Alert: FEMA Camp Round Up Has Begun!!!

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It begins with the homeless. Then another group, then another… Until, well just remember Germany. It isn’t pretty!

In August, according to MSN, the Columbia City Council unanimously approved the plan, creating special police patrols that would enforce “quality of life” laws involving loitering, public urination and other crimes not necessarily restricted to the homeless population. Those officers would then offer the homeless a choice: Go to jail for their homelessness or be shuffled to a 240-bed, 24-hour shelter on the outskirts of town, which they wouldn’t be allowed to easily leave.
Alert FEMA Camp Round Up Has Begun!!!
According to the ActivistPost,  the Columbia South Carolina plan is already complete with an urgent Emergency Homeless Response report. And that report includes information about hauling the homeless away in transport vans to an already stationed shelter with workers, phone number for townspeople to report “the person in need,” an officer stationed to control foot traffic, public feeding moved there, more foot patrol officers for the city to keep out the homeless – oh, and the homeless can’t walk off the premises!If they want to leave, they must get permission, set up an appointment and be shuttled by a transport van. A patrolman will guard the road leading in to make sure homeless don’t wander off downtown. Ex-prisoners will be shuttled there unless someone picks them up from the county jail. No foot traffic allowed – only shuttle van arrival.  The plan is a city plan and not a federal government plan.

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In September Columbia, South Carolina decided to rescind its controversial decision to criminalize homelessness after facing major backlash from police, city workers and advocates

ChristianVideoChanne “That’s how it begins. They start with one city and with people who cant do anything about it. Obama already passed laws to allow other groups such as indefinite detention, making freedom of speech a felony. The ONLY reason to pass the executive orders listed are to take complete control of a nation. You don’t have to be a militant strategist to figure this out! Just have common sense!”

ChristianVideoChanne “I just want to say, that becoming homeless could happen to any one of us at any time! In this economy especially. So to the people that complain that the homeless are sleeping in your doorways, or you don’t want to have to look at them on the street. God forgive you! I pray you never have to experience what they go through!

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  1. Dr. William Richard Pabst Cathey October 9, 2013 at 12:46 am - Reply

    For the present time, the limited use of the camps is valid. No one wants a bunch of vagrants sleeping on their doorstep. Further, many of the homeless have mental issues some of which are a danger to the public. Additionally, which is better, sleeping in the gutter or sleeping in an organized healthy environment. The homeless are an increasing drain on the resources of cities in general, and there is not enough money for the cities to care for them. As far as futuristic projections go, as the number of homeless grows, they will become a massive security and safety issue.

    • Sally G October 9, 2013 at 3:13 am - Reply

      OFFERING shelter to homeless is one thing; FORCING them into camps is something else again. “No one” may want “a bunch of vagrants” on their doorstep, but that does not give the government the right to herd people into shelters and NOT let them leave at will.

    • Adam October 9, 2013 at 12:33 pm - Reply

      I think the problem I have with your understanding is the assertion that it is going to BE healthy. Also if no mental problems, and no criminal problems, is there a plan in place to reintegrate? I find it VERY ODD that this video is no longer accessible because it has been marked “private”. This is exactly the thing that YouTube does to a video that it does not want seen. Or the feds don’t want to be seen. I’ve spoken with those who have posted similar videos that were removed, marked private, etc. etc. etc. and they all have the same story. They never removed it. They never marked it anything but public. When I see YT shut the video down, I move IMMEDIATELY to it being damning to the establishment and legit. And now I want to see this damn video.

  2. close to the edge October 9, 2013 at 12:32 am - Reply

    Yes Sir. We’re watching the beginning of Rev #2 and they have only a short time before, we hope?) people awake, the World’s on fire and we have ourselves surrounded. My Father celebrated his 18th b-day in Stalog 7 and got to hear Das Leader Adolf ranting in Munich.And they were not treated well at all.If he were alive today,he’d call them traitors.Thanks for the heads-up and may God keep us.

