Video: Mindblowing Accounts Of Milwaukee Voting Fraud In 2012 Election

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When the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board met for its December meeting,it heard countless testimony from election day observers about irregularities they had seen. These two accounts stand out as particularly troubling.

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  1. Dan December 24, 2012 at 5:26 am - Reply

    These frauds will continue. It was an illegal election, that is simple to see and understand. Until Americans get pissed off enough to stand up and take back their rights we will never have another free and fair election, It happened with Bush and it happened both times with Obama.
    We would complain if this happened in another country and our “government” would get involved whether we allowed them or not. Yet it happens here in America and the people do nothing.
    Obama was not re-elected he was re -selected, by the Elite.

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