2015 Alien Documentary THRIVE the documentary by Foster Gamble


2015 Alien Documentary THRIVE the documentary by Foster Gamble spirit science, illuminati, ancient aliens, ufo, aliens, government cover up, conspiracy, alien …


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  1. mike davies says:

    I found that you did a really good job of explaining the banking system and the agenda of the power elite and how the people are massively following them this is shown by your views everyone is distracted by the non important and the important is ignored I too was a person enslaved in what other people thought breaking free of that manipulated system is liberating thank you for all your work in putting together this documentary it has many valid points

  2. Fabulous job on this video. Very well presented. I am amazed this video hasn't been viewed and commented on a lot more. I have been researching similar things such as TVP, TZM, and Ubuntu and am very excited for our future. One thing I must consider as a plausible factor in the worlds state and path is the statements made by a number of people that there are aliens here working with the shadow govt./powers that be. If this is really going on then what role do they play? Also, even if they are not here in that manner, how would they respond to such a major disruption to life on this planet? While at first it would seem that they would be in favor of us protecting our planet and bringing things into a greater balance it may also be true that they are involved already with the course of humanity and the earth. I tend to doubt the cynical views such as those but if it is true that there are higher powers involved in our world than our fellow earthlings, and they are doing nothing to steer us in a healthier direction, than perhaps they would not allow us to take a new path more to our liking. Not to be pessimistic but I just am curious what others are thinking on that subject, especially folks like you and Michael Tellinger, Jaque Fresco, etc..

  3. T Bates says:

    I am astounded at finding this. The Torus thing was something I "saw" in my recently begun efforts at meditation.

  4. al brown says:

    get your facts straight about Nazi Germany,fucker.start talking about what your talking about the Jew is the cancer of this planet and it needs to be exterminated ,with extreme prejudice

  5. You know I ignorantly laughed and snickered at President Obama's plan to create 6 platinum coins, each having a value of one trillion dollars, and placing those six coins on deposit with the Federal Reserve Bank as payment for our national debt. I unfortunately did not correctly understand how the system worked, and was ignorant of how something like that would had even worked. He was trying to save the American people from these banksters, but faced a general public so ignorant of their own enslavement and financial serfdom that the general public actually protested, freaked out, and insisted instead that we remain slaves to these bastard oligarchs!!! I wish he'd try it one more time, as I would be one of those on the front lines trying to explain and educate the general public as to exactly how important and good for the economy, the country, and them that the President with the backing of the Legislature (The only Constitutionally lawful party with the power to coin and mint money.) are paying off these crooks in a currency and in such manner as these robbers of America's future have been paying us in exchange for US Treasury Bonds (The only thing being of true value in the system), as they represent a promise to repay the debts of the United States Government backed by the hard work, technology, economic power, and security from threat afforded this country by the United States Armed Services!!! If he'd only try one more time!!!!!!!

  6. Geo K says:

    You do not want to see what 1000000 or more people in one area does! I was at a Grateful Dead concert with only 72,000 people, barely made it out alive and they turned a beautiful park into 3 square miles of ankle deep shit and trash that took a year to clean up! Hell, just look at NYC and LA! LMAO

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