn on the people get real? I know who is going to defend my family when the shit hits the fan do you! I would dare to say the rednecks and survivalist will do better than those of you who cant cook with out a micro wave or a Burger King. Cut of food supplies to inner cities you people will turn on each other like tunnel rats. You better leave the sleeping dog alone.

  6. retired law man December 14, 2012 at 11:02 pm - Reply

    Iguess the next thing our commie government will do,is haul down the stars & stripes and hoist the hammer and cicle.The criminals are just going to love this action from our government ,of the government,by the government and for the government.Too bad our great country is headed stright for the crapper.

  7. arizona December 2, 2012 at 10:00 pm - Reply

    ANYONE who does not realize the real reason for all the foreign troops in america,WAKE UP.the US MILITARY and NATO has been planning to come after your guns for 40 yrs, they won’t succed ,but they’er going to try,theres a certain group in DC who work for the queen of england,and they control the DOD,and all the heads of government,they want a nwo,but they can’t make it fly in an armed country,open your eyes,talk to your children in the military,explain to them whats going on,and tell your family, get ready,the anti-christ fooled everyone and now he thinks americans will hand over their guns like the cowards in england did,DHS and the air force plan to use anything they can to take americas guns for their friends in china,NO I’AM NOT KIDDING about that,there all in bed together for there NWO to come to power,in the end all they get is a free ride to hell,the LORD blinded them ,they won’t even see it coming,happy today,in the lake of fire tommorrow,……..sad..HUH…………for them…………………………

  8. arizona December 2, 2012 at 9:27 pm - Reply

    Considering how many people who hate america and are gun grabbers,I would say they don’t have the ability to see the day when they will be hanging from a tree limb,and of course that day is on the horizon now,america has seen whats happened to every country that gave their guns to the government,the lying news people will no longer be needed,the DHS terrorists,will attemp to enforce unconstitutional gun laws,AND FAIL,then they’ll be hanged for treason,along with all the other gun grabbers,and will be screaming “I WAS JUST DOING MY JOB” ,AS the rope is tied around their neck, ALL you gun grabbers,MAKE your final arrangements,cause your BUS TICKET TO HELL is about to be PUNCHED, and you’ll be leaving this world real soon……..remember everyone this will be a long war,(5months) stock up on food ,water and all the ammo you can afford……………………

    • j January 5, 2013 at 12:31 am - Reply

      remmebr how the bible says the anti christ would have a head wound and survive, i think it happened allready, i think osoma is obama, and im scared, well im scared for my family, im a fighter, we need to talk all the internet

  9. Not Here November 30, 2012 at 7:56 am - Reply

    Over my dead body, from my cold dead hands

  10. Doubleace November 27, 2012 at 2:06 am - Reply

    They can’t get dhat they can’t find, and i sure as hell am not going to line up and hand them over. Listen the cops can’t protect you,

  11. sarah November 26, 2012 at 11:34 pm - Reply

    I don’t even own a gun right now but if that right is taken from me I will be sure to become a fugitive and illegally purchase SEVERAL of the listed items….. and I don’t give a shit which government agencies are monitoring this thread…..

    • j January 5, 2013 at 12:36 am - Reply

      shhut up, they will kick your door down in the middle of the night and shoot you befor u even get the chance to surrender if that was even a thought, please becareful its the just like what russian news been saying, the next american revolution, dont shoot every one u see in blue, we are all human at least some of us are, some of them really are pigs, dont have fears, think about love, or just be a viking, heaven is to battle and feast and die in a bloody fight! only to wake up the next moring ready to take another blood bath, im ready, all i need is piano wire and two handles ,

  12. Marauder November 26, 2012 at 3:41 am - Reply

    Our right to keep and bear arms is patterned on the Swiss model where each able-bodied citizen is issued an assault rifle (you know, the “ugly” ones) and a cache of ammo. They are of course the citizen militia and were the reason Hitler didn’t invade Switzerland. That dimension of our RKBA is often overlooked, especially by the gun-grabbing left, but the aspect of a similar restraint on our own government is the big problem for the left, who want us to knuckle under to them. So it isn’t about guns, it’s about control.

  13. GJS November 24, 2012 at 3:29 pm - Reply

    If owning a gun is to safeguard ones security why are so many people shot each year in the US who also own a gun ?

    I very much doubt that most people would NOT reach for a gun & use it if he &/or she owned one if there ego had been offended enough, something that has been demonstrated many thousands of times.

