The Simpsons Predicts 6-22-14 Nuclear Terror Attacks

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An update on references to June 22nd terror attacks within “fiction”, plus a look at treason charges against President Obama as a $70 general solution (enter Ctrl F treason). Also discussed, are my thoughts about 6/22/12 and 6/22/13 (enter Ctrl F Before 2012).

The Simpsons Predicts 6-22-14 Nuclear Terror Attacks

I have found the date 6/22/14 hidden in recent episodes of nine TV series, including The Simpsons. The episodes involved terrorism and war. June 22nd is the date of false flag nuclear terror attacks in the London Telegraph’s “Operation Blackjack” series, and the date 6/22 is hidden in related “fiction”.

The Oklahoma City Bombing, 9/11, and 7/7, were all similarly foretold within so-called “fiction”. 9/11 was foretold in so many TV shows and movies, that new examples are still being found. Here are some famous cases, starting with The Simpsons Series 9 Episode 01 (S09E01, 9/21/1997), click on images to enlarge them:-

SIMPSONS NY 9-11 1997


In 2006, a lot of “fiction” and news stories about nuclear terrorism started to appear.
In January 2009 the London Telegraph published a series called Operation Blackjack
(Black Jack = Satan/Lucifer), which gave the date June 22nd (6/22) for nuclear attacks.

The bombs are planted on 6/21, Blackjack = 21. 9/11 to 6/21 inclusive is 9 months and
11 days. 6/21 is also the summer solstice, an important day to Freemasons who worship
the Egyptian sun and war god Horus (a.k.a. Lucifer) – symbolized by the All-Seeing Eye.

In Operation Blackjack, London, Paris, Washington D.C., Toronto, Mexico City, plus New York, Los Angeles and Portland and are all bombed on June 22nd, in an unspecified year.


The alleged perpetrators are “domestic extremists armed by Iran, Syria, and China”. The newly formed “Union of North America” attacks the patsy nations:-

BLACKJACK PT3SL8Operation Blackjack was found to contain several hidden messages including “This is not simply entertainment” and “Predictive Programming 2.0”. These messages confirmed what many immediately suspected when they found the series. Blackjack’s false flag Boston bomb plot, which became real in 2013:-


President Obama said on 3/25/14 at a “nuclear security summit”:-

“Russia is a regional power that is threatening some of its immediate neighbors; I continue to be much more concerned when it comes to our security with the prospect of a nuclear weapon  going off in Manhattan.”


Was this more “predictive programming”, setting the stage for government false flag nuclear attacks?

The Operation Blackjack “slide show story” is still on the Telegraph’s website, and here is a more convenient video version (8m long):-

You can download this video (21mb), for smoother playback, here.

The TV series Jericho (2006-8) is the Blackjack story from the perspective of a small American town. Blackjack and Jericho both have a character called Valente, and there is a Jericho episode called “Black Jack”. This is the “6/22 bus”, which is shown in Jericho as the (23) bombs go off :-


Jericho combines many of the threats that we have been warned about in recent years – nuclear terrorism, EMP attacks, a (bio-weapon) plague, and U.S. civil war. “Conveniently”, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and other U.S. domestic agencies, have been preparing for these scenarios – Jericho may represent the full plan to conquer America, as discussed here.

Before 2012, many Blackjack/Jericho related TV shows and movies also included hidden references to the year 2012. After 6/22/12 passed peacefully, the clues in “fiction” moved to 6/22/13. Warning calls to Coast To Coast AM may have prevented attacks on 6/22/12 and 6/22/13 – millions of listeners had been primed to blame the government for terror attacks on those two dates.

The date 6/22/13 was hidden many times in a 2013 episode of The Simpsons called The Saga Of Carl (S24E21, 5/19/13). The episode involves betrayal/treason leading to terrorism and war. Here is a hidden 6/22/13 from that episode:-


3192296 = 6922913 = 6/22/13 + 99. The number 9 is Satan/Black Jack’s number in Masonic/Illuminati numerology. Can anyone read the bar-code?

