Petrus Romanus: 900 Year Old Prophecy Says Next Pope Will Oversee End of Days

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In 1139 A.D. the Catholic Saint Malachy was said to have experienced visions during a trip to Rome. He subsequently put these visions to paper and penned a document containing 112 short phrases purporting to describe all future popes that would head the Catholic Church. Though not a part of official Catholic dogma or church teachings, this Prophecy of the Popes is well known by Vatican officials and church scholars because it has been remarkably accurate about naming the last 111 heads of one of the world’s oldest and most widespread religions.

Petrus Romanus 900 Year Old Prophecy Says Next Pope Will Oversee End of Days

According to researchers, theologians and evangelical scholars, the phrases Malachy scribed in his writings offer up the “nature, name, destiny or coat of arms” of every pope in succession and culminate with the naming of the 112th pope.

This morning, Pope Benedict XVI announced he would be retiring. Jokingly referred to as “God’s Rottweiler” in some circles, the German born 111th Pontiff as described in Malachy’s prophecy is called the Gloria Olivae, or ”glory of the olive,” which some supporters of the prophecy suggest is a reference to the Benedictine Order of monks from whom Benedict got his namesake. The monks are also known as the Olivetans, and are represented by an olive branch, leaving many to believe that Saint Malachy was, once again, right.

Now, according to prophecy, the 112th Pope will step up to head the Church, and he will be named Petrus Romanus, or Peter the Roman.

Whether you’re Catholic, Christian or not a religious person at all, the fact that a 900 year old prophecy is coming to a close is intriguing. And one way or the other, whether its predictions turn out to be true or not, the prophecy concludes with the next Pope.

Eerily, the prophecy describes the Catholic Church’s last Pontiff as overseeing a new era, and one that will be met with great difficulty and destruction:

“In  extreme persecution the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman…”

“Who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations and when these things are finished, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible or fearsome judge will judge his people.

The End.”

Prophecy of the Popes – Attributed to St. Malachy circa  1139 A.D.

Within the Book of Revelation, also known as The Apocalypse of John, are references to the destruction of the City of Seven Hills (Rome) and to the many trials that will be faced by mankind ahead of the final judgement – the rapture, the rise of the anti-christ, seven years of tribulations, and the end of days.

Suffice it to say, if the prophecy is accurate, then the world will soon be engulfed in a battle between good and evil.

The idea by some Catholics that the next pope on St. Malachy’s list heralds the beginning of “great apostasy” followed by “great tribulation” sets the stage for the imminent unfolding of apocalyptic events, something many non-Catholics agree with. This will give rise to the false prophet, who according to the book of Revelation leads the world’s religious communities into embracing a political leader known as Antichrist. 

Throughout history, many Catholic priests—some deceased now—have been surprisingly outspoken on what they have seen as this inevitable danger rising from within the ranks of Catholicism as a result of secret satanic “Illuminati-Masonic” influences. These priests claim secret knowledge of an multinational power elite and occult hierarchy operating behind supranatural and global political machinations. Among this secret society are sinister false Catholic infiltrators who understand that, as the Roman Catholic Church represents one-sixth of the world’s population and over half of all Christians, it is indispensable for controlling future global elements in matters of church and state and the fulfillment of a diabolical plan called “Alta Vendita,” which assumes control of the papacy and helps the False Prophet deceive the world’s faithful (including Catholics) into worshipping Antichrist.

As stated by Dr. Michael Lake on the front cover of this unprecedented report, Catholic and evangelical scholars have dreaded this moment for centuries. Unfortunately – as you will discover in the next 90 days – time for avoiding Peter the Roman just ran out.

The prophecy begins in 1143 with the election of Pope Celestine II, who is described in Latin as “Ex caſtro Tiberis,” or “From a castle of the Tiber.” Celestine II was born in central Italy in a city that sits on the banks of the Tiber river.

Pope John Paul II is referred to as “De labore folis,” or “from the labour of the sun,” and is the only pope to have been born on the day of an eclipse and entombed on one as well.

There are scores of similar parallels between prophecy and pope, adding all the more credence to its legitimacy.

In its last prediction, though the prophecy refers to Petrus Romanus as the shepherd that will pasture his sheep, it may not necessarily mean the Pope will be on the side of the people, or even God. According to Thomas Horn, the author of Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here, the last pope is not the anti-christ, but he may well be the false prophet who ushers him in - a chilling thought for the billions of Catholics and Christians around the world:

The important fact is this. The very next Pope, following Pope Benedict the XVI who, according to a lot of news coming out of Rome right now – his days are numbered. He’s getting older, he’s getting feeble, he may retire…

The next Pope is the final one on a 900 year old prophecy.

