Video: Missing Virus From Texas Lab & Mystery Deaths Connected?

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Susan Duclos

Does the missing vial of a deadly virus from a Houston lab in February 2013 have any connection to the deadly “mystery illness” killing people in Texas in December?

Missing Virus From Texas Lab & Mystery Deaths Connected

That is the thought of PayDroV in the video below.

What was the virus that went missing in February? Any connection to the H1N1 virus that has been found in some of the victims of the mysterious illness that has killed over half a dozen people to date?

Via the video details:

DEADLY VIRUS ALERT! OUTBREAK Right Now IN Southeast USA! A vial of deadly virus disappeared from a LAB in Houston a few months ago Virus Stolen from LAB in Houston TX February 2013 Mystery illness strikes again December 17th 2013 more than a dozen people have died this week due to a unknown VIRUS.. But back in February this Virus was stolen from the Bio-Lab and ever since they have been using it to kill off many.. Please watch the whole thing and be aware of your surroundings we are in danger of losing our own lives if we don’t wake up now.

The ultimate question…. has this whole thing has been a test by the elite NWO to test an extermination virus to fulfill their depopulation agenda?

(Around the 5:40 mark in the video below he shows the news reports about the missing virus)

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  1. aj weishar December 29, 2013 at 12:29 am - Reply

    Why do we tempt fate with this deadly research? The Plum Island Animal Research Center released Lyme disease, because the scientists didn’t know deer can swim. The anthrax letters were probably sent from the same lab by workers involved in a labor dispute. . Now we have government and contractor labs all over the U.S. producing deadly viruses, bacteria, and toxins. They are more difficult to secure and monitor and create soft targets for terrorists. .

  2. overit December 27, 2013 at 8:40 pm - Reply has the reports its Confirmed to be a variation on the H1N1 strain.

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