Given that the dates 9/11/01, 6/22/12, and 6/22/13, had all been hidden in Simpsons episodes from previous years, I decided to look for suitable episodes within the current season. “The Art Of War” (S25E15, 3/24/14) seemed like a promising title. This episode involves threats/terrorism against the Simpsons. Here is a still from 13 minutes in:-

Simpsons.S25E15.14 EYES TOO

Note the raised/questioning eyebrow from the CIA type character next to the (year) 13,
and only he has eyebrows. Also, the 13 is being thrust forward into the front row/current year, to join the 6 and the 22. And, 6+1+3+2+2 is a hidden 14, for a full 6/22/14.

Additionally, there are red Masonic pyramid earrings in the second row, perhaps indicating
that Blackjack was stopped in 2013. Marge’s green pyramid earrings and outfit in front row, seem to symbolize that Blackjack 6/22 is green-lighted in 2014:-

Simpsons.S25E15. RED = STOP GREEN = GO

An interesting 6/22/14 reference appeared in a recent episode of “Revolution” (2012) called “Declaration Of Independence“. Revolution was series about America in 2027, after global  EMP-like attacks, and it contained many Blackjack/Jericho themes. From the end of the final episode (S02E22, 5/14/14):-


I checked the town’s co-ordinates… Bradbury, Ohio, Latitude:-
39.0095226 = (3+9).(9+5) 22 6 = 12.14 22 6 = a reversed 6/22/14.21 (Blackjack).
Longitude: -82.0668088 = 8+2+6+6 = 22 and 8+8+8 = 24 = 2+4 = 6 = 22/6 = 6/22.

What is “Revolution” suggesting may occur on 6/22/14? A clue from a few frames earlier:-


A three ringed circus – “something spectacular, tumultuous, or entertaining”. A good description of Operation Blackjack – false flag attacks even more spectacular and tumultuous than 9/11. The circus theme may also be a reference to Jericho and Blackjack, because the Black Jack referred to in Jericho is a fairground.


I have found 6/22/14 hidden dozens more times in other series and episodes. Car number plates are a common if dull/predictable location, where the letters represent numbers (A = 1 N = 14 etc), and 9/11 plates sometimes appear on other cars nearby. You just look for 6, 22, 14, 9, and 11, and then add up the remaining numbers.

A = 1 B2 C3 D4 E5 F6 G7 H8 I9 J10 K11 L12 M13 N14 O15 P16 Q17 R18 S19 T20 U21 V22 W23 X24 Y25 Z26

If Operation Blackjack became real on 6/22/14 what should we expect? I suggest “dirty bombs” in several major cities – plenty of terror and propaganda, but little real damage. A smooth transition to the next phase could then follow – martial law plus attacks against Syria and Iran. The worst case version from Operation Blackjack:-


What can be done about all of the above? Firstly you can call George Noory (I have been trying), or your favorite show in the alternative media, and say something like:-

“The date 6/22/14 is being hidden in a lot of TV shows which involve terrorism and war. If there are terror attacks on June 22nd, the government will definitely be behind it”.

Previously, I suggested charging Obama, plus the heads of the DHS and FEMA, with conspiracy to commit genocide – the DHS has bought two billion hollow point bullets (etc!), and FEMA is preparing for unspecified “mass casualty events”, whilst hiring long-term concentration camp guards.

Recently I looked up the U.S. definition of treason:-

“Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them…”, that is, building an army to attack the United States.

Barack Obama in July 2008:-

We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

Obama has made remarkable progress towards this sinister goal, which appears to represent clear-cut treason – who could the militarized DHS, police, and other domestic departments/agencies, possibly fight apart from the American people? Obama has even authorized the U.S. military to combat “domestic unrest”.

U.S. training facilities for this war against the people have been found, see here and here, and the DHS is promoting “right-wing gun owners and veterans” as the next terrorist threat/enemy (i.e. the next target).

Treason charges against Obama would at least warn middle America about the threat, and the filing fee may be only $70.

If Obama’s forces attacking America seems unlikely, all that is required are major false
flag attacks, to be blamed on “home-grown extremists/traitors”, as described in Operation Blackjack and Jericho.


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  1. RichieRich June 22, 2014 at 10:06 pm - Reply

    It is June 22, 2014 today and everything is just fine in the Southeast USA. Is everyone else okay?

