Video: Law Calls Obama Felon Imposter – Forged Birth Certificate, SSN, Passport, Draft Card Fraud

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 Video Law Calls Obama Felon Imposter – Forged Birth Certificate, SSN, Passport, Draft Card Fraud

Shows Highlights of a Duly Authorized Law Enforcement Investigation Presenting Indisputable Proof Obama’s Birth Certificate and Selective Service Registration are Forged (Felony). Video Goes on to Show Obama is Operating Under a False Identity (Felony Fraud).  Obama’s Social Security Number Fails Government’s E-Verify Test and Belongs to Deceased Man, Harrison J. Bounel (Felony Fraud). Obama’s Passport Name Does Not Match His Birth Certificate (Illegal).  For 17 Years, Obama Said He was Born in Kenya (Ineligible). See Obama’s Three Kenyan Illegal Alien Family Members Living in the U.S.

Starring: Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Mike Zullo, Barack Hussein Obama, Harrison J. Bounel, Obama’s Illegal Alien Half-Brother Abongo Malik Obama, Obama’s Illegal Alien Aunt Zeituni Onyango, Obama’s Illegal Alien Uncle Onyango Obama, and Christopher Greene.

Obama Jailed a Military Officer for Asking to See His Birth Certicate.  Obama’s First Act in the White House was to Seal His Identity Papers.

In 2008, while Vetting McCain, Congress Ruled Presidents Must Have Two US Citizen Parents. Obama Signed This Resolution. Obama’s “Birth Certificate” Says His Dad was Kenyan. So Obama’s Ineligible by His Own Admission.

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  1. dave January 5, 2013 at 5:40 pm - Reply

    The US has become a criminal nation and if the criminal cult that is currently running it says that it wants Obomba then Obomba it is.!! The US has become so steeped in hypocrisy and violence that it is now at the crossroads of fascism or demockrasy . a byword in murder and destruction a country run by psychopaths and lunatics and the only terrorist country in the world . Hopefully Hilarious will remain in hospital [ Preferably the Psychiatric ward . where idiots like her belong] unfortunately there are not enough straightjackets for all of the Psycho’s and lunatics that are currently in office and running loose in America . so when the s**t hits the fan ???

  2. Chris January 4, 2013 at 10:44 pm - Reply

    And nothing will happen about it..

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