2017 Mens Fashion in Underwear | New Arrivals: Timoteo and Cellblock13


2017 Mens Fashion in Underwear | New Arrivals: Timoteo and Cellblock13. To sign up for the club, visit www.underwearexpert.com/shop/subscription/

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18 Responses

  1. Ant Trebsy says:

    Awesome video, sexy model, would like to have seen the back of jockstrap in close up as it is just as important as the front. I like wearing jockstraps.

  2. Drew Conway says:

    More from this model, please

  3. wcrouse1701 says:

    Wow!!! Who is your model??? He is so cute ☺
    Sexy undies by the way… would've love to see the back of the Jockstrap!!!

  4. Ciclopea2 says:

    That model, Hot! Woof! lol nice undies too

  5. Gary Beagle says:

    Timoteo is one of my favorite brands

  6. marcuz8624 says:

    The model is so sexy!

  7. Don B says:

    Hot jock straps ?

  8. I think we need to see the back of the jockstrap.

  9. lance lim says:

    Who's the model in this episode?

  10. Jbyo Bravo says:

    I love hairy guys, he´s a perfect model to show that underwear, I like TIMOTEO, the shockewave brief, I wanna two of this. congratulations to the channel , greetings kevin

  11. Jesse Conde says:

    I'm a man who loves men in underwear..!!!

  12. Teddy Bot says:

    oof ?? mercy me

  13. Viraj says:

    kevin is cute

  14. nice looking underwear

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