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  1. 5 War Veteran
    5 War Veteran1 year ago

    Why is is called “free healthcare” when my premiums have tripled? I do not see anything free about it. Plus I now have deductibles to pay as well. This will cost me half of my income to cover me and my wife.
    The American Dream has been stolen bu criminal politicians and illegal aliens. Do not forget those who will receive ‘free’ healthcare and never pay anything into it.
    Government dole anyone?
    When I joined the service I was told that my families medical would be free forever and more than 25 years ago I started to be charged. Breach of contract! Now today I have increasing deductibles.
    I joined to fight Communism and not I am told by politicians to “get used to it” (John Mc Cain”.
    Embrace “wealth redistribution” WTF? It is because of criminal politicians and criminal corporate Elite that jobs are gone from America and they blame “we the people” for it? Just when did I ever have anything to do with the destruction of Detroit? That was the US Governments dealings.
    The government spends plenty of money in whore houses but they cannot keep one open when they get involved in it’s operation.

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