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  1. American political cartoon characters should stand in front of mirrors while pointing fingers at other countries for certain actions. Consider the lies and murder of innocent women and children killed by the USA for "Democracy"………..Or was it for the shove of a dollar in their asses?

  2. 30 years later finally it started they lied to me for so long!

  3. Why dosent United States team up with __?

  4. Thyny San says:


  5. Why anyone in this last year thought Russia would attack our interest the before we have a new president is beyond me. What a big waste of energy. Still, having said that is there something in there to be gleamed from it all. If Putin was going to do something that's when he should have done it. The fact he did nothing should tell every thinking American citizen it's all a show, and we are all still buying it. When are we all going to turn off CNN and talking to each other about putting the old ways to death?

  6. Christmas Day World War 3 and The Revealing of God Almighty and The Rapture of The Church

  7. melogardener says:

    Who cares what Obama, Kerry or UN and Islam thinks or feels! You are all thugs and killers and creating ISIS was an illegal action of all of you no matter what Russia does or not you are culpable of hundreds of thousands and hundreds of millions of innocent slaughtered by your filthy actions of war and Obama is such a filthy lying Islamist terrorist that you cannot help but wonder how it is he continues to open his filthy mouth…they are all no different than the Papacy from its' inception to today are filthy liars and arrogant abusers. Obama created, builth, feeds and arms ISIS, filthy stinking swine ISIS slaughters, beheads, rapes, inslaves and sells these children of Christians and Yazidis over 200,000 this year including the killing of Syrians…unexcusable…they are filthy abomination of humanity and they are all culpable!!!

  8. Kerry you Satanic skull and cross bones traitor.

  9. We don't recognize the illegal puppet US Government of Ukraine put into power by an illegal coup brought about by the US illegal Government.

  10. America is a pretense of a democracy. It is a plutocracy run by fascists who are closet Satanists.

  11. The Human race is lost without the Spirit of God, for a Teacher, and Comforter, Forever. The Son of God, Immanuel, God with us, will Pray to the Father, for us to have the Spirit of God, for a Teacher, and Comforter, Forever, in the bible book of John, chapter 14, verse 26… The book of John, chapters 14, through 17, Teach us how to have the Spirit of Truth, live within us. The Messiah wants us to be Comforted, and Taught, Forever… Please Forgive, and Pray for everyone from the Heart…

  12. yeah he said his only first and foremost agendas at the start our national security they just wanna spy on our own people no native American would ever wanna blow up anything here if the paranoid stupid son of a BiTCH wouldnt leave our borders open to them radical Islamic sons of bitches there's no need & worry about any native American as in white black either one. only these imported terrorist they allow in Daily then to impose these spy laws they go stage some shi t like Sandy hook or 9/11 or this recent shooting ordeal in California which was totally staged then no surprise that they had some those jihad patsys hand picked with a lot of tactical gear on for your common everyday terrorist don't ya think

  13. Plus Russian ain't gone do shi t they huff and puff like always then get punched in the mouth like Turkey did and they back away like always remember there afgan campaign yeah that's all I gotta say

  14. and broke or brook or whatever fuck tard tried to. call it we've got good credit and with good credit and. a giant military. along with our tech and our industrial might there's no place I'd rather call home every night

  15. Toni Kroos says:

    world is waiting world war3

  16. moist faucet says:

    oh come on Fuck news, why your channel never mention about Saudi, Afghanistan pipe line. Today news is just for brainwash.

  17. Gary Gurniak says:


  18. Indianart1 says:

    Stupid videos!!! Get a life!!

  19. Spiraling69 says:

    Please start the fukin war already.  It will never happen though, it's just posturing for money…

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