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  1. James M Nunes
    James M Nunes1 year ago

    The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes. Those who issue money and credit direct the policies of government and hold in their hands the destiny of the people. The political leaders are pawns of interntional finance. Front men. When the Elite Globalst Banking CABAL appointed the necessary person into the international house of finance, the debt surf slaves began top pay them tribute of subjects an all the monies of the world began to flow into their cash boxes. All property, peronal and real is chattel liened property. No one has title absolute or alodial title to realestate. You ony have the right of occupancy and the right of use as long as you pay your extortioin money to the International Financiers collection agency. You only have a vested interest in most states to the surface rights and not the subsurface rights. It’s all an illlusion of prosperity. Liberty and justice or all who can afford it. The local governments are collecion agencies of International Finance. The only method that is going to change this corrupt system is divine intervention, a revolution, a world wide natural disaster or world war 111. The International Banking families are the personification of evil. Through Fractunal Reserve Deposit Expansion Banking the Financial Mafia has been running the largest Ponzi Pyramid Scam in the history of the world. When a system is based on fraud it eventually collapses or implodes from within. The Central Bankers create boom and bust cycles. After they skim the top off of the financial pyramid, they bailout with their golden parachutes with a silver lining and make a soft landing while the debt surf slaves crash to the bottom. The whole political economic system needs to be reformed, it is rotten to the core. When is enough going to be enough? Two imutable laws: 1- Nothing last forever. 2-What goes up must come down, including governments.

  2. gary
    gary1 year ago

    yes they want their two percent return on an infinite amount of money. True corruption.

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