  2. kj June 17, 2014 at 1:03 pm - Reply

    Where is the author I haven’t seen any new posts?

  3. 9/11was an inside job! June 9, 2014 at 1:56 pm - Reply

    illuminati cokesuckers

  4. Boyd Cassie June 9, 2014 at 2:55 am - Reply

    The illuminati take an approach of hinting at their intentions before events happen. Pearl Harbor, 911, Sandy Hook, Boston bombing. Actually every war for the last couple of centuries has followed the hegelian dialect. Purposely stage an event which justifies any action or campaign that follows. There had not been a torpedoed ship before Vietnam and 911 must be the most infamous inside job yet. Multiple bombs and viruses would surpass that. The new world order consists of the so called elite bankers, their in-laws, various business magnates, numerous organisations and others of influence in the world. They have figured mankind has various perceived challenges and have said “lets kill most of them.” Ninety percent destruction of mankind is the figure they are aiming at. These aims are in concrete on the Highway 77 Georgia guidestones and a portrayal can be seen on the Denver airport murals.

    It would appear that Washington has a pivotal role in such an agenda of population reduction and world domination. Millions dead in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen, Libya and Syria. The US installed govt in Ukraine and propaganda about Russia is about installing even more military bases worldwide. In this case for pushing Russia off a base on their own border. More like pushing toward an unneeded third world war. The regular aerial spraying of poison chemtrails would suggest Americans are seen as expendable and indeed the bomb plus virus plots of 622. Numerous high ranking officials have been fired in recent years as the current litmus test for an officer is the willingness to fire on fellow Americans. Evangelism within the military has been banned. If a campaign were actually justified, how could any measure of success be expected when christianity has been outlawed.

    Being as satan steals kills and destroys, it indicates who is actually behind such agendas. Other occultic designed clues are the sun god (lucifer) Washington monument, the pentagon and pattern of roads in close proximity. There are similar monuments in other locations such as at the vatican. Another new world order proponent.

    The elite bankers originated from among the ashkenazi Jews. They are not Jews at all and were from from a land near Georgia. An identity theft followed with a worldwide crime spree for centuries which these days holds almost every nation financially captive. Jfk, Lincoln and Jackson had intended freeing the US from such corruption. Another hijacked term is Palestine which had meant Jewish before 1940. 70% of so called Palestinians actually hold a Jordanian passport. Arab dictators gave land which outnumbers Israel at the rate of 650:1. Congress is supporting the new Palestinian “unity” government with half a billion dollars annually and hiding its connection with the radical Islamic Hamas. PA president Mahmoud Abbas is the man who funded the PLO murdering of 11 Israeli athletes and coaches during the 1972 Munich Olympics. Peace remains elusive because the enemies of Israel want them destroyed. It would be instant if others stopped the unjustified envy. Of all who claim an anti semitic stance, 70% have never even met a Jew.

    Actual Jews descend from Judah, son of Jacob who became renamed Israel. Jacob (Israel) had twelve sons including Judah. He lived 21 generations after Adam and Eve and received a wonderful covenant blessing for his myriad of descendants which had begun with his faithful grandfather Abraham. The promised blessing included the land north, east, west and south. And much more than the land of Israel itself. The following are locations of Israelites today.

    Present day Israelites:

    Ephraim – The British Commonwealth including Australians and New Zealanders
    Manasseh – The United States of America
    Reuben – Northern France
    Levi – with the Jews
    Issachar – Finland
    Zebulun – Holland
    Benjamin – Iceland, Belgae, Normans, Quebecois
    Dan – Danes, Irish
    Naphtali – Sweden
    Judah – Jews
    Gad – Norway
    Asher – Swiss
    Simeon – Welsh

    There are 13 names because Ephraim and Manasseh were sons of Joseph who actually did have a multi colored coat as the favourite son.

    All anti semitic sentiment and action is quite diabolical, such that only envy can explain it. Envy is worse than anger and fury combined and explains much of mans history and treatment of each other. Envy is why the people handed Jesus over for no good reason in what became the worst beating in history and every bone could be seen. He did that on paying for sin on our behalf.

