2014 Reno Air Races “The Arrivals “


year Friday arrivals unlimited saw almost all showing at the same time , the only exception was Voodoo arrive alone on Saturday morning .


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  1. mitkooo1 says:

    why do they throttle up before they shut the engines down?

  2. Rodzi Osman says:

    nice to watch old-timer planes flying..they look cool..

  3. gjmob says:

    RAAF emblem with d day markings ! ?

  4. RFKFANTS67 says:

    Love time frame 9:02 when The champ Steven Hinton Jr and Voodoo roll in sounds so sweet! "Go Team Voodoo" Merry Christmas and best wishes in 2015.

  5. aopajay says:

    Thank You for sharing.

  6. KJ says:

    +gjmob During the Korean War British Commonwealth aircraft (including Sea Furies) were painted with invasion stripes because F-86 and Superfortress pilots kept mistaking Supermarine Seafires for Yak-9s.

  7. Andrew Silva says:

    sure makes it easier being able to fly your plane to the site where the event is going to beld instead of like other sports where they have to trailer like the race cars for example……Now the big question I have always wondered is, and I know this probably changes year by year, but is the Reno Air Races the final Air race of the Season, and if not, from here where do all these planes usually fly to next after this??????

  8. RemoVegas says:

    YOU Da Best PaPa..!

  9. Was that one…Centaurus????

  10. feruck me wiv a blunt barge pole………………..

  11. five bladed ..GOTTA BE????

  12. eh wot youse need is too gets tha FROG a BOOT UP the backside an that Napier Sabre …ON THE GO???…know wot i mean

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