    Having said that, this move would be ridiculous if it’s not backed up by a MAJOR increase in both inspections of goods imported by sea & of course land borders, something has to be done or people will eventually be too scared to let their kids out of the house & which ever gang holding the most firepower will run your neighbourhood. Does anybody truly want to venture down that road ?

    • Adam November 26, 2012 at 4:36 am - Reply

      Most times it has to do with the fact that law biding gun owners are in places where guns aren’t allowed. And being that they bide the law and don’t carry where they are not supposed to, and the criminals do not, then that makes for some of your statistics. Other times it’s access. Most people who own guns don’t carry on their hip. It might be in a closet and they might be cut off from that room by the goons. However I would submit to you Kennesaw, GA where in city ordinance requires the head of household own a gun. They have had like 3 murders in 20 or better years since they passed the law. Those three occurred on the college campus where guns are not allowed. And you aren’t going to see the regulation at the border. That would inhibit the state’s gun running activities across the border. Like operation Fast and Furious. It’s not going to happen. And thank God gangs don’t roam most suburban streets. In the cities, they basically do. There are areas the police do not go into. And if you track the gang firepower it goes back to the people who provide them with the drugs, which is the mob bosses who get it from Mexico and South America. Which the state is running automatic weapons to. It’s a loop.

  14. Dan November 24, 2012 at 8:22 am - Reply

    you are 6200% more likely to die from a doctors mistake than to die from a homicide. Banning Doctors is safer. In every country where guns were banned the government has turned on it’s people and committed genocide within 30 years.
    when we turn in our guns who will protect us from an illegal government? That is exactly what we have an illegal government. They are traitorous, having committed acts of treason by passing “laws” like the NDAA NDRP and the removal of posse Comitatus.

    How long will American sheeple allow this to continue?

    • Fred November 30, 2012 at 10:57 pm - Reply

      They already are taking over health care, I wonder if that statistic will go up or down under Government control. Cause they are doing such a good job with everything else they get ahold of. LOL

  15. phugemawl November 23, 2012 at 5:57 pm - Reply

    More guns more dead bodies

    • Adam November 26, 2012 at 4:37 am - Reply

      Quite the opposite except in case of open war.

    • Linda December 18, 2012 at 5:14 pm - Reply

      TRUE!!Coward people love guns!!!!Bruce lee=Real man

      • Wendell Corey January 21, 2013 at 7:37 pm - Reply

        TRUE!!Coward people love guns!!!!Bruce lee=Real man

        Bruce Lee was an actor.
        I have heard this kind of crap before. What is cowardly about having a firearm for self defense?
        Having firearms is an act of possesion, cowardly is a state of mind.
        It is the way some people use firearms that give us all a bad name. My firearms are in a LOCKED gun safe. The keys to the safe are in a brief case that only I know the combination to.
        The ammunition is stored away from the guns. Non are loaded.
        Do not lump all owners of firearms into one group. That is short-sighted and narrow minded.

  16. Don November 23, 2012 at 8:18 am - Reply

    What if a law was passed and no one complied? Would it be the same as having a party where no one came? Will there be massive civil disobedience? They cannot arrest everyone. It’s time to decide where you will stand. To borrow a phrase: We must all hang together, or we will surely hang separately.

    • sixthday132 November 30, 2012 at 1:44 pm - Reply

      I will not give them up but sadly most will voluntarily. They are not going to take them all at once. It will certainly be incremental, just like the progressive liberals do everything else so as not to “shock” the system. Stand strong….I will fight, will you?

  17. Stan Sikorski November 23, 2012 at 2:21 am - Reply

    If it’s war they want, it’s war they shall get. No surrender!

    • bubba January 16, 2013 at 10:58 pm - Reply

      i will keep my money my guns and my freedom and thay can keep the fucking chang

  18. a voice in the wilderness November 23, 2012 at 2:16 am - Reply

    Anyone surrendering the only thing separating us from freedom to slavery is your weapon regardless what design or model it is. If this criminal act against the people by our governemnt should ever take place, it’s all over folks. If we had gun laws in 1776 that they are proposing now, we would all be a British Colony subjects of the King or Queen.

  19. Scott Remington November 22, 2012 at 9:29 pm - Reply

    I would very much appreciate all the documentation from government docs on this gun issue.. Thank you….

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