    The soon arriving asteroid in the Atlantic is another sign that God is returning remarkably soon and mans 6,000 year sinful reign is over. Others include earthquakes overtaking thunderstorms in frequency and signs in the heavens. All planets are exhibiting changes. At the moment Venus is on fire and behaving erratically. The globalists, who own numerous news networks have hidden truths from people including the fukushima super disaster which will kill all sea creatures and make Hawaii unliveable within months followed with other locations. And silence has been maintained about the approaching giant planet which will arrive about when the rapture happens later this year. It will turn Earth over, changing its appearance and orbit. The globalists have built massive exclusive bunkers worldwide as congress have kept NASA quiet about its known approach for over 30 years.

    After that is the great tribulation and the antichrist enforced id chip. Buying and selling would only be allowed with it and yet refusing is critical or it means missing on the new millennium. Nephilim returning on earth, events causing heart failure, alien like creatures and solar storms which eventually set surface features alight. Much worse than any era in history. The government should not make deals with aliens aka fallen angels because they are not for man. They are angry and envious that man can replace them in heaven. Demons are the spirits of dead Nephilim. They came about from the breeding of fallen angels with women. A reason why the corrupted dna made a worldwide flood necessary during Noahs day.

    The good news is that Jesus can save you and he is the only name under heaven by which we can be saved. God has such a profound love for you that he offers His free gift of forgiveness and salvation for all. All have sinned and the free gift is there for the asking. We must seek the Lord while he can be found and stop playing about with sinful ways. The days remaining in which we can seek a relationship with our Maker are indeed few. Matthew 25 indicates that good done for others is important. Water, sustenance, caring for the sick and visiting those in prison. Seeking His grace and mercy must be the most important decision there is. He promises forgiveness of sins and eternal paradise where death, tears and turmoil are ended

  5. Guest June 9, 2014 at 2:05 am - Reply

    Awesome article! BUT, they haven’t made an episode where “Mr. Putin tells where the bombs came from”;

    Consulates, are in over a dozen U.S. cities. Something a Dr. Deagle once spoke of ‘the needing of maintenance, too’, but he never said where, they are…

  6. Stan Sikorski June 7, 2014 at 1:04 am - Reply

    Jebus, a construct of jew supremacy, will not save you. Using ‘conspiracy math’ it looks like this when you worship him: Jebus = jew construct / jews = children of Satan / praying to jebus = praying to Satan

    See how that works? Jews are the real problem here, and have been for thousands of years. If there is a false flag attack you can be sure they are behind it. If they destroy all those major cities they are actually doing us a favor by getting rid of all the obstacles in our way to retake our country.

    Read here for TRUE enlightenment:

  7. Robert June 6, 2014 at 11:09 pm - Reply

    The “three ring ice cream” is significant – three rings (i.e. the “a-ok” symbol celebrities throw up) means 666 – each extended finger connects to the “0″ forming a “6″.

  8. Arizona June 6, 2014 at 10:51 pm - Reply

    YES,the real terrorists are running the US GOVERNMENT,and their all GUILTY OF TREASON,sadly they are JUST doing their job,(for satan) they have sold their soul for bread crumbs,…FUNNY you guys pick the 22nd,the LORD says EMP on the same date,he doesn’t give a month or year,BUT,every month we get everything ready for and EMP,just in case ,everything goes in the faraday cage,HERES one you’ll like,DHS has been buying 3/4 ton, chevy pickups,with three car trailers to pull behind them?…..OH the LORD says their going to NUKE 30 cities,but not till after the asteroid comes down,by puerto rico,THEN everything starts in revelation,and thats the end of everything……….ASTEROID,PAUSE,NUKES………

  9. Stella H Howell June 6, 2014 at 9:35 pm - Reply

    There will be several explosions causing mass devastation. Explosions include 3 or 4 nuclear, pandemic release of deadly viruses etc as well as lesser explosions. This will cause mankind to have incurable diseases. Every explosion is deliberate and man made.
    Spend not time on the internet. Instead seek within to save your Everlasting Spirit. I was just contacted by a medical professional in the NHS who is now Spirit. He is regretting having vaccinated others causing them to be diseased. He too was given the same vaccination. This proves the natural law, as we do to others so shall be done to us.

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