  3. close to the edge October 9, 2013 at 12:11 am - Reply

    What help? From who? The educated what? As the Watcher’s on the Walls, the warnings written, what is happening now,spoken thru-out history, clearly scene.Since only one more Exec’ swipe of ‘The Pen” and all is under an Emergency ( fill in the name) Lockdown. The Honored men and women that inspired the WW II Memorial, locked down with baracades and Park Police by order of Obama n Co’s to guard/ arrest 80 to 104 yr old Veterans and families, those who gave all and more for our freedoms and the freedom of others.And the Guard on duty that the Congressman took aside to talk with him about what he thought of this mess, those Vets made their way in, to the Memorial of stone and marble, inscribed with the story of one of the worst times in World history, and the price of freedom. They never have a guard there unless requested as to explain all the meaning, and groups being taught what it cost our Country for the freedoms we’re losing by this Pres’ and both House’s, this currupt Administration. As they did in Gomer so we go.Murder of the most innocent,in or out of the mother in any way,at any time. Could there be anything so hideous and evil,, to sacrifice the Little Ones, then the infirmed and MRDD,the crippled,the ??, then the ??. You know Hairy Reid n Peeloosli are promoting our Nations ruin right in step with the rest of the minions we call Leaders and the Closet Muslum we call Pres n Co, on the Road to Armagadon !!!

  4. Anonymous October 8, 2013 at 7:44 pm - Reply

    I am homeless for nearly 2yrs. and fairly well educated and looking for a place to live and in Western Michigan in the US and I can see the beginnings of similar things taking place in the city of Grand Rapids,Michigan with regards to your story and analysis of the situation. The diference in Grand Rapids is that the homeless shelter is downtown but rumors have it that the powers that be want the thing closed down and relocated…the city doesn’t want people seeing homeless people wondering around. I guess we’re too unsightly. I do recall Poland and Germany in the late 1930′s and 40′s. Have a good day.

  5. KLAUS HEIL October 8, 2013 at 12:21 pm - Reply


  6. Alysia Tambourides October 8, 2013 at 2:39 am - Reply

    Right on 5 War Veteran!! Right on!!

  7. Sally G October 7, 2013 at 11:16 pm - Reply

    This is clearly unconstitutional and needs to be challenged rapidly and strongly. What legal group would take this on? NLG? ACLU? PCJ? other?

  8. 5 War Veteran October 7, 2013 at 9:44 pm - Reply

    With the whip of a pen you will become homeless and fall into the FEMA camp category. Expect Veterans to be denied their contractual rights by the government who signed those contracts.
    When the US Government defaults on those contracts they the 535 will be committing crimes against humanity. Who will pay? The Veterans. The US Government has already made themselves exempt from prosecution. But they are not exempt from the ire of THE PEOPLE.
    If you think you are immune from government crimes, think again.
    the ACTUAL Unemployment Rate is 58% and you have been lied to. The Government ASSumes your are stupid and perhaps they are right about that.

    When a person’s unemployment insurance runs out (it is all running out now) they government ASSumes they do not want to work.
    So the unemployed fall off the roles and they are no longer counted as unemployed. The Government then posts fractionally low numbers regarding unemployment leaving you the Stupid American thinking things are “getting better” when in all actuality they are getting worse.
    Anyone who believes in the TWO PARTY system is a manipulated idiot. You are given two choices when there are many more intelligent ones available, but those are not offered. You are given a choice between two bad paths and are then expected to decide which is the LESSER OF TWO EVILS.
    Politicians usurped the US Government in 1963 in a Political Coup by killing JFK. George Bush senior was one of those responsible.

    Since then America had gone downhill. One would think that is the system was operating properly America would be enjoying prosperity by now. The system has been stolen by the wealthy banking and Corporate Elite and you have remained clueless to the point of total and complete destruction of your country.

    Those of us who have been revealing the truth for decades were called conspiracy theorists, dissidents, and terrorists. You chose to not pay attention and now YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. Get off your fat asses and take responsibility or become the life controlled slave you have been bred to be.

    Now back to WWE, Nascar, beer, football, America’s Dumbest and munching hay.
    Effing Sheeple.

    Wake up because it is not too late, that will be next week.

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