Fuked!!! Bombshell Proof US Govt Knew US Citizens Were Being Poisoned With Fukushima Radiation And Told No One!!!

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The newly released story below is deeply disturbing as it provides proof to us that the US government KNEW that DEADLY Fukushima radiation was poisoning Americans and TOLD NO ONE! We learn here that both Florida and Washington state were hit VERY HARD by radiation levels high enough to cause cancer and thyroid problems for EVERYONE who has been exposed. Brand new video reports below as well.

Fuked!!! Bombshell Proof US Govt Knew US Citizens Were Being Poisoned With Fukushima Radiation And Told No One!!!

March 8, 2014 — (TRN) According to 2 reports issued by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, in March of 2011,  citizens in the US were hit with deadly levels of radiation, containing airborne particles guaranteed to cause cancer, from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster taking place in Japan — and the government never told anyone.

The reports also show the cities of Richland, WA and Melbourne, FL each suffered exposure to the highest levels of airborne radiation – outside of Japan – during the March, 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant meltdowns.  The report proves conclusively that the United States Department of Energy (DOE) knew that people in those areas were being exposed to extreme levels of radiation, and DEADLY “hot” particles, but kept the information secret.  We have both reports; now YOU have them too!

The public could have protected themselves by wearing masks and taking potassium iodate pills – for thyroid protection – if we were informed of the situation as it was occurring.  Instead, we were left to breathe the radioactive materials and are now likely suffering thyroid damage and cancers.

Former Energy Secretary Steven Chu of California was in charge of DOE at the time and he is personally responsible for the DOE failing to alert citizens to the danger they were being exposed to, or how to protect themselves.

How bad was the danger?  To be very precise,  according to the report, radioactive Xenon gas was detected in Richland, WA at four-hundred-fifty-thousand times (450,000) higher than the detection level!  The chart showing this appears below.

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