71 Year Old Iranian Man Dies Two Days After “Intense Questioning” by US Customs, Iran Gov Warns Citizens of Danger Traveling to America

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JG Vibes

Just this week the government of Iran issued a travel warning to its citizens about visiting the United States, after the death of an elderly Iranian man reportedly followed an intense detainment by US customs officials.

“Iranian citizens are advised to avoid non-essential travels to the US and, in case of visit, to exercise maximum caution,” the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast said in remarks reported by the Isna news agency.

71 Year Old Iranian Man Dies Two Days After “Intense Questioning” by US Customs, Iran Gov Warns Citizens of Danger Traveling to America

The US is a “high risk” destination for Iranian travelers, he said citing a “targeted Iranophobia trend in the US and repeated incidents in which Iranian citizens are threatened and arrested there.”

“His comments came after US media reported that an Iranian citizen, Daryoush Sarreshteh, 73, died two days after being subjected to “intense questioning” by US customs on arrival November 6 at Dulles International Airport.

Mr Mehmanparast said the interrogation was “inhumane” and demanded a “precise investigation” by US authorities into the incident.

“A five-hour unusual and inhumane interrogation of an elderly man cannot be acceptable,” he said, adding that this ministry would follow up the case.”

The US has already issued a similar warning against citizens traveling to Iran, however, the only parties carrying out violence in this equation is the US military industrial complex and their connected allies.

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  1. Archie1954 December 29, 2012 at 10:38 am - Reply

    Anyone that doesn’t want to be sexually abused or interrogated with enhanced methods should just bypass the US as a travel destination. How many times do you have to be warned?

  2. Dan December 29, 2012 at 4:09 am - Reply

    I wonder if they got what they intended? Confess you filthy (place your name here).
    Now sign this admission of guilt and pay no attention to the gun placed at your temple.

    Here lie back and relax while we pour water into your nose and cover your mouth. These jumper cable on your testicles are designed to cure cancer, they are FDA approved!

    Welcome to America have a nice day! Smiles!

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