So, imagine how historical this moment is with regard to end times bible prophecy. 

By the way, the prophecy tells us that he will be the false prophet of biblical fame who will help give rise to the anti-christ.

Via: Prophecy in the News
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A Look at the St. Malachy Prophecy:

Whether coincidence, self fulfilling through the machinations of man, or otherworldly, Malachy’s writings have certainly held the attention of the highest levels at the Vatican for centuries, and perhaps even influenced its decisions.

Now, with Benedict the XVI stepping down, we enter its final phase, and we’ll soon learn how accurate it really is.


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  1. Lance February 20, 2013 at 10:39 am - Reply

    To be fair and balanced:

    [One of the strongest arguments against the prophecies is the fact that they only came to light in 1595, in a book by Benedictine monk Arnold de Wyon. The original text was said to have lain unnoticed in Rome's archives until Wyon published it.

    Sister Madeleine Grace, a historical theologian at the University of St. Thomas who specializes in medieval texts, told NBC News: "There are just a number of red flags . The material that implies they're talking about future popes is rather scanty indeed, and there are factual errors . The likelihood is that they're some kind of forgery."]


  2. avid February 15, 2013 at 9:26 pm - Reply

    All this sort of nonsense , in one form or other has been said before . predictions of worlds end and all that rubbish . if an end should come let it be the Catholic church . a sect well deserving of annihilation .its history is one of death and deceit and pure greed . the world would be a better place if it did not have this sect . I firmly believe that Rome will be destroyed and the destroyer will be Israel . another sect that is long overdue for justice!!

  3. Brian February 13, 2013 at 5:36 pm - Reply

    To Courtney, the prophecy does talk about the 112 pope. It doesn’t only mention 111 of them. It states that the prophecy has described the 111 popes that’s there’s been since the start of the prophecy. Only 111 because there is not a 112th pope yet. It does speak of the 112th, hence petrus Romanus.

  4. Endgame resetter February 13, 2013 at 4:56 pm - Reply

    Our eastern tradition also warn about the next pope named peter who will also moves vatican to bettleham.

  5. Courtney February 13, 2013 at 2:59 pm - Reply

    I think you’re missing the mark here.

    At first you claim that the prophecy only mentions 111 Popes and then go on to talk about the 112th as if it were included in the original prophecy. To say the prophecy speaks of Pope number 112 isn’t true in my opinion.

    “In extreme persecution the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied…”

    The question is not, “Who will the next Pope be?”, but rather, “Who takes the seat (occupies it) in the time after the current Pope steps down and before the next Pope is elected?”

    I mean, what happens if the counsel doing the electing never comes to a decision about the next Pope? Or what if the “occupier” refuses to step down when a new Pope is agreed upon? Or what if something happens to the entire counsel that causes Petrus Romanus to simply take over?

    Didn’t Pope Pius X say “Will I be the one, or will it be a successor? What is certain is that the Pope will leave Rome and, in leaving the Vatican, he will have to pass over the dead bodies of his priests!”

    Certainly any of those situations would cause the “extreme persecution” in which the successor would come to power.

    There doesn’t have to be a 112th Pope for the prophecy to remain true. In fact it seems like it would be false if another Pope were to be elected.

  6. James M Nunes February 12, 2013 at 11:59 pm - Reply

    The Catholic church is just part of Babylon the great, the world empire of false religion.
    She is the harlot spoken of in John’s prophesy in Revelation. She has commited fornication with the kings of the earth. She has got involved in politics and the nation’s wars. Jesus said, “my desciples are not part of this world.” He was not speaking of the literal earth. He was speaking of unrighteous human society aliemated from God. In Jesus parable of the wheat and weeds he prophesised that a great apostacy would set in after the death of his apostles In his parable he said, “that the enemy the devil would sow weeds among the wheat and not to pull the weeds out so that you do not pull the wheat out with it, but let the weeds grow large enough so that you can be distiguished them from the wheat and the reapers which are the angels will pull them out during the conclusion of the system of things.” False religion will be destroyed in the war of the Great God Almighty and all human governments will be brought to nothing as prophesised in Daniel’s prophesy. In Daniel’s vision he saw a huge figure in the form of a man that represented all the following world powers that existed upon the earth to the present. 1-Egypt 2-Assyria 3-Babylon 4-Medo persia 5-Greece 6-Rome 7-The last, the Anglo American duo world power which is depicted by the feet of clay mixed with irom. A huge stone the size of mountain hit the feet of this amense image and it will fill the entire earth. What is spoken of here is God’s Kindom that will rule under Christ Jesus for a thousand years. At the end of the thousand years when mankind is brought back to perfection the devil will be let loose for a little while. Prove yourseld faithful and I will give you a crown of life.

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