Corsi: False Flag Imminent To Prevent Obama Impeachment – Video

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As talk of impeaching Barack Obama heats up, the Alex Jones interview with World Net Daily senior staff reporter Jerome Corsi brings up the possibility that a false flag or staged crisis will be implemented to prevent the impeachment.

Corsi False Flag Imminent To Prevent Obama Impeachment - Video

Corsi says “Oh, they’ll stage something. There is no doubt they are going to stage something. What’s ready to happen, the next I think false flag or crisis on the horizon is the bursting of the stock bubble. This is another stock market bubble, just like the dot com bubble burst. Then you had the housing market bubble burst. Both manufactured bubbles, both engineered by the private bankers, the central bank.”

Via Raw Story:

“Iran succumb to the international bankers,” he continued. “And again, I think the next crisis we are going to face will be a loss of freedom opportunity. Forget about Obamacare, when everyone is going bankrupt because the dollar tanks, the stock market bubble bursts, that’s I think the kind of major crisis that is in the works for Obama to put back on the agenda a power grab and take off the agenda his impeachment.”

It is a theory but one that many believe, the dollar is on the verge of collapse, Republicans in Congress are talking impeachment more freely, movements seen across the country, in blogs, on forums and talk radio are pushing for it, so it makes sense that should calamity strike imminently that would quiet those voices, the media to be refocused elsewhere.

It is the standard operating procedure, distract the public and politicians with some attack, some manufactured crisis so all eyes are turned away from where they previously were looking.

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  1. Archie1954 December 15, 2013 at 4:54 am - Reply

    This article is pure bunkum! Although the current President is a great disappointment to many progressives, he certainly has not done anything to warrant impeachment except perhaps in the fantasy land of Republican ideology. The worst president of the modern era,GW Bush was not impeached although his serious crimes and misdemeanours are well known history now. He should also be tried for war crimes along with his perverse accomplice that Cheney thing.

  2. close to the edge December 15, 2013 at 2:06 am - Reply

    There you go,blaming the Israeli shadow gov’ and Corsi for all the World’s troubles, while Suck of State Kerry is gonna bring peace there as the whole area is on fire. The Mus’ Bros’,from Syria to Egypt thru Africa are murdering Christians by crucifiction, burning them to death,rapeing women and little girls, then murdering them. Burning churches,homes that are full of innocent Christians and Jews,all in the name of Islam,a religion of peace. And they continue to murder their own by the 1,000s daily.Iran will never stop the Nuc’ program and the genecide of the ‘Little satan,Israel’ and the ‘Great satan,USA’ et’all.Kerry says we can deal with the Sharia led regime who must cause a major nuc’,chem,bio attack in the Mid’ East, but also in the EU and the USA to bring in their 12th iman.With our closet muslum Oba n Co’ arming our enemies here and abroad, knowing his time is short, has to create a major crisis already in place,giving them total control enforced by DHS,TSA,Russian and Chinese troops who were trained last July-Nov’ on our military equipment,communication systems and also along with our National Guard, trained on how to detain,disarm,contain,routing Sheeple and killing any who stand by the Oath they took or are a waste of time and resourses.You show your ignorance when you think Israel is behind the terrorism and Corsi is a puppet. Oba n Co’ have signed all the Exec’ Orders that give total control to them. Just awaiting the inside crisis which will be major,and Oba signs the last Exec’ Order from Val Jerritt’s hand. And it won’t be long. Treason is still a crime, isn’t it? What say you,tickcock?

    • ticktock December 15, 2013 at 4:53 am - Reply

      I would question where are you getting your news from? The Tribe? Obama, telling Nutjob we are NOT going to war with Iran! Hurray. Sounds like you have bought into all the propaganda spewing from the alphabet news all controlled by the Tribe, so good luck with your “informed” mantra. Whenever a tv news, radio news, political talk or anything else never ONCE mentions Israel to blame for anything, you can be sure you are getting b.s. Keep your blinders on and be deceived.

  3. ticktock December 14, 2013 at 6:42 am - Reply

    If Corsi is talking on Alex Jones, it is because Israel is behind this tactic. Don’t trust Corsi for that reason. Israel is furious that the USA won’t go bomb Iran. One great POINT for Obama. No War………..No War…………..and stop believing all the b.s. propaganda coming from Nuttyyahoo for 20 years about Iran. It’s b.s. folks………..The tribal cabal wants the banking system in Iran, just like they wanted it in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and soon to be N. Korea and Cuba and the Sudan!
    We are all being used as pawns in the great game of chess for world domination…………and we lose! Unless it is stopped, revealed and exposed NOW!

    • John Cook December 14, 2013 at 10:42 am - Reply

      @Ticktock, you left out Libya. It is a death penalty crime to refuse the Rothschild central bank. Libya was probably the best country in that region in terms of living standard, education, medical services. It was a vicious and evil act to destroy that country and murder it’s leader.

      • ticktock December 14, 2013 at 11:44 am - Reply

        You are right. I forgot to add Libya. All being overthrown for the Jew agenda of world monetary domination…………..the rest of the control will automatically follow the money control. He who controls the money RULES!

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