Family Calls 911 For Help With Special Needs Daughter, Cops Show Up And Shoot Her Dead

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Neighbors claim girl was shot in the back

A family in California has been left reeling after their special needs daughter was shot dead by police following a 911 call for emergency medical assistance.

The San Mateo County sheriff’s department says that 18-year-old Yanira Serrano, who suffered from depression, was fatally shot Tuesday in Half Moon Bay after she lunged at a deputy with a knife.

The Sheriff’s department claims that they received a call regarding a violent armed woman in the street and were responding accordingly.

Family Calls 911 For Help With Special Needs Daughter, Cops Show Up And Shoot Her Dead

“There was a confrontation where the deputy was in fear for his life and as a result he fired his weapon.” Deputy Rebecca Rosenblatt told local news station KNTV, adding that the incident occurred within 20 seconds of arriving to the scene.

“We have deputies that were responding to the scene with the information that somebody was acting in a psychotic nature armed with a knife and won’t put it down even for her own family,” Rosenblatt added.

However, the girl’s brother, Tiny Serrano, told reporters that it was the family who called 911 requesting paramedics because his sister had not taken her medication.

“Instead they decided to send a deputy to the house,” he said.


The brother noted that Serrano would have never posed a threat to a law enformcement officer, and was only carrying a knife out of fear when she fled her home.

ktvu report notes that neighbors suggested to reporters that Serrano was shot in the back by the deputy. The Sheriff’s department denies the allegation, but would not say where the teen was shot. They are also unaware whether or not the deputy ordered Serrano to drop the knife.

A cousin, Saul Miramontes, told KTVU that the family is devastated.

“I just feel kind of sad. I feel mad. I don’t know why an officer would come and do that and try to kill my cousin,” said Miramontes. “My cousin didn’t do nothing. For sure they could have Tasered her. They could have at least done something better.”

“She has special needs and we just want answers,” the girl’s brother urged. “Who are we supposed to call now when we need help when who is supposed to help us is killing our kids?”

“We want answers. Why didn’t they use a Taser?” he asked. “We just want to know what really happened.”

“She was really loving and caring, really sweet with my parents,” he said. “I still can’t believe this happened to my sister.”

A vigil held for Serrano last night turned into a protest march that ended at the San Mateo County sheriff’s sub-station.

The deputy who killed Serrano has been placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

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  1. Archie1954 June 7, 2014 at 6:27 am - Reply

    This beautiful young woman was a victim of police violence. To call her a “spic” is disgraceful. There is no need for racial remarks. It has nothing to do with her right to live.

  2. Stan Sikorski June 7, 2014 at 1:11 am - Reply

    I’d shoot a crazy spic with a knife too. It’s a classic example of their race, a spic with a knife, a stereotype as old as ever. The family could have handled it themselves but they chose to involve outside sources, and those sources are under constant pressure by these stereotypical ‘minorities’ all day long. Cleaning up the garbage if you will. I can’t really blame them. It’s when they bust in the wrong door or kill grandma over speeding or the family dog that I start to have a problem with them.

  3. common law private attorney general Chris June 6, 2014 at 11:26 pm - Reply

    Murder by COP Under the Lie of: “IN FEAR for Cop’s Life”; is far to Common in the N.W.O. Fascist CorpoRAT Tyranny posing a Clear and Present Imminent DANGER to Americans US Inc. citizens and poor migrant Victims of Policies promoted by the Southern Poverty Liars (leaders) Council spread Like Matasticizng Cancer EN-gulfing America. and the World! Pray for DEVINE Intercession pray fervently and fast Please?

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