UFO Mothership Returns To Texas TV News, New Zealand Baffled By Orbs, UFO Visits ISS Again, Triangle UFO Photographed Over The Moon

UFO Mothership Returns To Texas TV News, New Zealand Baffled By Orbs, UFO Visits ISS Again, Triangle UFO Photographed Over The Moon

Date of sighting: January 25, 2013

Location of sighting: New Zealand

 UFO Mothership Returns To Texas TV News, New Zealand Baffled By Orbs, UFO Visits ISS Again, Triangle UFO Photographed Over The Moon

Eyewitness info: All Sky objects captured on 25.01.2013

The first object captured during day light hours, North 5:45 pm. the second south 9:45 pm the other 2 north, 3 cams used, Panasonic HDC-HS9, 1 Homebuilt N.V with a canon fs36 & Samsung 550p CCTV, please watch in full screen.

UFO Near Space Station On Jan 2013, Video.

Posted by Scott C. Waring, author  UFO Daily Sightings 

Date of sighting: January 26, 2013

Location of sighting: Earths Orbit, on ISS.



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Triangle Shaped UFO Photographed from the Moon This Triangle Shaped UFO was hard to spot at first but when zoomed in you can see the three lights. This photo which was taken from the surface of the moon is very amazing.

After the brightness was adjusted you could see it take shape. You can find the original photo and link to the original photo herehttp://ufosightingz.blogspot.com/2013/01/triangle-shaped-ufo-spotted-in-photo…



UFO Sightings Over Cotulla, Texas This Week Real UFOS Caught On Tape Today In Eagle Ford. January, 2013

Eagle Ford is a hot spot for oil, but in the past few weeks it has turned into the mother ship for UFO sightings. It seems Cotulla, Texas has become ground zero for UFOs in the past few weeks—if recent YouTube postings can be believed.

Several videos have been posted on YouTube showing different sightings in the Cotulla area. One UFO video was posted two days ago. ]


The Mutual UFO Network is a national organization that investigates UFO sightings.

MUFON says they have been getting a lot of calls from South Texas. The group says they can solve 80 to 90 percent of the cases they follow. It’s the other 10 percent that they get excited about.

“Probably the fireballs— we’re not real sure what those are,” said MUFON investigator John Cross. “We think they switched over to jet-powered drones.”

MUFON says California, Texas and Detroit are the hot spots for sightings right now.

They say the videos out of Cotulla this past week can be easily solved.

“It really doesn’t display any unusual flight patterns of any kind, and as you watch the video towards the end you can clearly see all three of the beacons on the aircraft,” Cross said.




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  1. BillybonesIII
    BillybonesIII2 years ago

    Oh yeah, and something else that’s annoying is the quality of pic coming out now. Crying out loud! Almost everone has a digital camera or video camera with mega magnification. Still all we ever see is fuzzy blobs of light .
    Come on!
    Truth is, I think no one really wants to know what they look like.
    Makes great fodder for the Saucer writing kooks though.

  2. BillybonesIII
    BillybonesIII2 years ago

    Just curious-
    How do you know it’s a mother ship? Maybe it’s another ship, or another mother ship. I believe it was George Adamski that labelled it a “mother” ship.
    The one my brother saw in West Vancouver back in the 1960’s had things coming out of it’s butt.

    ARIZONA2 years ago

    FOR crying out loud,geez go to china lake calif,where the real nasa base is and film flying saucers with US AIR FORCE on them,and some are really big to,and everyone of them is capable of inter planetary travel ,china lake ,to mars six hours,thats fast…………..

  4. R.Perez
    R.Perez2 years ago

    Okay , enough is enough. Where is the solid evidence to prove there our UFO’s and I mean UFO’s as it refers to aliens from another planet? We need to be focused on reality and what is really going on in our world and not a presumptuous alien evasion of our world. Does anybody have solid evidence to prove there “theory” ? I am willing to change my opinion on this topic if there is solid evidence.

  5. 5 War Veteran
    5 War Veteran2 years ago

    Lost of tiny little dots and friggin airplanes. Really? Let me know when it is probin time.

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